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Why are Jews Blind to Israel Murdering Kids but Screech about Illegal Aliens Entering the USA?

Found a wonderful retort to an article by Karen Greenberg, a virtue-signaler par excellence at the feisty site

Her diatribe is entitled, "A Children’s Gitmo on the Border" that I started to read, until she started babbling about Der Evil Nazis and can we let this happen again?

'Nana' Greenberg's dossier is rather interesting:
Karen J. Greenberg previously served as Vice President for Programs at the Soros Foundation. Greenberg earned a B.A. in history from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in history from Yale University. She is a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Greenberg is widely cited as a leading expert on national security and terrorism in The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Mother Jones, The Daily Show, and many other media outlets.
Yes, the same Soros that said this:
And this:
The best comment comes from one Mark Green, who has an excellent command of facts and the English language:
What a thoroughly unbalanced article. It also stinks of hypocrisy.

Why does TomDispatch keep publishing virtue-signaling drek by crypto-Israelis? Is TomDispatch a Zio-hasbara outfit? It sure smells that way.

When will the lovers of humanity at TomDispatch come out and endorse BDS?

Indeed, if Ms. Greenberg truly deplores racism and cares about human rights, why doesn’t she focus more of her attention on Israel?

What’s your opinion, Ms. Greenberg, of those wonderful, democratic, moral Jewish snipers who routinely shoot at and murder unarmed, non-Jewish children and their parents when they threaten to violate an Israeli fence?

After all, isn’t murder a bit more serious than temporarily separating immigrant children in San Diego from their gatecrashing parents?

What have you to say, Ms Greenberg, about Israel’s sacred, expanding, ‘Jews Only’ territorial ambitions along with its decades-long campaign to crush (by any means necessary) the quest for independence by its native (non-Jewish) population?

Any suggestions?

Shouldn’t people who seek peace and justice such as yourself speak out loudly against the boatloads of missiles and money that go to Israel continuously and unconditionally? When will you join us?

Now it is quite possible that Ms. Greenberg actually feels guilt (deep down) over Israel’s ‘harsh’ treatment of the Palestinians. It’s possible. One can hope. There are signs.

Indeed, one neurotic symptom of hers that keeps surfacing is her habitual reference to BAD BAD Super-BAD evil Nazis and those wonderful, suffering, innocent Jewish victims of yesteryear.

Might this simplistic obsession of hers be a sign of repressed guilt or moral trepidation? It’s possible. Let’s hope.

Then again, perhaps Greenberg secretly clings to the vanishing hope that last century’s First Place Jewish victimhood finish automatically entitles today’s Jews to kill now and discriminate forever.

‘It’s all your fault! You made us this way!’

Indeed, if Greenberg actually cared about ‘human rights’, wouldn’t she write more frequently and more passionately about the deplorable, decades-long human tragedy (involving parents and their children, no less) that is ongoing in the Occupied Territories?–(plus there’s the matter of Washington’s serial, pro-Zionist wars which recently annihilated Iraq, Libya, Syria and which now targetsanti-Zionist Iran.) These are real moral issues!

Your thoughts, Ms Greenberg?

To what extent does the global ‘Jewish community’ bear responsibility for Zio-Washington’s serial criminality?

Any thoughts about liberating the concentration camp otherwise known as the Gaza strip?

Indeed, the case can be made that, in addition to the preemptive wars described above, Israel’s commitment to extra-judicial assassination, house demolitions, the disproportionate use of lethal force, and its officially-sanctioned policy of segregation and ethnic cleansing may be the greatest ongoing horror show in the ‘Western’ world.

Am I wrong about this?

Why do Greenberg and her Zionist cronies at TomDispatch prefer to wag there fingers at Trump’s relatively gentle border policies when routine Zionist protocols produce more pain and suffering, are far more prolonged, are far more lethal, and are far more dangerous politically than Trump’s relatively restrained attempt to seal America’s porous borders without the use of bombs, bullets or missiles?

The ongoing, decades-long invasion of America by non-indigenous, Spanish-speaking colonists deserves to be resisted. Americans want US immigration laws enforced. Haven’t you heard, Ms. Greenberg?

Further, the vast majority of border-jumpers pouring into America are economic opportunists–not genuine refugees. They want an immediate piece of America’s lawful, settled, advanced, European-derived, English speaking civilization–and all the free stuff that goes with it.

But these interlopers don’t deserve unlimited free goodies and we cannot afford to give them these benefits. The more we surrender today, the greater will be the surge of immigrants tomorrow. It’s been this way since Reagan.

Besides, these ‘asylum-seeking’ refugees have their own countries. Why can’t they make Guatemala or El Salvador or Honduras or Mexico great again?

If Greenberg and her hasbarist pals were honest, they would apply immigration laws (and the moral principles that sustain them) equally and uniformly. Israel would no longer enjoy it special privileges, exemptions, and entitlements.

