Saturday, June 9, 2018

US Ambassador to Israel (((Frum))) Tells MSM to "Keep their Mouths Shut" when Talking About Israel Murdering Palestinians

DON'T look at this end product of Israeli racism, why that would be anti-Semitic! But what kind of thing animal beast monster deliberately shoots kids in the head?
Silence is golden, if you're that racist state of hate that is mass-murdering Palestinians in Gaza protesting their confinement in the world's largest concentration camp:
US envoy to media: ‘Keep your mouths shut’ on Israel’s response in Gaza

By: World Israel News Staff

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said Monday that the media should either figure out a better way to deal with the border protests or stop its negative coverage of the Jewish state.

Addressing a media conference in Jerusalem, Friedman said that news outlets have been unfair in their coverage of the deadly protests on the Gaza border over the past few months. He advised reporters to “keep your mouths shut” unless they know better than Israel how to deal with the demonstrations.
Someone doesn't want you to see this..
or this...
or this...
Just keep watching sports, staying current on Hollywood celebrity gossip and doping yourself to oblivion, like all Good GOYS should do!


  1. The goyim know oy vey shut it down the goy know!

  2. Israhell never wants to bring up that the Palestinians are within their legal rights to resist..."by any means possible". It's backward to label them terrorists when their status and rights are written in the law. Only Israhell is outside the law. I hope the march of return sends that message across because people sure are ignorant and it's so annoying!

  3. The mistake the Jews are continuing to make is that their arrogant supremacist attitude makes them think they are resistant to failure, HAHAHAHAHA, I can't wait to watch them all crying and weeping when the REAL Holocaust hits. You ever see a bully get defeated ? It's the most beautiful thing in the world.

  4. Hey Greg...

    WalMart, down south of you, just blacklisted your site from the servers.

    Keep swingin'.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I must be posting stuff some don't want the GOYIM to read.
      If I get suicided, you'll know it wasn't by my hand.

    2. Just keep a close count on you're vital organs Greg.

      They do love to work at the cockroaches they really are.

      Keep up the great work!


    `Valencia’s city council condemned Israel’s illegal assassinations and declared that the third-largest Spanish city would be an “Israeli apartheid-free zone” from now on.

    To refrain from any contact with Tel Aviv was supported by other Spanish cities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Andalusia, which decided to distance themselves from Israel in an expression of solidarity with the “boycott Israel“ movement´.

    Ciao, ciao from Valencia.

    CIA O

    CIA O

  6. Valencia is a city with murals & balls. 

    The mediterranean map shows how the Tel Aviv territory is the neighbour at the other side of the pond.

    CIA O


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