Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security... "Tap Water Tasting Funny GOYIM?"

At about the 10:35 mark, meet Indegy, the Israeli cyber-war outfit that can shut down water treatment plants world-wide. How does your tap water taste now, GOYIM? Or hack into a oil rig. Like say Deepwater Horizon?

Having a vast Cyber Security outfit--paid for by Americans--enables Israel to thank Americans like this...

Or to hack into your vehicle's CPU and take control.....

Remember reporter Michael Hastings, who wrote the excellent book, "The Operators (2012)" that showed the buffoonery and incompetence of the US general then running the CIA poppy field protection racket in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal? I've read that book and highly recommend reading it. It's well-written, absorbing read. (Forget the idiotic Brad Pitt version of the book, "War Machine." I watched only about half of the movie, since it was only remotely connected to the actual book. Looks like someone also hacked the movie?)
Hastings recounted conversations with some of McChrystal's staff members in the book, when during a party at which everyone was "totally shit faced", one asked him, "You're not going to fuck us, are you?" and another stating, "We'll hunt you down and kill you if we don't like what you write". Hastings interpreted the drunken comments as a joke.
And was killed murdered in a car crash, most likely a hack of his vehicle to stop him from writing his next story? Who did the remote hacking of Hastings car?
About 12 hours before his death, Hastings had sent an email to his colleagues that the FBI had been interviewing his “close friends and associates” and told his co-workers ““[It] may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.” He added, “I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the radar [sic] for a bit.”

"...police pointed out that the fire inside the car was unusual due to its intensity, commenting that it resembled a thermite burn. Hastings’ body was so badly burned that it took the coroner two days to identify him, another factor that is atypical for vehicle fires. The LAPD also refused to release accident or toxicology reports, nor did they allow Hastings’ car to be independently inspected, despite their assertion that there was no evidence of foul play."

The most well-known proponent of this theory was former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counterterrorism Richard A. Clarke, who told the Huffington Post that the crash that killed Hastings was “consistent with a car cyber attack.” “It’s relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car, and to do such things as cause acceleration when the driver doesn’t want acceleration, to throw on the brakes when the driver doesn’t want the brakes on, to launch an air bag. You can do some really highly destructive things now, through hacking a car, and it’s not that hard,” Clarke said. However, as Clarke noted, “the problem with [car cyber attacks] is you can’t prove it.”
Hastings was driving a Mercedes C250 Coupé. Mercedes Benz is known for making not only some of the best cars in the world, but making ones that are so well-built, your chances of surviving a vehicle accident are much higher than with any other car.

Here's what Hastings car looked like after the wreck. I'm a retired career firefighter that has been on dozens of fiery vehicle accidents and I've NEVER seen a burnt vehicle damaged as much as Hastings Mercedes was. Plus, vehicle fires don't blow-off doors, nor send the engine flying over 180 feet thru the air.
This is what happens to those brave enough to stand up to the Zionist control of the USA. You wind up dead.

"On your knees, GOYIM or we'll holocaust your sorry ass!"

What is C4I? The acronym C4I stands for "Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence"
C4I Corps

The CC4I Corps or Teleprocessing Corps, is a combat support corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) under the command of the Teleprocessing Branch, formerly the Computer Service Directorate. The C4I Corps is responsible for all areas of teleprocessing and communications in the IDF. The corps commander is known as the Chief Teleprocessing Officer and is an officer with the rank of "Tat Aluf", equivalent to a Brigadier General in the United States Army. The current commander of the Corps, is Yariv Nir.
Moshe Markowitz was in charge of C4I during the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag. Bet he has some interesting stories to tell.
C4I and Cyber Defense Directorate

The C4i directorate is the IDF’s elite technological unit. The main activity of the C4i directorate is to provide commanders in the field with the technology that they need in order to manage a combat situation in the best possible way. The directorate’s main objectives are to initiate, develop, exploit and strengthen the IDF’s technological integration system. The head of the C4i Directorate is Major General Lior Carmeli.

