Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Lunatic Israelis are Going to keep Fugging Around till THEY set off WWIII

Israel is a 70 yo spoiled brat, never having to answer for its numerous crimes against humanity, war crimes or its ethnic cleaning of Palestine And the land thefts, plus genocide. They either wave the Holocau$t™ card or divert the original dialogue by saying you're some nasty, anti-Semitic neo-Nazi or have their colony, the former USA, step in and threaten to obliterate the nation daring to accuse Israel of any of its multitude of crimes.

From Russia the (((USSR))) with Love
If an individual has the nerve to point out any one of a number of Israel's gangster behavior, all sorts of nastiness will head their way. All from getting accused of sexual degeneracy, like bestiality or incest; to getting threats to your physical well-being, maybe even getting murdered, if the local 'Godfather,' AKA a Jew KATSA, the local Mossad rep in your community that runs a network of spies, saboteurs and assassins decides to terminate you, and they will not hesitate to kill you, sometimes even sending a message by shooting you once in the head--the kill shot--and once in the mouth, as a warning to what happens to those who dare speak ill of Apartheid Israel.
Now that Syria looks like it might survive a brutal and savage invasion by the West--using jihadists as their proxy army--Israel is really PO that Syria wasn't completely destroyed, letting them steal more land. Plus, the (((thieves))) could of made a legit argument that since there's no longer a Syria, all that land we stole from them in 1967--the oil & water rich Golan Heights--is now legally ours.
So Israel launches a coordinated attack against Latakia, Syria, where Russia--that is in the country legally--have some military units stationed. In the process of defending itself from Israel's latest war crime(s) a Russian Il-20 ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) plane that had been flying in and around Syria, keeping an eye on those Rothschild navel vessels in the eastern Med, chomping on their Zionist bit, more than happy to kill a bunch of Syrians, was accidentally shot down by Syrian AA missile unit targeting Israeli jets firing missiles at Syria.

Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo has apologized, you could tell he was sincere by his crocodile tears, and then played a role Jews have played since ancient times; that of the victim, blaming Damascus for being so uppity as to think they had the right to defend itself. All good goys and girls know that right is exclusive to Israel, no Gentiles need apply.

"Sacre Blue!"

French poodle Macaroni also dutifully followed his Master's order and had one of their frigates send some missiles that way, hoping that Putin would take the bait and respond by shooting at the French naval ship, giving the rabies infected mad dogs behind all this ME misery the excuse to invoke NATO's Article 5, that says "An attack on one is an attack on all," and off we head to WWIII.
Bet the bat-shit crazy Christian fundies are going orgasmic over this dangerous game in the ME. They've been hoping & praying that it will start WWIII, so they can get that Rapture up to Heaven. The fact that the word Rapture doesn't appear in the Bible and that one of their God's supreme law, the 10 Commandments says "Thou Shalt not Kill" makes no difference to them that the Stairway to Heaven will be built out of the charred corpses of billions of murdered humans.

Fuck that, we want to go to our just reward for being such a good Christians and if you have to break a few billion eggs to make that omelette, so be it.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman--not his given name Evet Lvovich Liberman-is just as crazy as those Christians. Of all the violent Jew nut cases, the Russian ones are the worst, who seem to enjoy watching others getting killed or dying from starvation brought on by war, or getting up close and personal, torturing someone to death.
Naturally, keeping up the Jew family tradition, he's been accused of numerous corruptions.

To make matters worse when it comes to the unhinged sadist 'Avi,' his Mother's first name is Esther and if you know your Bible, then you know that Esther is probably the Jews greatest female hero, who seduced the Persian King Ahasuerus to mass-murder over 75,000 Gentiles whom the blood-thirsty Jews wanted whacked, and it was done, then they celebrated afterwards:
The other Jews ... slew of their foes seventy and five thousand. Esther 9:16

The day after killing all the Jew-haters and their families, the Jews took a day off to party. (This is the origin of the Jewish holiday of Purim.)

On the fourteenth day of the same rested they, and made it a day of feasting and gladness. Esther 9:17
Which Das Juden still celebrate to this day, on their (un)holy day called PURIM. One of their biggies, if not the biggest Jew holy day.

Guess Christians are pussies, because on their greatest holy day, Christmas, they celebrate the birth of their Savior Jesus Christ.

