Monday, August 7, 2017

Are All Rabbis This Crazy?

Maybe wearing those fur caps on hot days makes their brains heat up too much?

Bet I know what the Rabbi needs! He needs to slurp on some baby boy penis, that will chill him out!


  1. how "Jewish"...

    curiously, one FACT never mentioned is that there are NO JEWS in

    Deuteronomy 32 & 33.....!

    Given that the entire planet Earth is systematically ECONOMICALLY
    TERRORIZED on behalf of the Bolshevik/Zionist "PROSELYTES" to
    Talmudic Judaism one would hope that at some point in time people might
    just imagine....WHAT ARE THE FREAKIN' ODDS ...?

    There are no "Jews" {{{PROSELYTES}}} to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament
    and the word "JEW" is an ANTONYM to the word "Israel".

    [Gog & Magog 'Proselytes' - yiddish speaking TURKO-Mongolian Khazar-Ashkenazim
    modern day so-called "Jews"]

    Israel is a people...a company of Nations {White People} who have never
    ever been {{{JEWS}}} or {{{JEWISH}}}...!

    Curious though how they will work themselves into a lather about
    everything...but MASS MURDER FOR FILTHY LUCRE. [& USURY]

    ....then there's the Braindeadgoy - Jew worshippers...US TAXPAYERS....
    who VOTE !!!

    what the world needs is an ENEMA....or a ROUND UP THE TARES AND PUT THEM INTO
    THE ETERNAL OVENS OF TRUTH...Matthew 13:39-43 !!!



  2. They act and dress just like the Ashkenazis they are. What a dangerous cult of lunatics!

    Hi Davy, good to see ya.

  3. Those whom God would destroy...first he drives mad.

  4. please to find irony...

    define crazy....

    "Jew" in round room looking for shekel in corner..

    Did we earlier find that a Jew is such a noble,
    precious jewel that G*d and all the angels dance when he farts?


    Hey Mike



  5. The traditional headgear of these s.o.s. / synagogue of satan rabbis is in itself proof enough that they don´t come from the Palestine region. It is (and was 2 millenia ago) quite hot there.

    Gamel Abdel Nasser 2nd President of Egypt overthrew in july 1952 Egypts king Faruk (not exactly a Pharao whose Light was still burning).

    Nasser on the Askenazi ´jews´: "You have left Black and returned White you are impostors and shall never see peace"

    My take on Gilad Atzmon:

    Check out:


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