In the last two decades, in light of the advancements in technology, the directorate has become a center and a leader. It is responsible for all the contacts, computers and communications of IDF forces on the battlefield. It is also responsible for all cyber defense in the IDF. The Cyber Defense Unit regularly holds hackathons in order to challenge themselves and improve their skills.
These are the demented assholes who developed, then released the STUXNET virus against Iran's computers, in an effort to destroy their nuclear energy plants and cause massive damage, but Iran was able to contain STUXNET before it created serious problems.
The bigger problem was STUXNET got online, and hit Japan's Fukushima reactors and caused massive damages and radiation pollution that has seeped into the Pacific Ocean--and is still doing so--that is endangering all life on Earth.

That is Israel for you, they have no care or concern for us GOYIM and are so full of venomous hatred for us Gentiles, that they'll wipe out the entire planet just to take down Iran.

Another Israeli cyber-war outfit is Unit 8200...
Veterans of Israeli Army’s Elite Code-breaking Unit Are New York’s Best-kept Secret

Some 400 alumni of the IDF's high-tech Unit 8200 are now working in and around Manhattan. They face a unique challenge: Showcasing their skills while maintaining a low profile about their army past.
What were they doing on 9/11?
And there is Israeli outfit is White-Hat LTD.
White-Hat Ltd. is a Cyber consultancy employing only highly professional and trained experts, all with by the HLS and Israeli security forces background and expertise in order to keep the highest standards in Cyber Intelligence Consulting Services.

WhiteHat Ltd. delivers tailor-made cyber services across the globe. Our proactive and mission-focused approach meets today’s cyber challenges and anticipates tomorrow’s threats as they arrive by constant sources research.
We make sure that our customers’ networks operate through attacks while threats are detected and rendered harmless. And by delivering proactive consulting services, our customers can trust the information on their networks and trust that their assets and missions are secure.
Now that you know how potent Israel's cyber-war outfits are and that you know who control over 90% of the MSM, then this tweet makes more sense about who was trying to hack the 2016 POTUS election than the phony Russia-Gate nonsense.

Israeli Owned Geothermal Company that Possibly Fracked Hawaii Volcano to Life has 80 of these Plants

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Jews Running a Commie/Antifa Brainwashing Camp in Massachusetts

What color panties does Camp Commie issue to the fledgling Stalin, Mao & Lenin wannabees?
Here’s What Happened When A Trump Supporter Became A ‘Commie Camp’ Counselor

A 20-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump resigned from her position as a counselor at a summer camp known as “Commie Camp,” she told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview.

Gabriella Mamet said she resigned as a counselor at Camp Kinderland in Tolland, Massachusetts, after nearly a month of Trump-bashing, Black Lives Matter chants and hostility from campers. Progressive film director Katie Halper coined Kinderland “Commie Camp” in a 2013 documentary.

“They didn’t really mention how political of a camp it was in the phone interview or anything,” Mamet told TheDCNF. “I went on their website and I thought it was pretty much a normal camp and when I got there during orientation it was kind of surprising at how political it was.”

Camp Kinderland is a “multicultural summer camp and community that honors our progressive secular Jewish roots through our commitment to economic, racial, and social justice,” according to its mission statement. “Kinderland’s summer programming and year around activities integrate progressive values with arts, recreation, and activism in a compassionate and caring environment.”

She said the staff had a meeting following a July 20 article in TheDCNF showcasing the nearly 50 Antifa flags campers had designed. Mamet said staff members were instructed not to use social media at the meeting.

Aside from Antifa flag-making, Mamet said campers participated in an event called “Peace Olympics.”

