Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Israeli Troops On American Soil in Alaska?

What is Israel doing in Alaska? Good question, but it's not healthy to question one's Overlord.
The reason given for Israel to begin testing their missiles (funded and developed by both Israel and America) is that the Arrow 3 interceptor is an exoatmospheric missile. The missile literally flies into space and comes back to crash on Earth’s surface. Being that the Mediterranean Sea is too small an area to test such a missile, they somehow managed to squeeze their way into pristine Alaskan territory. The question then would be asked, who is Israel targeting? Why do they need missiles to go above and beyond the Mediterranean Sea?

The U.S. government has been cooperating with Israel on the Arrow project since 1988 (in 2012, Boeing signed an agreement with Israel Aircraft Industries to develop the Arrow 3). Israel currently deploys two batteries of the Arrow 2, a medium-range interceptor that can hit Scud-like ballistic missiles at an altitude of about thirty miles.

The U.S. has spent $743 million on Arrow 3 funding since 2008, but there are no plans for the weapon to be added to the American missile defense arsenal. Instead, America has developed its own—and troubled—Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system (GMD).
They're working on ways to kill GOYIM with advanced missiles, using Alaska as a test range. They're also helping to fuck up one of the last pristine environments in the world, but hey, when you're chosen by a G-d you created, all doors are open.

Maybe Tubby the Grifter could just deed Alaska to the Israelis Khazars, like he gave Jerusalem to those parasitic mob of thieves, liars, assassins, murderers and false flag experts. Alaska's 'Frozen Chosen' would love to get their hands on that state.



    Ernst Muldashev (Russian medical doctor, an eye specialist) in Tibet in the footsteps of AH´s Third Reich occultists of the Thule Society who searched for the underground city-countries Shamballa and Agartha.

    Muldashev & his expedition of fellow scientists went to Mount Kailash which according which many likeminded researchers consider to be a giant manmade pyramid that dwarfs in size the Egyptian pyramids

    Vid 4.23: The biggest mystery was about the small Kailash mountain beside a pyramid of with the height of 4-floor building located next to the holy Moutain Kailash. He found the legendary Shantamani stone with the info how they build the giant Kailas prymad and the underground city-countries Sdhamballa and Agartha beneath. According to the Tibetan txt it contains the matrix of Life on Earth.

    Muldashev researche these objects thoroughly. He made a map showed them to his colleagues with the DNA pyramid matrix of Life on Earth.

    What does that have to do with the crashing of a Tel Aviv helicopter with 7 IDF military men in Romania in 2010?

    Check out:

    CIA O

  2. Tibet? So China invaded Tibet not only for its water? Israel are like the Nazis in that first Indiana Jones movie, looking for occultish sources of power.

  3. educational video, thanks for this information.

  4. Check out:

    The Sovietisation of America:

    CIA O


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