Saturday, March 31, 2018

What REAL anti-Semitism Looks Like

Not the fraudulent kind that the phony Semites that moved from E. Europe and Russia to Israel that their (((MSM))) babbles about 24/7.

The only kind of anti-Semitism that is actually taking place involves the native peoples of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, but mostly the ones getting murdered on a daily basis in Yemen and the ones in the Gaza Concentration Camp and the ones under siege in the West Bank of Palestine.

Like the indigenous Palestinians getting slaughtered by the Zionist Occupation Forces in Gaza. At least 15 murdered yesterday, around 1,000 wounded, for the crime of peacefully protesting against the THIEVES that stole their land, their homes and their lives.

The USA invaded Syria, under the pretext that Assad was murdering peaceful protesters, so when is the US going to invade Israel? Or is 'Nutty' Nikki only going to talk about South Carolina's female basketball team? Don't look for help from the UN, they refuse to help.

I don't like using the following word, because it's so derogatory and nasty sounding, but when it comes to 'Nutty' Nikki, its very appropriate..She's a fucking CUNT.

The ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinains has been going on for over 70 years now, while the world either looks the other way, or is spellbound by Holocau$t™ LIES that have been enshrined into law.

More pics of what REAL anti-Semitism looks like...As you view these horrors, pay no attention to the hissing and spitting coming from a certain group of self-selected Chosenites. Their long con is coming undone and they're getting nervous.
Even when the Palestinians flee to Lebanon from the ZOF Murder Machine, the Zio-terrorists follow them there and kill, kill, kill..
How many crucifixes does IsraHELL have available to hang Palestinians on? They murdered Jesus, now they're butchering his descendants. This is how the FRAUDULENT Jews celebrate Passover.


  1. unbelievable HIGH POCK CRISSY....of the "JEW" worshipping
    "West"...formerly ..."Christendom"...

    curiously, the only issue on Earth....that really matters
    is KNOWING that the only "belief" that makes someone
    "JEWISH" is that the PROSELYTE {{{2 fold child of Hell}}}
    to TALMUDIC JUDAISM MUST....Hate Jesus.


    the story of the children of Israel in the Old Testament
    is not about being Jewish.

    all "white People" on Earth should tell all the "colored people"
    (HUMANS)...about the "JEWS" hating Jesus.

    ALL so-called "JEWS" on Earth are "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism
    and could stop being "JEWISH"

    dig this Germany, "Anti-Semitism" getting BETTER
    more and more everyday !!!

    Jesus hating Teachers have also faced abuse from their own students.

    Jesus hating Jessica Schmidt-Weil, who taught a class of teenagers of
    predominantly Middle Eastern origin in Berlin,
    said she changed schools two years ago after being abused by students.
    She now keeps her Jesus hating SATANIC "Jewish faith"... a secret.

    The notion that some among the well over a million recent arrivals—many from Syria,
    where criticism of the Zionist/Satanic "JEWISH" TERRORISTS
    laced with anti-Semitic clich├ęs has been part of the official discourse
    for a long time —might be harboring prejudice about the Jesus hating "Jews"
    has presented the "JEW" worshipping faux-authorities here with a
    dung doodling dirty diaper dilemma.

    Jesus hating Jewish representatives say Germany’s tried and tested
    JEW CONTRIVED tool set to combat the TRUTH called anti-Semitism through
    not only lies and mis-education is failing to reach communities that often
    don’t speak German and know little about the JEWPOO Nazism and the
    JEW WORSHIPPING religion Holocaustianity.

    Barbara John, a traitor and JEW WORSHIPPER integration czar,
    said cases of Arab families resisting Holocaustianity education
    or refusing to send their children on the traditional school trip
    to indoctrination concentration camps have made matters worse
    for the mandatory Holocaustianity programs.

    Back then, however, Germany’s Jewish community,
    half-a-million strong before Hitler’s rise to power,
    had become virtually extinct.
    It began growing again in the 1990s thanks to immigration from the
    former Soviet Union and, more recently, from TERRORIST TALMUDIA - A
    Jesus hating "ANTI-SEMITIC"...TERRORIST CULT COMPOUND in Palestine -
    {{{SEE ABOVE}}},
    making the fight against anti-Semitic prejudice an even more urgent necessity. Germany now has an estimated 200,000 TRUTH HATING - JUSTICE HATING - Jesus hating
    so-called Jews, more than 100,000 of whom are in Berlin.

    Persistent complaints about the quality of crime statistics prompted
    Berlin JEW WORSHIPPING faux-authorities to team up with Jesus hating
    Jewish organizations in 2015 and set up Rias, an independent institution
    that collects data about anti-Jewish incidents, from hate speech to assault.

    Benjamin Steinitz, head of Rias, counted 936 such incidents in Berlin in 2017.
    The police registered only 288.. . ,




  2. Once again Greg from goon squad
    Men in uniform are the only psychotic freaks on the planet
    Tell me Greg
    You mentioned I think????
    You wore a uniform????
    So if you were on that side of the armed fanatics taking orders
    Would you have fun and shoot and get to act out your psychotic fantasies of adding kills to your resume???
    If those were your orders
    Would you have fun acting out being psychotic adding to your resume of kills????
    Cuz that is all an idiot in uniform does
    Well Greg
    Would you????
    Now remember
    You are on the team that gets to act out and the sick leader gave you the great reason why you should
    It is for our protection
    Great line
    For our protection and defending freedom
    Cmon Greg
    I am very interested in an honest answer

  3. Such niggling gutterspeak is undeserving of a response,


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