There are “five teams and every team gets an issue and my particular team was Black Lives Matter,” she said. “We would have to make chants about Black Lives Matter and chants in favor of that particular thing. … Some of the chants they made were attacking Trump. ‘No more Trump, no more Pence. We don’t need a bigger fence.'”
Give 'em Hell, Moshe!
No surprise that Jews are fomenting civil unrest, using hate to brainwash GOYIM to do the Jews dirty work.

Click here to see the Board of Directors. Be sure to bring some cream cheese for the bagels!

For a mere $2,283.75 you can send your kid to Camp Commie for two weeks! (Don't forget to add in the extra 'fees' when you send in your shekels)
Naturally, no self-respecting Juden camp would be around without the obligatory muh holocaust infection sessions!
PHOTOS: Children at ‘Commie Camp’ design dozens of Antifa flags, learn about ‘social justice’

Kids at Camp Kinderland in Tolland, Massachusetts, which bills itself as the “summer camp with a conscience,” designed nearly 50 Antifa flags, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.
Summer camp with a conscience? This kind of conscience?
This is one camp, in one state. How many other states have these Commie Camps, run by Die Juden, training young Jews to be Antifa/Communist agitators who are trying to start a revolution to take over the USA?

Would someone please explain how is it that Israel our friend and ally?

Saturday, July 28, 2018

How Pedos Get Their Victims: They Infect Young Minds to Keep the Infestation Going

Bergman? Why am I not surprised?
In Just the Last Two Weeks, Dozens of Children in Iowa Have Vanished

A young University of Iowa student made headlines recently after she disappeared during an evening jog—but she is just one of the dozens of people who have been reported missing in Iowa in the last 10 days, and the overwhelming majority of the disappearances are children.

However, Tibbetts is not alone. According to the Missing Person database published by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, 48 people have gone missing in the last two weeks, and 34 of those people are children.

Each one of these children has a family and friends who are heartbroken by their disappearance and who are actively looking for them, and unfortunately, they are just a few of the approximately 2,000 children who are reported missing every single day in the United States—more than 100 of which are cases of stranger abduction.

It raises the question—what kind of a difference could the media make if it started focusing less on Stormy Daniels and Russia hysteria, and more on the innocent children who go missing every day in the United States?
Yes, why doesn't the (((MSM))) investigate something of actual importance?

Think those teens are still alive, at least for now, until they get raped and ritually murdered?

When teens run away from home, I seriously doubt they chose Iowa as their destination--nothing against Iowa. They probably go to California or Florida or Washington State or Colorado. So if dozens of kids get kidnapped in Iowa in just 10 days, how many get kidnapped--in 10 days--in California or Florida or Colorado, where many teen runaways chose to go?
This Hollywood pedo degeneracy is serious and we need to do something about this destruction of our kids. Either they're getting brainwashed in schools by trans-genders or transvestites or pedos, who tell very gullible grade school kids to try being a homo or lesbian, you might like it! Or encourage them to change their sex. Or being kidnapped, raped and ritually murdered.
American Library Association endorses ‘drag queen storytime’ for libraries across U.S.

The group’s express purpose is capturing the “imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood” and giving children “unabashedly queer role models,” so kids can “imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”
Their purpose is fucking up kids heads so that boys think they are girls and want to wear dresses and girls experiment with lesbianism, thereby ensuring the sick fucks have an endless amount of victims to prey upon.

Do you really want this thing teaching your kids? They can't reproduce, so they have to recruit. And grade schools are fertile grounds. "Comments are disabled for this video." No shit? Wonder why? JEWtube doesn't want to see the backlash from sane Americans who want nothing to do with this demonic BS.

Our nation's future is being stolen from us, and all the (((MSM))) can babble about is the phony Russia-Trump collusion or the latest KarTRASHian nonsense or which local sports team won last night's Big Game.

Look at this pic. The idiot Mom is beaming with joy that she has introduced her child to some sicko, but the kid is smarter than Mom, you can tell that by the look on her/his? face. The kid knows something is seriously wrong.
We need to act NOW or forever consign our kids and grandkids to a living Hell, with the disease already in 27 major cities, targeting millions of kids.
Here's how fucked-up, sick and degenerate the (((MSM)) is when talking about this degeneracy.

