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"Bush - Family Of Secrets" Many Americans are so Clueless, They don't even Know what They don't Know.

George Herbert Walker Bush: "Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist who Bush had known for years and who was the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time.

From an October 2013 posting:
The Bush family are by far, the greatest example of a successful American crime family. No other American family can claim the kind of success that the Bush family has, over the past century. We must give credit, where credit is due. Right?? Samuel Bush was a very successful businessman. He was Skull & Bones I believe. He was instrumental in organizing the military industrial complex, with the Harriman family, and the Remmington gun & ammo company. Together, they conspired to orchestrate WWI, and make many billions of dollars in 1917 money. That would make them trillionaires by today's standards, which they in fact are.

Samuel's son Prescott was another very successful business man. He began as an amazing tire salesman, them by marrying into the Walker family, he became a banker with Brown Brothers - Harriman. Sound familiar?? BBH, along with another Zionist banking cartel, known as Kuhn Loeb & Company, conspired to orchestrate WWII, and the Nazi takeover of Europe. In fact, Prescott Bush, and his close Skull & Bones buddy, Averill Harriman, had a bank in Manhattan, N.Y., which had it's assetts seized by J. Edgar Hoover, and the FBI, under the "Trading With The Enemies Act". That happened not once, but twice, to the Union Banking Corporation of New York City. A documented fact, which is undeniable.

Prescott's son, George H.W. Bush is also a very successful businessman, politician, and CIA agent. Most people don't know that G.H.W. Bush was in fact a CIA agent as early as the late 40's, or very early 50's. Nobody is 100% sure when he became an agent, but we do know for sure it was before 1953. We now know that he was directly involved, and responsible for the orchestrated assassination of JFK, and RFK. That too is a documented fact, which somehow has managed to avoid major exposure. We know as a fact that Prescott Bush groomed Richard M. Nixon for his political career, and was expected to have G.H.W. Bush on the 1968 Republican ticket as Nixon's Vice Presidential running mate, but Nixon knowing what Bush did to JFK because he was in Dallas that day, chose Agnew as his running mate because he knew Bush would assassinate him in order to be President without being elected.
When Nixon refused to go along with the plan, Bush, and his CIA cohorts, conspired to destroy Nixon's political career in the Watergate scandal, which worked brilliantly. Bob Woodward himself was a CIA stooge, from the Office Of Naval Intelligence. All the while, Nixon, the asshole, and evil scum that he was, was busy escalating the war in Vietnam by invading, and carpet bombing Cambodia. Remember??

At this same time, G.H.W. Bush's son George W. Bush was supposed to be in the Texas military reserves. He was assigned to a unit known as the "Champagne Unit". They were the brave soldiers that patrolled the skies of Texas, looking for Vietnamese invaders. The problem is that G.W. Bush never completed his service as a reserve pilot, and went AWOL from a base in Louisiana, and was never seen again at any military base. Nobody has ever come forward and claimed to have ever even seen G. W. Bush at any military base in Louisiana, but he claims he graduated from there. BTW, it's a Federal Offense to go AWOL, especially at a time of war.

George H.W. Bush had many different business', all of which were quite successful, for rather mysterious reasons. Zapata Oil, Zapata Offshore, Dressor Industries, and a bunch of others are all very suspicious. His business ties in Columbia are interesting to say the least, not to mention his friends in Panama, and other Central American nations. One of H.W.'s closest CIA buddies, a piece of garbage known as Allen Dulles, was a prominent attorney for United Fruit Co., and had strong business interests in Central America. Together, Bush and Dulles assassinated a president, orchestrated a CIA war in Vietnam, and used the military to import drugs into the US. Let's not forget they had a huge Nazi mind control program going on at this same time where they were using LSD, and rock musicians to experiment of the American, British, Canadian, and other nations civilians without their knowledge or consent. The program was, and still is known as Operation MK-Ultra, which was in fat a Nazi mind control program that was brought to America under Operation Paperclip.