Sometimes I wonder if we're not already dead, but not aware of that and have been sent here as punishment for crimes and transgressions in a past life. That sadistic assholes like Avi, Zionist Jews and neoCON thugs are the demons here to enact that punishment.


  1. there are no "Jews" in the Old Testament

    "Christians" are "supposed to Love TRUTH...and Jesus,
    which would preclude "Jew" worshipping..."Judeo-Christian"
    double minded BRAINDEADGOY.....faux-christianity.

    where specifically as in exactly does one find a PROSELYTE
    to the Synagogue of Satan "Jewish" religion
    {{{TALMUDIC JUDAISM}}}... of the Money Changers
    and Pharisees in the first five books of the Bible...?


    the word "Jew" doesn't show up on planet Earth until the late 17th century

    there were never any DALLAS COWBOYS at the Alamo
    There were no "JEWS" in the Old Testament...

    the entire "Jewish" narrative is a LIE...John 8:44...!!!


    when and if you have time try reading :



    also the Curse of Canaan by Mullins, and

    Strange gods of Judaism by Hoffman

    how do dung doodlers have a "Holy" anything...?

    when specifically did the Kol Nidre come into the
    Synagogue of Satan....psychopathic Jesus hating
    "JEWS" so-called religion...?

    THINK !!!



    1. «the word "Jew" doesn't show up on planet Earth until the late 17th century»

      Oh, really? Then why did the ancient romans have a province called Judea? See for yourself:


    2. João José Horta Nobre - a fraude

      ...isto. Passa-se o seguinte: este energúmeno anda HÁ ANOS a poluir as redes sociais com este esterco literário a que chama de "blogue", o que leva qualquer pessoa com um encéfalo activo dentro da caixa craniana a questionar: uma pessoa investe aquilo que investe em si, em tempo e dinheiro, para tirar um mestrado, para ir fazer...isto? Esta bosta? Esta tragicomédia sem piada nenhuma é mais grave do que aquilo que aparenta ser! Portanto, um mestre em História Contemporânea, mas que "pipi"! Certamente a pessoal ideal para nos dar umas luzes sobre o que representa, por exemplo, o desaparecimento dessa figura tão pouco consensual que era Fidel Castro. Vamos ver com que perspectiva histórica o "Mestre Nobre" aborda essa temática:


    3. Lol, antes de apareceres aqui a comentar neste blog, primeiro tens de aprender a escrever em inglês, pode ser "Greg Bacon"? Quanto à credibilidade do "Bairro do Oriente" e do Luís Miguel Fernandes Crespo que é, de resto, um troll das redes sociais ligado ao Partido Socialista, eu já disse tudo o que tinha a dizer aqui:




      Era comum nas décadas de 1980 e 1990 o Partido Socialista meter "cunhas" em bons empregos na administração pública para os seus militantes em Macau. O Luís Miguel Fernandes Crespo foi mais um desses "boys" do PS que saiu do Montijo no início da década de 1990 e foi para Macau com um belo "tachinho" de funcionário público que o mesmo mantém até hoje. Em troca pelo favor que o PS lhe fez, o Luís Miguel Fernandes Crespo trabalha como troll para o PS nas redes sociais, atacando e difamando continuamente pessoas que ele considera como sendo inimigos ideológicos. Aliás, não é ao acaso que desde que eu o expus publicamente como um troll do PS, o sujeito nunca mais voltou a escrever nada sobre mim. Presumo que terá ficado incomodado com a minha pontaria e provavelmente sentiu "o cerco" a apertar-se demasiado em torno dele. Obviamente que não fica bem a um sujeito que quer passar por "independente", ser exposto como um troll miserável ao serviço de um partido político...

      Recomendo também e já agora a leitura das pérolas literárias que o Afonso de Portugal do "Totalitarismo Universalista" escreveu sobre o Luís Miguel Fernandes Crespo:




  2. Greg, you are a goddamn genius, Bro. You make me bust out laughing at your creations. That get out of jail free card is beautiful, and that Bobby Fisher image is glorious. I think what I love most of all is knowing that there are people who GET IT out here. Those of us who have been doing our homework for so long that there's nothing the HIVE can do that we cannot attribute to their historical agenda and ongoing modus operandus.
    Again, I wish to thank you for your commitment to keeping us both informed and entertained all in one. You are a true blessing to this world, and I look forward to visiting you every damn day, and I hope you don't get taken down.
    God Bless !!
    The Jews are entertaining, aren't they ?