From NBC:
Drag Queen Story Hour brings pride and glamor to libraries across U.S.

From the Huff Post:
Drag Queen Story Hour Is The Kids' Program We All Need In Our Lives

I'm having trouble finding out the group's funding, but in Queens, NYC, one Daniel DROMM is glad to help out.

What's next, legalizing pedophilia?
“The story hour will celebrate diversity, promote self-acceptance and gender expression and honor each child as an individual. Dress up in your most fabulous attire and get ready to have fun! Recommended for children birth-grade 5."
From birth-grade 5? This sickening plague needs to be stopped NOW.

Friday, July 27, 2018

PedoGate Names: Hollywood Big Shots Get Outed...Paging Lucky Larry!

(Be patient when loading this site, for some strange reason, my ISP speed drops dramatically? Too many its or something else?
Hollywood Names: Seth Green, James Gunn, Dan Scheinder, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Barack Obama, Kevin Spacey, Kathy Griffin, Oprah Winfrey, Shawn Carter, Beyonce Knowles, Anthony Kiedis, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Jim Carrey, Steven Tyler, Ben Affleck, Stephen Collins, Will Ferrell, Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon), Marshall Matthers III, Jeffrey Jones, Victor Salva, Marc Collins Rector, Charlie Sheen, Tyler Grasham, Madonna Ciccone, Katheryn Hudson,Gwen Stefani, Stefani Germanotta, James Franco, Will Smith. [Stefani Germanotta is Lady Ga Ga]

Political Names: Joe Biden, John McCain, Bob Menendez, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Jacob Schwartz, Ed Murray, Barney Frank, Brock Adams, Mel Reynolds,Neil Goldschmidt, David Wu, Tony Mendoza. Anthony Weiner. Peter Strzok, Adam Schiff, Charles Windsor, John Kerry.
Here's their Twitter address, which I imagine will get canned.
Notice how many of these pervs are also some of Israel's biggest supporters?

If the above isn't true, then someone is asking for a King Hell size lawsuit. And if it is, look for another 9/11 False Flag, courtesy of Israel, to get the heat off their (((Hollywood))) buddies.
Look at this vile piece of filth on Steve-O's arm, from the aptly named "Jackass" franchise. Still have any doubts about Hollywood being a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Hollywood Pedo Disease has Reached Epidemic Proportions; Something MUST be Done

What kind of a diseased mind tattoos this on his arm?
It doesn't take an Einstein to know where this dangerous bacillus comes from...
Do we stand by and pretend this can't be happening or do something before we all wind up in their version of Hell? What kind of person beast thing fantasizes about raping a newborn baby? A sick fuck that is beyond redemption.
Only read this is you have a strong stomach. The 82nd Airborne needs to be sent to Hollywood and round up the pedos for mass trials, then executions.
Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open…

Hollywood is near the heart of the beast as far as child abuse is concerned. Hollywood is also a huge propaganda factory for the powers that be – an information laundry for the criminal cabal and its many crimes from human trafficking, drug trafficking to pedophilia.
If this pedo outing keeps growing, look for Israel to set off another 9/11 type False Flag to get us Goyim back to hating Muslims, instead of focusing on the degenerates that are kidnapping, raping and ritually murdering babies.

"Don't look at Hollywood GOYIM, look at those nasty Muzzies, you must kill them for us, slave!"

No Sarah, sane people don't find anything funny about raping children, but sick fucks do.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How Dare They Arrest A Chosen One for Sex Trafficking & Possible Pedophilia!