And duplicitous crypto-Israelis would be shamed for their hypocritical activism.

Instead, subversive Zionists are trying to undermine America’s character and cohesion as they run interference for the segregated Jewish state.

Shame on these Zionist rats.
Can't recall Nana Greenberg crying crocodile tears when her beloved Israel splatters Palestinian kids brains.
There's definitely some woke GOYIM leaving comments, like this one:
WHAT says:
>muh childrenz
>muh gas showers

Ah, the comfort of the familiar!

And this one:
Hamlet's Ghost says:

I wonder what Ms. Greenberg thinks of the children in the Gaza ghetto.
Yes, Nana, what are your thoughts on IDF snipers using Gazan kids for target practice for merely approaching the the real Nazis, Israel's border fence that sits on land stolen from Palestinians. Any comment Nana?

One more:
Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

>”Americans pride ourselves on being a moral nation…that sends humanitarian relief to places devastated by natural disasters or famine or war. ”

Unless it’s Iraq. The we ban the importation of medicines in order to kill 500,000 children.

Or the Levant, where we pay Israelis to kill Palestinian kids at-will with impunity.
What ye say now, Ms Greenberg?

I agree with one Guy Smiley, who said:

Cry me a river.

The author doesn’t give a shit about anything but herself.


  1. "If Greenberg and her hasbarist pals were honest, they would apply immigration laws (and the moral principles that sustain them) equally and uniformly. Israel would no longer enjoy it special privileges, exemptions, and entitlements."

    But Greenberg and her hasbara pals are not honest. They just want to present themselves as moral so they can create a perception that others are immoral
    I too agree with Guy Smiley!

  2. Despite all its money, all its wonderful infrastructure, Israel is an immoral cesspool full of criminals, pedophiles, organ harvesters, and thieves. The entire planet now knows everything about these scumbags and they are deeply hated by the world's populations. Soon, very soon, this planet is going to drive a dagger into Israel's back, the same dagger the world pulled out of its own back that Israel originally stuck there. And when Israel cries VICTIM and demands help from humanity, the entire planet WILL turn its back and SMILE.

  3. @ AnonymousJune 28, 2018 at 8:07 AM

    That´s a very good one.

    JC -a brownie- had an (((S.O.S.))) alarm on his crown chakra 2.000 years ago.

    Two (three) years ago in the summer in Amsterdam I had visions that zee fake jews of the synagogue of satan (s.o.s.) in presentday talmud tel aviv occupied Palestine were 24/7 involved in eating baby arms and drinking kids blood all as a sacrifice to their g_d so that it will become crystal clear that this infinitely insane tribe will finally be the masters and the rest of the humans (in the eyes of their satanic psychotic rabbis beast in human form) still alive will on commando lick their holy asses.

    Then the thunderous storm of Love´s frequency broke loose in a simple effective way- TSHTF, Their Shit Hit The Fan, u could say that, yes. - and drew them tremendously violent out of their houses, the self-chosen shitbags started to rotate as hell (in vortexes) crashed through their double glazed windows and dropped dead in the street. Clearly recognizable.

    In other sessions the same operation was performed on the dito jews in the US. And in the EU.

    For Dutch TV junks. Het Gooi is the Dutch Hollywood area. South East of Amsterdam. It is like in the US jew run.

    Het Gooi is not derived from Goyim. But from Gouw which means in old Dutch something like province.

    John de Mol sr (the Mole) is the ceo of Dutch mainstream RTL. When I started to inter-net-work from the place where l breath&live now in Spain in April last year he ruled that the Dr. Phil show on pedophiles would not be broadcast. It meant the end of Phil after 15 years.

    John de Mol and his sister Linda, don´t know them personally but months prior to ´the sudden death of Phil´ in my esp ora@laboratory vivid imagery of them walking to their frigerators with babies and phoetuses (which is supplied from the local hospital) stashed in it.

    Needless to say that zee Mol is s.o.s. fake jew.

    Important note: his son Johnny de Mol who is also in the tv bussines is OK.

    CIA O

  4. My belief is that a ring of high-ranking pedos run the world, in conjunction with the SOS. There's some kind of ritual that involves babies and young kids, not unlike the old blood libel, only now they first sexually abuse the child, before the sacrifice.
    That probably involves some kind of Satanic worship.

    Thru control of central banks like the FED, and their CIA/Mossad black ops outfits, no politician is beyond their reach, due to bribery, blackmail or dying from some bizarre accident or the sudden onset of cancer.

    Once they have you on video doing some twisted, demented sex act, your their slave for life.

    If you point that out, at the very least, you get branded as anti-Semite or lose your job, or your ads or they find you in some bathroom, with a bathrobe lash around your neck, very dead, which will get called suicide.

  5. Enemies.


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