    1. The Jews are entertaining, aren't they ?

      In their own sick, twisted and psychotic ways, yes. One thing for sure, wouldn't want to be a chicken this time of year!

    2. What are you saying, Greg? That chucking chickens against walls is not your cup of tea?

    3. We (American or not) should not forget what Fischer said in the plane interview between Danmark and Iceland. It is closer to the fact.

      Recognising that could lead to America shaking off the yid yoke.

      CIA O

  3. The "system", no matter the cost, wants to provoke a war with Russia.

    What we are collectively witnessing right now is a concerted and sustained effort on the part of the various actors in the service of Zionism Rothschild, to provoke a war with Russia , which could potentially result in Revelation thermonuclear globally . We're not only talking about either diplomatic or military incident, but rather an anti-Russian campaign of highly aggressive contours, which is being progressively undertaken by the Zionist control structure (aka the "system"), with the aim of destroying the country which, together with China, is now one of the last great civilization of the defense bastions.

    The apocryphal Western media, which the Ministry of Propaganda, not stop firing lies behind more lies about a supposed "Russian threat" , which only exists in the sadistic minds of Zionist psychopaths who daily spit his gall in media (mis) information by it controls. Today and just to give you a practical example of demented madness that we are talking about here, watched in horror to the words uttered by Bill Browder on Fox News . For those who do not know, Bill Browder is himself a Jewish businessman (just another "coincidence" for sure ...) and according to this eminent Semitic "to Vladimir Putin there are no rules"and therefore, it is necessary to intensify the relentless economic and financial siege against Russia. This is just a small example of what every day the Western media utter on Russia and is an undisputed fact that whoever is driving this media campaign against Moscow are Jewish supremacists (who says otherwise it's lying and I invite anyone doubt my word, see for themselves the ethnic and religious background of the main media moguls and journalists who are running the current media campaign against Russia in the West).

    The demonic Zionist elite that is the power structure of commands in Western societies, its policies and media whores, do not have the slightest idea of ​​what they are doing and personally, I dare even say that these people lost every sense of reality . Macron, Merkel May and Trump all live in naive fantasy that are absolutely invulnerable and all-powerful. The truth, however, is that these people do not have the slightest idea of ​​people who are in this case the deal and are not aware of the potential consequences that may arise from walk to put excessive diplomatic and military pressure on Russia, while that gradually surround with military bases of NATO.

    More here:


  4. The power dome of Zionism Rothschild and their political lackeys, they feel as safe and above, who think themselves invincible (Hitler and Napoleon also thought the same ...) and can not even conceive of the possibility that your World you can simply disappear from one moment to the next. Suggest why these gentlemen that take into account these two simple factors:

    1 - Russia has the ability to reduce the radioactive ashes the West and the world within minutes and there is no "anti-missile shield" , or anti-aircraft system held by NATO to be able to avoid such a fate. Recent hypersonic weapons announced by President Vladimir Putin a few days ago , just came to confirm and accentuate the reality of this.

    2 - Putin has made it clear that Russia will not return to fight a war on its own soil as it did during the Second World War and Russia's own military doctrine currently in practice advocates that nuclear weapons can and should be used to Russia is faced with a war of aggression by conventional means, which endangers not only the existence of the Russian state, but the very territorial integrity of Russia.

    What the foregoing means simply is that if the plan of the Anglo-Zionist Empire and International Jewry is to eliminate Russia and the Russian people, then one can all start preparing for a nuclear holocaust, because Russia does not only will not surrender or capitulate, as it is willing to take the world of drag with the same in a thermonuclear hell as no one ever saw.

    I think it can be no doubt that this is not and has never been a problem that say only respect and exclusively to the Russian people. On the contrary, the insane Jews who now agitate the banner of war against Russia from Washington, London, Berlin and Paris are the sworn enemies not only of the West but of all mankind.

    I know it will not be easy, but I sincerely hope that the people of the West open their eyes and wake up the suicidal lethargy in which they are immersed, before it is too late to be able to avoid the worst. Believe that this is even getting dangerous and it seems that the Western elite has forgotten that whoever plays with fire, later or earlier, ends up burning ...

    More here:



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