Thursday, September 6, 2018

Congrats NYC Jew Landlords! For the 2nd Year in a Row, You're #1 on the "Worst Landlords" List!

All should offer a hearty congrats to these NYC Jew landlords who have managed to--again-capture the coveted the top spot in NYC's "100 Worst Landlords in New York City!" This is no small feat, as it takes much planning, sacrifice and personal involvement to capture this glorious ranking two years in a row!

Oh, BTW, did someone remember to bring the bagels and cream cheese?

Keep up the good work, NYC Juden, and go for the Triple Crown in 2019! Remember, if you get the award SIX times in a row, you'll capture the much sought after Zyklon-B medal!

Letitia James: Public Advocate for the City of New York

100 Worst Landlords in New York City

Go to the Landlord Watchlist to view a graphical version of this list.
There appears to be at least 50 Juden (with at least another 6 more possible) out of 100 on the Worst Landlord's list. Quite an achievement for a people who constitute around 2% of the American population.

But some are trying. Last year's #1 worst Juden landlord, Rabbi Moishe Indig, isn't even on the list, unless he incorporated and is using some kind of LLC front to take the heat.
So that gives Rabbi Moishe more time for one of his fav past times, protecting mohel Rabbis, who get paid to slurp on baby boy stump, like this:
The good Rabbi is a tireless fighter for the right of dirty old men to slobber on baby boy penis, which Judaism hides behind the religious ceremony called metzitzah b'peh, usually not done with anesthetic. (So Jews are even cruel to their own kind? No wonder so many grow up and turn into those nuts who shoot up schools)
Rabbi Moishe helped get then mayoral candidate--and current NYC Mayor de Blasio, elected by turning out the vote;
According to Politico, Indig helped get de Blasio 7,500 votes from the orthodox Aroni Satmar community during the 2013 Democratic primary. Prior to the vote, de Blasio promised to overturn a rule requiring mohels to get parents’ consent before performing a circumcision. That rule was implemented under Michael Bloomberg after a wave of herpes infections, which mohels reportedly spread to children during the traditional sucking of blood out of the penis following circumcision.
Only foul, neo-Nazi anti-Semites would kvetch about something so minor as some Herpes infected mohel Rabbi spreading that disease to babies when the Rabbi was gargling baby cock. Who cares that some of the herpes-infected babies die, that's in G-d's hands, not some pesky anti-Semitic DA.

Look at what Herpes infected Rabbis gift Jew baby boys. Shouldn't their Mother be thankful the Rabbi was so charitable and not bitch about medical issues? After all, Herpes is a gift that lasts a lifetime.
In males, Herpes is spread by oral or ANAL sex. So what have some of those mohel Rabbis been up to? Or should I say down to? And no, you can't catch it from a toilet seat.

Damn, Moishe sure stays busy!
FBI questions Brooklyn landlord Moishe Indig in investigation into de Blasio’s fundraising

The FBI was also looking to speak with Rabbi David Niederman. They previously interviewed Sofer, who was arrested last week for allegedly lying about his income to obtain $30,000 worth of food stamps..
So, the FBI is also infested with cruel anti-Semites who want nothing more than to make life miserable for G-d's Chosen!


  1. Greg, you make my every Friday, Bro. You fill me with gut-busting laughter. This time it's the "much sought after Zyklon-B medal." OMG Dude, that is pure comic genius. Even the Jews probably got a chuckle out of that one, but then immediately returned to being cantankerous blabbermouths.
    Thank you again for MAKING MY DAY !!

    1. If I had some artistic talent, would've digitally created a "Zyklon-B" medal to insert, but I have trouble drawing a straight line, let alone a picture.

      Imagine my ranking on the "Get that GOYIM" list moved up a few notches after this blog!

  2. HEE HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, You missed your calling as a stand up, man, but honestly, we need you here doing what you do, and we are GRATEFUL !!

  3. Top stuff as always Greg, so appreciated


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