Friday, June 22, 2018

Israelis Want to Wipe Heterosexuals off the Face of the Earth

Wonder if the Khazars apply this twisted thinking to their State of Hate?
Opinion | The Nuclear Family Threat

If we heed Israeli lawmaker Merav Michaeli’s quest to ‘break apart’ marriage from parenthood and childbirth, we’ll discover that the best solution is to replace straight marriage with gay marriage.
Here's pics of what Israelis and their Jew sayanim want the world to look like.
If they succeed, who will fight and die for the glory of Apartheid Israel?


  1. Greg, You're a nasty homophobic...and i hate your guts!! snowflakery tantrum

    oh wait, on the contrary...i'm your biggest fan, since Wake Up From Your Slumber days! Remember that site? Long gone and ran to the ground.

    The funniest thing is israhelli orthodox jews are 6 million times worse homophobic and there are many examples all over the web. Of course we don't hear anything about that from media, do we? It is always..."isis tossing gays off the roof!"

    Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Stabs 6 at a Gay Pride Parade for Second Time, Police Say

    why didn't mighty Oboza didn't do anything to free the gays of israhell, invade...helllo??

    speaking of isis, isn't it ISrael Intelligence Service and their paid mercenaries?

    Yeah, I'm gay but i refuse to fan the flame of my faggotry like the rest, LOL
    Never understood the logic behind gay marriage or child adoption by the gays concept. I do know that some of them are just god damn pedos.

    1. "Wake up from your Slumber" got infested or something, it sure went to hell.

      I'm not homo-phobic, I don't want to force my lifestyle on them and vice-versa and I damn sure don't want Israel using that as a wedge to drive between people, which they are very good at.

  2. No wonder, binny is our big daddy, gets to sodomize and rape us the goys unconditionally!
    Zehava Galon, head of the left-wing Meretz party, took to Twitter to accuse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of hypocrisy in funding Shapira’s yeshiva.

    “Netanyahu can speak until tomorrow in the United States about integrating the gay community, but as long as the state continues to finance this rabbi, he represents [the country] more than another AIPAC speech,” she said.

    They are a fucking nation full of duplicitous creatures.

  3. Anyway, zee metrosexual & fake jew Charles Krauthammer has been taken out of roulation. Ne rien ne va plus.

    I call all the loads of mossadniks that confronted me Sauerkraut jews. Since they have to take loads of acids - supplied in the s.o.s. synagogue of satan circuit & they have to pay a hell of a lot for every portion- (sauer in Germnanisch) to function a bit during the day.

    Sauerkraut in Dutch is called zuurkool. The Dutch Zuur is acid. Kool is cabbage.

    Anyway, we flush zee kaballah cabbage through the toilet into zee real fake jew sewer.

    CIA O

  4. The whole bastard tribe need wiping off the face of the planet, these people are evil and effing sick!!!


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