Saturday, October 14, 2017

What are Trump, John Kerry, Alan Dershowitz & Ehud Barak Doing in Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book?

To recap what the Little Black Book is all about--old perverts raping molesting entertaining young boys and girls--read more here:

page 80--Trump has a rather lengthy listing. Did they have a lot of legit business or the kind of business that is done behind closed doors, that are guarded by beefy security types that don't ask questions?
Former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry--nee Cohen--is also listed, page 79. Maybe they were just friends?

Uber atorney and staunch Israeli-Firster Alan Dershowtiz is also listed on page 76. Guess Jeffrey need legal assistance?

Former Israeli PM and Defense Minister Ehud Barak is listed on page 74. Gosh, Epstein has so many friends!
No Little Black Book would be respectable w/o a Rothchilds listing, on page 53!
On page 36, we have Henry Kissinger? So, a bedroom crisis to negotiate between the victim and the rapist to settle?

Little Black Book PDF file

Nope, didn't find mega-pervert Harvey Weinsten's name in that book of perverts. Maybe Jeffrey's name is in Harvey's Little Black Book?

If the FBI grows a pair and really investigates Weinstein, they'll find a sordid trail of perverts stretching from Hollywood casting couches to East Coast pizza parlors, loved by the likes of Hillary Clinton.

But if they did, we'd get hit with another 9/11 False Flag--like a mini-nuke--to get our minds off this sickness and back to hating Muslims.



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  2. Methinks Swinestein was a sacrifice for some reason or another. Of course, as is "the norm"with these situations, there must be dirty goings-on as fuel to fan the flames of media an public opinion. We all know the blackmail and/or destroy through exposure game. Harvey just happened to be one big nasty messy target who created a LOT of victims with simmering resentment despite the successes he brought them or under what circumstances they came into his presence.

    Corey Feldman and so many others have discussed this for a long time. Famous child stars and actresses in the past mentioned these things. Marilyn Monroe said "I'll never have to suck another Jewish cock again!" We have written about child abuse and pedophilia and mind control in Hollywood for decades. Why now?

    We all know the very top level are not Jews and will sacrifice whatever gets the job done. What job? I cannot hazard a guess but I have a feeling Hollywood is being destroyed and this could just be the beginning.

    Interesting story. In the early days of his career, Brad Pitt was dating Gwyneth Paltrow. She confided to him that Swinestein had come on to her, although it sounded pretty mild compared to what we have heard lately. Anyhow, young Brad was infuriated and confronted Harvey and laid a hand on him and quite audibly threatened him. Harvey laid off. Pitt stared in Swinestein's Inglorious Basterds because of his friend Tarentino. Later in an interview, Brad said he threatened Harvey with "a Missouri whoopin'".

    I also hear they are going after Oliver Stone because his films have been so against the NWO/JWO agenda. Apparently he had a situation back in the early 80's (long since settled) but they are trying to blow it up to get rid of him.

    There is more than diversion here. However, the Vegas story is falling apart at the seams; folks are figuring things out; they need another distraction to keep people reeling, unable to deal with so much ugly reality. Something much bigger was planned there and fell apart and they have not stopped tap-dancing, lying, and killing witnesses.

    Did I ramble here? It is 3:30 am so I think I did. Oh and that false flag is a very good op. Maybe it was the intended op in Vegas what with killings in 7 other hotels and people left to die untended overnight at the grounds. The potential explosive bits and pieces. All the things we are not told. Maybe that was a false flag that failed. Not that we will ever know for sure.


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