Wednesday, January 10, 2018

UPDATE: "If You had been Married & Divorced 359 times, would you..."

Would you do some honest serf-reflecting and realize that you are fundamentally flawed as a human and need to change your ways?

Or would you lash out at the 359 ex's, claiming that it can't be YOUR fault, because you are a loving, kind, affable human that gets along with people and shout that the ex's---all 359--are hate-filled, meanies who are anti-marriage?

Now if you were a wandering Tribe of cheaters, grifters, thieves, con artists, assassins for hire and usurious money-changers that had been kicked out of 359 cities, states and nations over the last 2,000 + years, would you do some honest self-reflecting and realize that your group is fundamentally flawed as humans and need to change their ways?

Or would you lash out at the entire planet, claiming it can't be YOUR fault, since your Tribe is filled with loving, kind, affable humans that get along with people and that the cities, nations and states--all 359--are hate-filled meanies who are anti-Semitic?


And here's a link that will get you an Excel file


  1. Greg... Could you put up the link to that list's original online source? It is impossible to blow it up to take a closer look at the places the Yids have been booted out of for millenia....

  2. northerntruthseeker,
    some names have changed but still on the planet
    get an atlas or globe
    any place you pick

  3. Thanks 5... I see Greg was kind enough to update and show the link to an excel file for everyone to see the list of 359...

    Thanks, Greg!


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