Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Typical Day in STOLENLAND AKA Israel; Murdering Doctors & Medics Giving Aid to the Wounded

Yes, Americans should be proud that we support this terrorist assholes, who can't get a good night's sleep unless they enjoy some GOY Blood Libel from Gaza. Bonus points if the dead GOY is a EMT providing aid to the ones already shot by Israeli fanatics. Even more points if you shoot them in the back....
"We were trying to get the injured from the fence," Razan's colleague, Lamya Najjar, who witnessed her murder, told RT. "When the Israeli saw us approaching, the Israeli snipers targeted us with tear gas. We were suffocating from the tear gas, and then they started to shoot randomly, [and] one of the bullets that were targeting us hit Razan in the chest."

"We were all targeted and we are all civilians and only a medical team," Shaimaa Qudaih, another colleague of Razan, told RT's Ruptly video agency. "We were discussing how to offer assistance to the injured, when, me, my partners, Razan, Mahmoud and Rami were suddenly shot directly as the medical crew."

Razan's mother is convinced that her daughter was deliberately targeted by the Israeli fire, allegedly for her role in saving the wounded ever since the Great March of return protests erupted on March 30. "My daughter Razan was targeted. They knew she was a paramedic. She was the first female paramedic in the field," Sabreen Najar told RT. "She was directly shot by the Israeli forces. The bullet deliberately targeted her, it was not a random bullet. It was a sniper."..

"We are only a medical team, we don't have any weapons," Qudaih added. "What we have is just the equipment needed to help those injured from suffocation, or live bullets. We have nothing to threaten the Israeli army with."

What kind of sniper actually targets babies?

What kind of a dick head nation does this on a daily basis? You Evangelical Christians, do you think your Christ would approve of his descendants getting shot down like dogs? Still time to repent your craziness and get on the right side.
What do you think the USA would do if North Korea was killing South Koreans who wandered too close to the DMZ? Think Nutty Nikki would get outraged or do what she does to the Palestinians; take the shekels and the promises of getting into the WH and parrot the Israel lies?


  1. When one evil group gets exposed, they morph into another by a different name, like AL-Qaeda and ISIS, other secret organizations in the past. But Israelis are a particular breed set apart from all others. The leaders, the people. They are born to kill by education. They are children of the corn. I would like to see them forced into the light, by any means possible.

  2. This is BRUTAL! But try to remember, The Judge of all the earth shall do right, and these monsters will get their comeuppance. And to all professing "Christians" who support this iligitimate "state" of Israel, you will also have to answer to God, who hates oppression and shedding of innocent blood, for your enabling of these baby butchers, and for closing your eyes to the truth!!

  3. Blow these cocksucking backstabbing genocidal bloodthirsty arrogant jealous cowards off the face of this Earth. All countries UNITE and dump EVERYTHING you've got on that HELLHOLE known as Israel !!!!!!!!! Annihilate them !!!!!!!!!!!


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