Many of us are familiar with George W. Bush, and his criminal activities involving the conspiratorial orchestration of 9-11 with the Mossad of Israel, and British agents as well. These criminals have targeted the American people, and America as a sovereign, independent nation, which it isn't, and probably never really was, especially after the establishment of central banking in America. Particularly the Federal Reserve Bank, which is an illegal private bank, and was created by a man named Paul Warburg, who was a Satanic Hebrew Zionist, and an agent of the Rothschild family of Bavaria, along with the Oppenheimer, and Schiff families as well. Schiff went on to fund the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia, which murdered tens of millions of Orthodox Jews, and paved the way for Marxist Communism, and a convenient enemy of America. Of course, many of us know Oppenheimer went on to help mastermind the creation of the first atomic weapons that were to be used against innocent civilians under the guise of war, but was actually another Nazi experiment that was being employed against innocent civilians. America is in fact a Zionist nation, and America has been being controlled by Satanic Ashkenazi Hebrew Zionists for more than the past century, at least. Great Britain, much longer than that, thanks to the Rothschild family. They bring war, misery, and human suffering wherever they set foot, or have business interests.
Jeb Bush is a British agent. His entire family are elite blood lines of Europe, or Great Briain. They definitely have very strong ties in Scotland, especially with the Gammell family. Bill Gammell is, or was G.H.W. Bush's very close friend. The purpose of the Bush family is to behave like a parasite. Sucking the blood and life force from it's host. The Bush family have done an extraordinary job at sucking the blood of the American people, as well as the monetary life force of this nation, by creating fake terror attacks, and fake wars, just to make profits, and exhaust the monetary system to the point of weakness, if not collapse.

I truly feel sorry for any American that is naive enough to vote for a criminal, who is a direct descendent of a long line of criminals. A true "Crime Family", and Satanic to boot. Anyone who has investigated Skull & Bones of Yale University knows that they do in fact act out Satanic death rituals, as well as Satanic sex rituals. We know that Barbara Bush is probably the most Satanic of them all, by default, because Barbara Bush is the daughter of Pauline Pierce. Pauline Pierce was impregnated by the world famous Satanist Aleister Crowley, of Great Britain. That explains a lot. Now we can see why war, death, and misery is so vital to the Bush family. It's literally a religious sacrament to them to see blood spill in the name of Satan. Jeb Bush is absolutely no different than anyone else in his family. Anyone that thinks otherwise is dangerously naive.
Sound interesting? Then read this comment and realize where the REAL power lays...

Bruce Bethany 3 years ago

I plowed through the 500 page Family of Secrets, about more than half a century of the Bush clan involvement in international affairs. Guess what? There is no mention...not a syllable...about Israel, and almost nothing about 9/11. How could Baker omit these crucial components of recent history? I must conclude that he is, for his own motives, protecting Israel, and its probable involvement in 9/11. I want my $20 back.

And this comment, which makes a very salient point:

Elizabeth Raynor Short 1 year ago

Has Russ Baker recorded a 7-hour piece on the Clinton Crime Family and Foundation? One hour even? Didn't think so. Recommend spending time reading/listening to someone who knows it's the Bush-Clinton Crime Family. Baker isn't that person.

From a Utube channel called "GlobalTubeTruth."

The Bush-Clinton Crime Family? Yes, both families are mobsters, but not the top mobsters, they don't have the DNA. The Bushes and Clintons are more like Caporegimes--Captains of a crew or even soldiers, depending on what gangster scheme they're currently involved.

Maybe even Soldiers, dutifully taking orders from the Godfather(s) who are rarely seen in public and keep a low profile as to not arouse suspicion.

Like this greedy pig.....
Whose family runs the most lucrative racket on the planet, those privately owned central banks, like the FED, that uses thin air to make currency they loan to the USG at 6% interest rate, which makes them around 500 billion a year from the USG. Interest charged to borrow our own money.


  1. 100% of modern day so-called "Jews" are in fact not "Hebrews".

    for the record : No one on earth HAS to be a "Jew".

    so-called "Jews" are in fact "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism
    which is the BAD FAITH religion of the synagogue of Satan
    Psychopaths..."Money Changers & Pharisees"...who Hate Jesus
    and Hate Truth and hate Justice...for obvious reasons



  2. You know what all this bullshit boils down to ? SELFISHNESS, on a grand scale, almost unimaginable selfishness, highly evolved and refined selfishness.
    Can you imagine for one second how incredibly beautiful the human race could be were it not for these rogue and selfish curmudgeons all around us ? Can you see yourself waking up each morning to a world where everyone cares for everyone else, and not in a socialist sense, rather in a spiritual sense. The ol' "Helping the lady across the street" kinda thing. People everywhere being good to each other. People sharing, giving, inviting, learning instead of stealing, raping, killing, and torturing. Jews wonder why the entire world's population hates their fucking guts ? THAT is an easy question to answer. They have EARNED it !! Here's to John Lennon and his IMAGINE theme, cause it's not really such a bad idea at all. I miss ol' John. Can you believe he's been gone for 38 fucking years ?

  3. Found out a few days ago that not pedo pappa Bush (no more a Walker since 5 years) in April 1994 but Jimmy Carter inaugurated the Education Day for the entire USA in honor of the satanic chabad lubavitch rabbi Schneerson in April 1978. No peanuts, US officially jewSA since then?


    Still free wheeling daddy Bush indicted 10 sept. 2018?

    CIA O


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