NXIVM: Billionaire Seagram's Heiress Among Four More Arrested In Sex Cult Case

Four more people have been arrested in connection to the bizarre sex cult NXIVM run by Keith Raniere and former "Smallville" actress Allison Mack. Among the newly arrested members include people with titles such as "The Prefect" and "The Vanguard." Tuesday saw the arrest of Clare Bronfman, 39, Kathy Russell, 60, Lauren Salzman, 42, and Nancy Salzman, 64. All four were arrested on a superseding indictment charging them with racketeering conspiracy.

Charges include "racketeering conspiracy involving an array of crimes, including identity theft, extortion, forced labor, sex trafficking, money laundering, wire fraud and obstruction of justice."

Clare Bronfman is temporarily free on a $100,000,000 bond and is awaiting trial.
This is what Hollywood creeps think is hilarious and can't understand why us deplorables find it sick and disgusting.

(((Someone))) is getting so nervous about these Hollywood pedos being outed that they are making threats...
Time to send some FBI cadaver dogs to Bronfman's island?
Arrested NXIVM Servant Clare Bronfman Owns Private Island in Fiji

Heiress Clare Bronfman, one of the four more people arrested in connection to the bizarre sex cult NXIVM, may have correctly anticipated such arrests and legal problems. She the majority of Wakaya Island in Fiji as a possible place to escape. Bronfman, daughter of the late billionaire philanthropist and former Seagram chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr., and an heiress to the Seagram’s liquor fortune is said to have bought Wakaya Ltd., which owns about 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji on August 11, 2016.
Perverts that play together, stick together.
Jew Inc is getting jittery about all this pedo info coming out and rightly so, for if Americans WTFU and realize that it's a good possibility that the million or so babies and kids that get kidnapped each year, never to be seen again by their parents, most likely wound up getting raped, then ritually murdered, support for Israel will cease to exist. And without Uncle Sugar, Israel will also cease to exist.

If this pedo outing keeps gaining steam, look for Israel to step in and help out their Hollywood buds with a major False Flag, like their 9/11 masterpiece to get the GOYIM's minds off the real criminals.

Rabbi Pederast will comment as soon as he's done eating!
Are there any innocents in Hollywood? Forest Gump or Forest HUMP?
UPDATE: Is every star actor in Hollywood part of that pedo thing? Satan must be busy signing up all his new recruits.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Why Doesn't the MSM Help Out Those Degenerate Hollywood Pedos?

Hmm, let's see if we can figure this out. Here's one clue:
Another clue...this is leading somewhere. Don't tell me, I'll figure it out..
And one more... ...EUREKA!
Maybe some kind of post-birth traumatic incident happened that turned some/many Jew males into disgusting pedos?
This is some of the extremely sick shit coming out of (((Hollywood)). Making fun of having sex with a baby? WTF kind of people think that's funny?
NOTE: Jewtube is censoring this video as soon as they find the next poster, so be quick about viewing it...if you have a strong stomach.

JEWtube thinks kiddie porn vids are fine, but ask questions about WWII and you'll get banned.
Lots of Shekels will get a Tribe member into exclusive sex clubs

A mere $250K to sexually abuse a child. God dammit, these people need to be rounded up and jailed in a super Max prison where they can rape each other and not kids.
BONUS: You might want to check out the elite sex clubs where anything goes, and I do mean ANYTHING, like SNCTM and NXIVM. I know this might be hard to believe, but the founder of SNCTM Lawner, is a Jew. Imagine my shock.
Five Things You Need to Know About the NXIVM Cult!

Rick & Morty has a Pedo Problem

One more thought:

Is Tubby the Grifter threatening war with Iran to take the heat off his Hollywood pedo buds getting outed?

Maybe the FBI should send a team with some cadaver dogs to that private island Trump's good friend Epstein owns to look for children and baby corpses?
There is no end to this sick shit on the 'Net. What must it be like on TOR?

Here's a thought: Is Amazon's Cloud Hosting service keeping a secret spot for the rich pedos? Anytime you're the CIA's bitch, anything is possible.

