Thursday, October 26, 2017

When Jews SCREAM anti-Semite, This is What They are Hiding...

Try writing an article on foreign affairs and mention the FACT that America's foreign policy moves, like trashing the Iran JCPOA deal is for the benefit of Israel, not the USA and the anti-Semite Storm Troopers will start screeching like a scalded cat.

Like David Podhoretz, who claims he can tell a "filthy anti-Semite" just by looking at the person's face, like the tweet below says:
What do you think would happen if some Gentile said the reverse, that he can tell a 'filthy Jew' just by looking at his/her face? All Hell would break loose, the writer would lose their job; get threats to their life; have funny stuff happen to your financial dealings, like your home owner's insurance policy suddenly getting canceled for a lame-ass reason--like mine was--and the IRS would probably hit you with a several thousand dollar fine for a CD you didn't have, like they tried to do me. $2,300 may not sound like much, but when its a BS bill coming from the IRS, it does mean a lot to your budget. It will take months and months to fight it and even then, you might not beat them with the truth.

Or venture the opinion--based on fact--that the Jews seem to have complete control of the Federal Reserve, since the FED head has been a Chosen One since 1979. Try that one in public and watch the hair fly...your hair when the anti-Semite Thugs start harassing you night and day, for merely voicing a FACT.

And the same thug tactics will happen; loss of job; threats to your life and health; bizarre happenings to your financial life...for merely stating some FACTS.

The same with the MSM. Say out loud that the Jews have control over 90% of the media and the feces will hit the rotary oscillator... that's turned your way. Again, the same thug tactics; loss of job; threats to your life and health; bizarre happenings to your financial life...for merely stating some FACTS.

Another fact of the MSM rot is that when someone like preacher Pat Robertson claims that a hurricane hit the East Coast was because G-d was unhappy with homosexuals and he'll be roundly condemned. But when it's Jewish Rabbi Ovadia Yosef saying the following nuttiness:
"The hurricane is God's punishment on George Bush."

Not confining himself to one outrageous statement, Ovadia Yosef inisted that the floods of hurricane Katrina were meant by God to punish the "Kushites." Kushite is a biblical reference to an unknown tribe. In modern Hebrew it is a derogatory term somewhat equivalent to "Nigra." According to Ovadia, the "Kushites" do not study the Torah, and therefore they are being punished.
He's praised as a wise elder that is literally worshiped by Orthodox Jews.

Here's a quote from that man of G-d, Yosef saying plainly what he thinks of his GOY slaves:
Do you think Wolf Blitzer would publish this or is it easier to scream anti-Semite and keep people dumded down and afraid?

Bend Over for Your Masters

So back to the original question, why do Jews get so bent out of shape and start screaming anti-Semite at us GOYIM for merely stating some facts?

Because Israel is our Overlord and Occupier. No, there aren't IDF troopers goose-stepping down our streets, but we're living under occupation--call it a soft occupation--as compared to the brutal conditions the brave, dignified and peace-loving Palestinians face every day...and night.

Israel controls our foreign policy, dictating which nations it wants destroyed thru its MSM, fabricating endless lies about Iraq or Libya or Syria. And now the lies are attacking Iran, which Israel wants its GOY American bitches to Shock and Awe.

While our minds are getting polluted with MSM propaganda or our souls blackened by Jew pornography or idiotic TV--TALMUD Vision--crap like the Kardashians or the endless, around-the-clock sports programming, we get so confused and lethargic that we can't/don't fight back against the sinister forces herding us into another 'War for Wall Street and Israel' to please our Yid Overlords.

Just don't say or even think that, unless you want to get attacked by the mindless thugs of the anti-Semite brigade.

100 Years of Zionist Tyranny

If you do some historical research about WW I-- the 'War to End all Wars'--you'll find out that World Jewry played a major part in extending the war, which should of ended in late 1916. Britain was losing the war badly and the number of casualties, where 19th Century army tactics met the 20th Century weapons, like the machine gun, which was taking a horrendous amount of lives, which made the wholesale slaughter for a tiny island nation like England all the worse. The Brits had their full of this insanity, especially after the July 1, 1916 Battle of the Somme, when Britain sustained 60,000 casualties in ONE DAY, with around 20,000 of those dead. Germany had offered generous peace terms, but...
By the end of the Battle of the Somme, Britain has suffered over 420,000 casualties... In one fucking battle.

Instead of letting that butchery end, World Jewry got involved, since they were wanting to steal Palestine. So in the Summer of 1916, English and American Zionist Jews went to the British government and told them to hold on, we can bring America into this war, and you'll be the victors dictating terms instead of Germany. All we want for that help is a tiny piece of paper saying you'll help us move into Palestine--which at that time was 96% Christian and Muslim peoples that got along fine.
The letter, while officially signed by British Foreign Minister Lord Balfour, had been in process for two years and had gone through a number of edits by British and American Zionists and British officials.[xiv] As Zionist leader Nahum Sokolow later wrote, “[e]very idea born in London was tested by the Zionist Organization in America, and every suggestion in America received the most careful attention in London.”[xv]

Sokolow wrote that British Zionists were helped, “above all, by American Zionists. Between London, New York, and Washington there was constant communication, either by telegraph, or by personal visit, and as a result there was perfect unity among the Zionists of both hemispheres.” Sokolow particularly praised “the beneficent personal influence of the Honourable Louis D. Brandeis, Judge of the Supreme Court.”[xvi]

The final version of the Declaration was actually written by Leopold Amery, a British official who, it came out later, was a secret and fervent Zionist.
That tiny piece of paper was the Balfour declaration, and the world hasn't been at peace since.

But approach that subject with the TRUTH and the anti-Semite battalions will make give you your own personal Battle of the Somme.

Another dirty secret Das Juden want to keep hidden is that their mohel Rabbis orally sodomize baby boy's during circumcision.

Do you think Jew Inc wants pics like this on the nightly news? Of course not, and only an anti-Semite would dare to publish let alone look at this pic of G-d's Chosen giving a blow job to a baby boy. While Israel's MSM buddies are screaming anti-Semitism at anyone who thinks this is child sodomy by dirty old men.

What if this was a Catholic priest, think CNN would run with the story?
So when Jew Inc starts screaming anti-Semite, look a little deeper and see what crime they're trying to cover up, or which nation they want the USA to destroy or who they're trying to silence about Apartheid Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine...and the USA.

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  1. I agree greg 110%,like when they were pushing the so-called(Lie) Holocaust Hitler did to them 6 Million.Stalin,Lenin,Trotsky(All Jewish Btw) were murdering and Butchering over 60 million White Russians under the Bolshevik Regime.


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