Tuesday, June 27, 2017

US Threatens Massive Bombing Campaign Against Syria, Iran and Russia

What a typical Syrian city looks like after six years of attacks by the Armies of the Rothschilds
Wow, what a coincidence! The Syrian Army has been making good gains against the Rothschilds terrorist armies, like ISIS, Daesh, al Sham and whatever the Hell other phony names these terrorist thugs have been blessed by the (((MSM))) and Shadow President Kushner has just returned from visiting his dear friend, Israeli CRIME MINISTER and wanted war criminal Netenyahu, and then the WH makes this absurd threat:
US official vows Russia & Iran ‘are responsible’ if Assad launches chemical weapons attack

THE US ambassador to the United Nations has declared that any chemical weapons attack by Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government on his own citizens will also be blamed on the Russia and Iran.

Nikki Haley said on Twitter: “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.” Her comments came as the White House revealed it had identified potential preparations by Assad’s regime for another chemical weapons attack on its people.

The US military believes the preparations are similar to those made before the April 4 chemical weapons attack in Syria – a claim Assad’s government has repeatedly denied. The White House statement said: “The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including children.

“As we have previously stated, the United States is in Syria to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS]. [Ha-ha-ha]

“If, however, Mr Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.”
Blamed on Russia and IRAN? The foaming at the mouth Zionists, NeoCONs and their Yid Overlords just showed their hand; the real target is Iran.
With Israel already attacking the Syrian Army from the STOLEN Golan Heights, and the US training thousands of terrorist thugs in and around al Tanf, looks like the Armies of the Rothschilds are preparing for a Big Push/Slaughter of Syrians.

Petition: Revoke Kushner’s Clearance...send this carpet-bagging slumlord packing

The Bush-Cheney Junta, the sordid and despicable traitor Obama and his fellow-travelers and now Herr Trump and his odd collection of Jews, Israeli's and American traitors are ALL War Criminals. Wonder if they know what happens to WAR CRIMINALS?
Why the rush? Because the (((jackals))) running the Central Banks fiat currency fraud are running on fumes. The EU is rushing in to bail out Italian banks, and the whole slimy mess is about to implode, so the neoCONs, Zionists and their Israeli Overlords know they need to finish off Syria before their world-wide Ponzi schemes come crashing down, making the Crash of 2008 seem like a picnic.


  1. Len>Sta>Put-in: diff. puppits one inside the other of the same bloody commie talmud jew comic book.


    The Pravda litmus test: (...) P. puts holocaust deniers in prison (5 may 2014) P. also signed a law imposing stricter rules on bloggers, which opponents say is aimed at suppressing criticism on the Internet (...)

    P. was man of the Year in 2015 in Rot-Schild-stein aka Israel

    Via putain fundamentalist d.mick a few monts ago: There is a vid, cannot find it now, of a German guy interviewing a female academic of Kazakstan (?) To her the real Hebrews were black, but Putin was her Hero. Then she obviously lost my ear. The German guy was into astrology and showed a certain diagram, a diamond (?) about Putin and Hitler: completely identical only one minor thing was diff.

    Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill all were j-bankers butcher´s knives then and so are chabad buddies Strumpf @ Putain now.

    Indeed: could be the curtain falling for the fake money of the fake jews.

  2. Ha Ha

    Gabby Real is a software program I should have terminated years ago.

    His last line was "good luck with your cancer karma" when I mentioned two cancers removed. That is pretty strong for some program/person you disagree with.

    He takes the party line that Putin is in with the zios to the inth degree.

    1. I´ll answer that tomorrow.

      CIA O

  3. It may sound heavy how you write it, d. mick but explains a lot. These words are not put/in the right context by you.

    To enter without further embasso doors in your s.o.s. home: u are a practicing crypto jew satanist as most controlled opposition is. Know that for quite some time. I t is not only about spreading a sandwich of fact and fiction.

    End of february 2017 my last sentence at your breaking sun news blog: I know that you know that I know you are....and took a more than a month break or so. Left the Low Lands of White Santa Claus. (the whole black pete issue was a heavy political issue btw during the latest election in march)

    (february 2017 was a comment on your site - in a piece of Black Lives Matter- about the for me then real breaking news that many millions of Black Americans (the majority in black getto´s) were native to the US and the rest of the American continent. Far far before crypto jew 1492 Chris C. Check out: Rafael Rafinesque

    It has been very refined hidden for all of us, no matter the pig mentality of no matter who.

    I ntuitively knew: zis iz real breaking news. (put in the moderation modus by u, d.mick) Showed me right away your real face again, that I knew already from ESP perceptions and dito contact with you)

    Put(a)in (juif) is for fellow mortals like you the liberator, vibrator, whatever. That´s all the breaking news that you and many other alt. med. junks spread around. The stench of the false 210, ZIO.

