Thursday, October 12, 2017

Serial Sexual Predator Weinstein Admits "I Am Israeli in My Heart and Mind"

Which is the PIMP and which is the John?

What's next for this degenerate, making Aliyah to 'Stolenland,' AKA Israel so he can hide from law enforcement? That's what the FBI thinks this filthy pervert is up to. They're even looking into his sex crimes in Europe.

Yes, life is good, if you're Chosen by G-d. All doors, especially bedroom doors, are open!

The New York Times, New Yorker, and numerous other news outlets have been reporting widely on accusations that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, sometimes called one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, sexually assaulted actresses for decades. Some of the news stories point out that Weinstein has been known as a supporter of progressive causes and raised money for Hillary Clinton, but none mention his longtime support for Israel. Weinstein’s father fought in the Haganah (precurser to today’s IDF) during Israel’s founding war to expel the indigenous Palestinian population.

Notice the look of fear in Emma Watson's eyes?
While numerous politicians have returned Weinstein’s campaign donations and diverse celebrities have condemned his actions among reports that Weinstein’s behavior was widely known for years, the pro-Israel Simon Wiesenthal Center is not withdrawing the “Humanitarian Award” it gave him in 2015.

In Weinstein’s rambling acceptance speech he said that Jews should get “as organized as the mafia” in fighting anti-Semitism, saying it was essential to “start acting now…. if we don’t, we will perish.” At the ceremony, the Center announced that an additional $50 million had been raised to build a sprawling “Museum of Tolerance” complex in Jerusalem. This has caused much controversy, since it involves digging up an ancient Muslim cemetery.

At a gala last month for Algemeiner, Weinstein proclaimed: “I am an Israeli in my heart and mind.”
Weinstein is involved in making yet another Holocau$t™ fairy tale, called "Mila 18." Maybe his flight from the law will put that skull fucking on hold?

Where do Jews get these sick and twisted sexual perversions from?

Jew actor Ben Affleck comes to his buddy perv Weinstein's rescue, only to be called out as another Jew predator, sexually molesting Hollywood actresses.


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  2. Did the dumbfucking Jew jerkoff on Ivanka??

  3. This is so disgusting...

    And it figures for JEW RUN and JEW CONTROLLED Jew-lywood...... And people wonder why I call the mass media the "Jew spew media"????

  4. "they always are the first to see the cracks upon the walls".... - Harry Chapin


    First your art turns into craft then the yahoos start to laugh
    Then you'll hear the jackals howl 'cause they love to watch the fall
    They're the lost ones out there feeding on the wounded and the bleeding
    They always are the first to see the cracks upon the walls

    TALMUDIC the Synagogue of Satan



  5. Not surprising. There seems to be a certain magnetic attraction between sexual predators and Israel. A lot of them go there to escape criminal prosecution:

    “Migrating perpetrators aren’t a new problem,” said Aaronson. “It’s a global issue, but being part of a Jewish community makes it more possible — we don’t question, we don’t ask why you made aliyah.”

    Maybe it's time we broadened the definition of the term "Jewish values."

  6. Speaking of which...when Jacob Rubenstein aka Jack Ruby crashed the Oswald media event his said credential was that he was working as a translator for Israel media which was also there.


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