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Israeli Owned Geothermal Company that Possibly Fracked Hawaii Volcano to Life has 80 of these Plants

Ormat Technologies operate around the world. They just so happen to have two geothermal plants in Guatemala, and their volcano is getting agitated. They have 80 of these geothermal plants spread around the world.

Here's the location of one of their Amatitlan, Guatemala geothermal plant:
And here's the location of Ormant's geothermal Guatemala plant:
Wow, what a coincidence! Or coincidences...They have one near Fukushima and all hell breaks loose there. They've got one in Hawaii, ditto and two in Guatemala and Volcán de Fuego is roaring fire and death.

If it was any other nation, I'd wouldn't give this much thought, but when it's a nation that is filled with hateful, lying, malevolent, land thieves who take delight in shooting kids and who want to rule the world, then this bears a deeper look. In other words, just what in the hell is going on and is Israel deliberately fracking volcanoes into action?

The Israeli owned geothermal company is Ormat Technologies and they have 150 power plants, some geothermal, some capturing wasted heat. The geothermal ones are located near volcanoes to tap the heat. But is that all? Any Mossad assets at these locations?

Ormant claims they weren't fracking the Hawaiian volcano, but that isn't truthful...
Scientists have established a clear linkage between fracking and earthquake activity in multiple studies:
A July 12, 2013 USGS study has confirmed forcing high pressure water into the Earth via Fracking can increase the number of induced earthquakes.
A July 27, 2013 study by the University of California – Santa Cruz confirmed the correlation between Geothermal Fracking and earthquakes.
A 2013 study by the Committee on Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies; Committee on Earth Resources; Committee on Geological and
Geotechnical Engineering; Committee on Seismology and Geodynamics; Board on Earth and Sciences and Resources; Division on Earth and Life Studies; and National Research Council concludes Geothermal drilling causes earthquakes.
While the owners of the Puna Geothermal Venture insist that fracking has not been used, independent studies confirm otherwise. A Duke University study of the eight wells used by the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) concluded:

The region of high fracture density is also consistent with the areas of the highest fluid production at PGV…. The production records are proprietary to the PGV parent company, Ormat, so tables and diagrams are not included in the dissertation. However, it is indicted that wells that penetrate the area where we calculate the greatest fracture density have higher fluid flow than elsewhere in the PGV lease. [pp. 55-56]

Essentially, the Duke University study suggested that fracking was occurring at the Puna Geothermal Venture via the injection of pressurized fluids into the wells and surrounding rocks.
They also have a large presence with their buddy that helped with the terrorist invasion of Syria, Turkey.

They have three in Japan. Like the Ormant geothermal plant in Tsuchiyu, Japan, located less than 10 miles from Fukushima, the nuke plant that went critical--helped by an earthquake--in 2011 and is still spilling a tremendous amount of radioactivity into the air, water and soil.

New Zealand has 13 of these ticking time bombs, and guess who holds the detonator?

They also have a huge number of plants to generate energy by capturing residual factory heat and turning that into electricity. And what else? Mossad and Jew sayanim dutifully carrying out orders for the JWO?

Some think this in Hawaii action was deliberate to generate a massive Tsunami, but there's another possibility:

The California San Andreas fault could go critical and wipe out Silicon Valley, where many of Israel's good friends work at FAKEBOOK and Joogle. Is it possible they're fracking volcanoes/fault lines elsewhere to relieve the stress on San Andreas?

Naturally, since it's an Israeli-owned outfit, there are going to be scandals:
Ormat is no stranger to scandals. At, H Sterling Burnett writes (4/1/15): One scandal that could haunt [Harry] Reid for his remaining time in the Senate (and possibly beyond) was reported on recently in the Washington Free Beacon and Courthouse News. It seems the Reid helped the green energy company, Ormat Technologies, a firm that owns and manages geothermal plants in California and Hawaii, secure nearly $136 million in economic stimulus funding from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”

“Two former employees are suing the firm, claiming Ormat executives defrauded the United States of more than $130 million by reporting false information about two projects to get government grants, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.”