I know one thing for sure: There's still plenty of fine hemp rope and plenty of stout oak trees Made in America!
Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered

Abusing innocent children – and destroying their entire lives in the process – is one of the vilest, most depraved and evilest thing a human could ever do. It is the furthest thing from being “funny” and, to most decent people, simply hearing about the subject is enough to ruin their day.

For years, industry insiders have been claiming that Hollywood is rampant with pedophilia. The documentary An Open Secret explained how “important men” in Hollywood use their position of power to abuse children, and lots of movie directors are involved. So, while mass media is going in a pointless “Liberal vs Conservative” frenzy, here’s my suggestion: Police investigation. Now.
Surprise, you won't find "Open Secret" on JEWtube, but Vimeo...

Where are our US politicians who end over backward to help Israel, but ignore the American public?
Watch the CIA director threaten those who expose pedos.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Is Being a Degenerate Pedo Part of the Hollywood Jew DNA?

Like Michael Ian Black, whose real last name is Schwartz. He is a comedian, actor, writer, and director, making him part of that Hollywood crowd that is Ground Zero for pedos.
Jesus Christ, what kind of sick mind thinks, let alone writes about this perverted shit?

Then there's (now) former Hollywood Big Shot director James Gunn, of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" fame, who is part Juden.

Even though he tweets this very sick shit, he still has a Twitter account. But ask historical questions about WWII and you'll be banned in a second.
What is wrong with the make Jew psyche? Did some kind of traumatic incident happen at birth?
Lucky for these sick bastards, another sick bastard, the wanted War Criminal Bibi Nuttyahoo launches bombing attacks on the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza, to take the heat off his fellow perverted Tribe members.

Hmm, makes one wonder what happened when Bibi slept in the Shadow President Kushner's bed when Jared was a teenager?

UPDATE: Fuck, it never stops. Is pedophilia some kind of Jew religion? Only a Jew would defend a Jew pedo.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Some in Canada are Trying to Help Monika Schaefer Gain her Freedom from the German Gestapo

Monika Schaefer was charged with violating a German criminal law that does not exist in Canada and is contrary to international law.
Civil rights group says Canada should help Holocaust denier on trial in Germany

OTTAWA -- A civil liberties group is urging the Canadian government to end the "unjust and immoral" imprisonment of Monika Schaefer, a German-Canadian woman on trial in Germany for publishing videos denying the Holocaust.

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association says it's concerned about Canada's apparent unwillingness to come to the aid of Schaefer, who it describes as a Canadian "political prisoner" who was charged with a German criminal law that does not exist in Canada and is contrary to international law.

In a letter signed
by executive director Joseph Hickey, the association calls on Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to act immediately, starting with appointing a consular observer and direct contact for Schaefer.

"We ask you both to do everything you can to save Monika Schaefer from her ongoing unjust and immoral imprisonment in Germany," the letter says. "Every day that Canada refuses to act or acts ineffectively is a day that Ms. Schaefer spends in a foreign jail. Therefore, we express the required urgency."

The civil liberties association says Germany's law against Holocaust denial is contrary to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was ratified by Canada in 1976.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has interpreted the covenant to be incompatible with laws that penalize the expression of opinions about historical facts, it says.

The civil liberties group says in the letter that the 2016 video was made in Canada and published from Canada.
Naturally, Canadian Jews are hissing and shrieking that anudder Shoah is on its way if Monika is freed from her dungeon.

Here's Monika's crime, singing a song in Canada, which got her arrested over 6 months ago and confined to a German maximum security prison. Youtube has deemed this video to be hazardous to your mental health, so you have to jump thru hoops to view it. They've also removed the comments and the number of hits it has received, which probably means its in the millions:

Germany is so fucked up, they jail Grandmas for asking historical questions about WWII while letting illegal immigrants go free and not do time for violently assaulting and raping a young girl.
I've always admired Germans for being able to recover from the ravages of WWI and WWII, but now they are getting attacked from the inside, and that is a difficult battle to win.

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