    P. is Rot Schild vampire Vlad who sucks the blood of attention of our present day world.

    Vlad P´s - not only white- groupies, look at your Kerala cap - with whom you do the P side step, nearly faint in their P. adoration.

    to be cntd next slide pleaze

  4. 6 April 2017, the day you apparently came out of the hospital I happened to take up internetworking again.

    I felt truly sorry for you and did my real best to support you. Although I knew from the past years that I had a sort of open contact with you on line, that putting question marks behind your Putin adoration was like touching an open nerve.

    Let´s go back to 21 april 2016, the day that Prince died, was taken out. I was talking that morning to two female Jehova witnesses in Talmud Open Air Museum Amsterdam that sinks away in its tourist tsunami and its Talmud shit. Amsterdam South in front of the local WTC.

    Blablabla in Brahman. They gave me a callin card with an opened book, a Bible naturlich (mit umlaut) which I was not eager to accept but then took it and told them. A book is a book, what matters is, while pointing to the wings of the bird formed by the opened Bible: the Whole-I-Spirit.

    Same day the direct neighbour of Prince´s studio happened to make a vid after news came out that he died of a very surreal dove landing on the roof of the studio of this nowadays Black Mozart. The original Luwig von B. known as the black Spaniard was also somehow cafe au lait.

    to be cntd next slide pleaze

  5. In my esp inner ora-et-labora-tory a lot of direct views of him, strange because I was not really into his music or life, which put on record that you were present at satanic sacrifices, where he was as well-known creator also, in Germany.

    You were out to attack me, d.mick, after this very intense period after 21-4. But your operation ended in your own self-vomit. I was never mind after it.

    I have openly let you know recently after you got better and you came up with this P. hero shit again (more concrete than in feb. 2017) about my other way of knowing about you, but you seem to be so zombified by this satanic madhouse and their rules that you not even could make the effort to remove it entirely.

    It is not heavy my friend to mention cancer as karma, what is heavy that you like so many others of the s.o.s. @ co were and whatever still are a child etc.

    Big brother not create the Miracle of the ant, and worlds without end. Mother Father God did so Whose essential nature is Love and Karma is the siamese flipside of the coin of Creation.

    to be cntd final slide pleaze

  6. Diablo mick, I did not yet note your, haha, salutation.

    A real game changer. Before your health detoriates again, diablo childfucking etc. dubbie this last one:

    Your putain juif hero as devout Russian Orthodox Christian - your hero says it so it can´t be other than the truth, for you- did he do anything in connection with the authentic ageold Russian icons that picture JC I and the Hebrew as darkskinned?

    They were true devotional holy work by mostly white colored Russian monks btw.

    He sure as true crypto fake jew is behind the white washing.

    Your hypocrisy, diablo dubbie knows no bounds (Sozhenystsyn ready made pic so often used by you with the 66 milion Russian Christians murdered by your own higher ups)

    CIA O

  7. Owe this one to Purple Rain Prince. A hell of a lot of ´satanic sacrifice murders´ going on in the music industry every year. The exit of Prince is certainly one of them. The latest one: Prodigy a Black American hiphop chief (don´t think he had any involvement with the satanic stuff).

    With completely bleached Michael Jackson they have this in common. In one way or the other they spoke out against the filthy satanic jew run Hollywood MTV industry which requires satanic child sacrifice in wchich they landed. Yes they certainly sold (some of their) soul to the devil. But woke up and spoke out to some degree. Which has its echo.

    But as I saw it, Prince made it after going through concentrated karmic crash vortexes. Cannot too specific out about it now. But much of this aftermath of the Prince exit I suddenly went through a couple of days in a university building in Amsterdam south. The socalled Free University.

    It is not the historic Amsterdam cannel centre of this stinking Open Air Museum sinking away with its ever increasing tourist tsunami in its Talmud shit. The city where the satanic jew bankers ´expelled´ (in my ora-et-laboratory it is a 9/11 avant la lettre but , that is too long a thread) from Spain started the next step of their jwo in the 1500-1600´s when they jumped to England.

    The Vrije Universiteit. A location where children from the very first moment they are delivered are feeling the dirty diabolic dick of certain (not all) ´higher education´ teaching staff in their …....

    This happens in many more intitutions of ´higher learning´ in the Western ´free first world´. God is dead, we do what we like and our Big Brother dept. watches the sheep on their bread and circus way to the slaughterhouse.

    Sad but true other entertainment negro´s (...) like Wesley Snipes, Tiger Woods Eddy Murphy (?) apparently are cloned now btw.. browsing through some vids.

    When fans of Prince laid flowers at his studio the sky was dark grey but voila: a rainbow.

    Other entertainment negro´s like Tiger Woods and Wesley Snipes are btw cloned now btw.

    *Check out the vid of the Dutch banker who spoke out about the satanic entanglement in his field.



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