“It is also worth noting that Ormat’s DOE award came a year after investors sued the company for allegedly inflating its stock price through ‘fraudulent accounting and overstated financial results.’ Ormat settled the allegations in 2012 for $3.1 million.”
"Israel, our good friend, ally &...Ouch, who stuck that knife in my back?"
Doron Blachar, their CFO, worked at Amdocs from 1998-2005. Amdocs, if you will recall, is the Israeli owned firm at the center of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, helping with communications:
The Fox News exposé also reported on the near-total penetration of US communications facilities by Israel, through two "private" Israeli telecommunications companies, Amdocs, Ltd., and Comverse Infosys, which, together, handle virtually all the billing records and government wiretaps in the US. Indeed, many of the "art students" not only had "intelligence expertise," but also worked for Amdocs "or other companies in Israel that specialize in wiretapping."
Which I'm sure is just another of those curious coincidences that always happens when Israel and Israelis are involved.


  1. Wasted my time reading this like everyone else. Should have done something about it, but can't get off my lazy ass and turn into a bad goy. Could have scream at the Jews to stop but was killed in doing so. People scream nazi in my face yet they were not listening to my facts!

    1. HASBARA TROLL crawls out to say hello... always... Lol

  2. If they cannot own the world, then they are going to destroy it !!
    Classic Jew modus operandus !
    Frickin' arrogant fateless worthless scumbags.

  3. This does make one stop and go "Hmmmmmmmmm...."

    Interesting find, Greg... And if this does pan out then these fucking Jew pricks are sitting adjacent to almost every single major volcano and fault line in the world with their ability to have these detonated.....

    I have long said that the problem with Kilauea in Hawaii was basically because people are living on an active volcano and should no the consequences.. But it may indeed be the Jew pricks causing all the upheaval we are seeing now..

    And again it does prove one thing.. When you dig down deep to get to the bottom of every major problem facing the world today, you almost always find a Jew at or near the bottom...

  4. Zee jewz will cum to zwim in zheir own sewer and drown in zheir juice.

    Putin is Gazprom shareholder and has an office in Rothschildstein aka AnneFrankenstein & is doing bussiness as usual there.

    For all Putin adorers who have not yet flushed this j-puppit through the toilet::

    The diagram connecting Putin, Rothschild, and Rockefeller:

    The diagram proves that the West and Putin are both under the control of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

    A little inzooming on AH shows he is the founding instrument of RotSchildstein aka the present Tel Aviv territory which is characterised by the same Lebensraum traum which brings us to yid kaballah 9/11.

    The lie of the 6.000.000 they used during 1914 – 1945 is jew kaballah based.

    RotSchild jew/walstreet bankers behind the real deathtoll of 14-45 & all various cold cq hot conflicts.


    Inzooming on AH he can be seen as the founding instrument of RotSchildstein aka the present Tel Aviv territory which is characterised by the same Lebensraum traum which brings us to jew kaballah based 9/11.

    FF: Wilma, open the door!!!

    Zee jewz will cum to zwim in zheir own sewer and drown in zheir juice.

    CIA O

    1. I don't trust anyone who's been in power that long. Yes, Russia helped Syria, but why did they wait until Syria was almost killed off?

      And Putin has too many Russian Jew oligarch billionaire friends.

  5. Cheack Out:

    CIA O

    1. Putin is a crypto and, of course, a Zio tool. Sadly, he has managed to fool a lot, just like Trumpenstein. Smoke and mirrors, total deception.

    2. Same old regurgitated crap about financing Nazis. Give urself a break!

    3. @Christinne

      Quite a academic word.. Madame. never heard it before. U write so u can read .

      Adolf Hitler, Destroyer of Germany - Makow & Bjerknes

      Eustace Mullins on the Siamese Twin s Nazis & Zios :

      CIA O

  6. No less than 153 species and sub-species of insects carry the name of Rothschild. I wonder why.

    That is probably what scuttled out of those old buildings of the Judengasse in Frankfurt taking over the finances of the world like cockroaches the kitchen sink.

    "Money is the god of our time, Rothschild is its prophet." (Heinrich Heine)

    I wouldn't be surprised if the usual suspects are responsible for dangerous operations near volatile areas like a volcano. Question is, was it intentional or just outright stupidity? Experimenting in destroying? Just don't let them near Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. Seems someone has entertained the idea of drilling there already.

  7. @ Christinne

    Madame Christwithin, check out:

    The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel Written by Jack Bernstein

    In the section Communism in Israel JB writes : Israel is basically a Marxist country mixed with some Nazi-type fascism.

    Would he not have been taken out by the mossad he certainly would have dropped the ´some´.

    CIA O

  8. Picked up by Reddit's Conspiracy:


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