Thursday, January 4, 2018

Why is the MSM Slamming White Privilege & not Jew Privilege?

Why don't we hear about Jewish Privilege? Like the Jews controlling the US economy thru their chokehold on the FED and US Treasury. Their control of Hollywood. That they've turned the US Congress into a Yid whorehouse, always willing to drop to its knees and service its Jew masters.

That American Jews are behind these never-ending ME wars and are lobbying mightily for a war against Iran.

That they have at least three and more than likely 4 SCOTUS seats and many of the US District and Appellate Court seats.

That they have taken over many of our colleges, and instead of helping turn our kids into productive members of society, they warp them into vicious, clueless Commie loving Antifa thugs.

So why don't we ask the MSM why they don't talk about Jew Privilege?


  1. Greg, I posted something personal on my blog. Would you have a look and give me your feedback? Be totally honest with me.

  2. the world is so inundated with this cancer, I think beyond hope. There is us and there is the world.

  3. Never mind the request about my personal thing, I took it down. I hate to be publicly personal.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Fantastic resource. Thanks

  5. Never heard it said better !! Because that is EXACTLY what is going on ! And for what ? What's it all for ?? Goddamn IsraHell, that's what. Sick to death of these arrogant jealous power-hungry bloodthirsty lunatics. It's obvious they want the WHOLE WORLD and will eventually kill every non-Jew to get it.
    UNITE, countries of this world ; UNITE and defeat the SCUMMMMMMMMM !!

  6. Gott imHimmel ! , ... this is terrible , ... so terrible , ... lets " protest ! " ... oy gevalt , so terrible .


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