Sunday, September 9, 2018

Stop the Cultural Marxist Democratic Party Terrorist Thugs by Stopping Illegals Voting 4 Them

Disclaimer: Don't consider myself as a member of any party, especially the two major party's who both kiss Israel's ass; who both support endless wars; who both have no problem bailing out Wall Street TBTF banks when their games of 'Three-Card Monte' blow up; who both like to cut taxes on the rich and who both keep voting to take away our liberties to protect our, it doesn't make sense to me either, but that's Newspeak for you.
Jim Stone Freelance Journalist

Go to Office Max, Office Depot, or any other place that prints shirts and baseball caps and have them print ICE on it in letters that are this size, not larger, not smaller:

DO NOT have them print "police". ONLY have them print ICE. Use the same font. You can't get busted for impersonating a police officer if you only print the word ICE. Dress in ALL BLACK. Have a black coat, black pants, black shoes and a baseball cap that says ICE, or weather permitting a black t-shirt shirt that says ICE but you HAVE TO have the black baseball cap no matter what.

Stand outside the polling station, where everyone has to walk past you and you can't get kicked out. SAY NOTHING. Stand in the position of "parade rest." No illegal is going to go vote if they see you. The position of "parade rest" will freak them out even worse, because only military and cops do that. WE NEED TO GET TRUMP TO PUT REAL ICE AGENTS AT POLLING STATIONS ALSO.
Good idea, because there's at least 20 million illegals in the USA. For every 775,000 that the Dems can get to vote illegally for their insanity, that's one more House seat they can steal. Stone does some good work, but he thinks Tubby the Grifter is some kind of savior keeping the Deep State at bay, even making them retreat. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump made and lost FOUR multi-billion dollar fortunes while living and working out of New York City. Then made another multi-billion dollar fortune. One doesn't get to do that in the Kingdom of Jewry without being in their pocket.

Drain the Swamp? Trump and his slippery sidekick Jared K lurk in the murkiest depths of that Swamp.

"Hope and Change" + "MAGA" = SOS

Note: Since Stone's site gets attacked, if it doesn't load up the page with the ICE shirts info, then delete the address bits to you get to then hit "Enter" to let it reload, and the "ICE" page should come up.)

Or do nothing, sit in front of your TV--TALMUD Vision--so you can keep up on the latest KarTRASHian nonsense or gossip about that revealing outfit Lady Gag Gag wore last night or babble on about last night's 'Big Game,' while our nation falls apart and comes crashing down on our heads, since these deluded idiots, fools and haters will completely take over the USA JEWSA.


  1. Vat iz ziss part II.

    Greg, did I not adress you the 3rd of September (pappa was a rolling stone, wherever he laid his hat was his home...) a week ago as Gregoriodejaneiro?

    The oldest skull ever found in the Americas is apparently most probably consumed by fire in the National Museum in Rio together with a mass of many invaluable priceless atrtefacts. I only know that since yesterday.

    Are there no sprinkler installations? Etc? 1+1=3, Brazil has a satanic jog jew occupied government.

    Aangirfan did not post a similar comment at as the one that follows:

    > Black people were already in the America´s long before Chris C. arrived.

    The oldest skulls that have been found in the Americas bear no resemblance to the Native American people as we know them or as jew run Hollywood pictures them, but rather Africans according to Walter Neves of the University of Sao Paulo.

    Watch this BBC documentary of 6 years ago.

    Many European explorers of the socalled new world (a very eurocentric term, of course) report the presence of seeing black people in the Americas:

    1. ´The complexion of the Carolina Indians is black, not much different from that of the Ethiopians. Their hair is black and thick. And not very long. Tied back behind the head like a small tail. As for the fysique of these men, they are well proportioned, a little taller than we are. They have broad chests and strong arms. And the legs and other parts of the body are well composed. They are broad in the face and have big black eyes. They have a sharp cunning and are agile and swift runners´´

      Description by Italian explorer Giovanni da Verazano in a letter to the King of France who financed him.

      There has been a Transatlantic trade in black people but the story has been taught to us all in reverse.

      Chris C. started this slavetrade by taking black native Americans on his first voyage back to Spain. For a detailed picture, read the works of Jack D. Forbes who set up the department of Native American studies at the university of California.

      Not so many people were brought from West Africa to the Americas as the offcial txt books want us to believe. The black native Americans and their offspring were the major labour force during slavery.

      Btw: Jew run Hollywood never produce movies about whites being enslaved. It is part of their satanic jwo agenda, to create racial unrest, war. To down put blacks in general, California blacks for example had a very high civilisation.


      Michael Hoffman has written a good book in the nineties: They were slaves and They were white.

      Two jewSA academics fabricated the lie of the socalled transatlantic slavetrade: Franz Boas and his apprentice Melville Herkovits.

      Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford financed Herskovits to produce the lie of this Transatlantic Slavetrade a vid of Dane Calloway 13 march 2018.  

      Du Bois and Booker T. Washington were two black American in the inner circle of Boas. 

      vid 16.43 Side Note right after Du Bois and Washington visited the prosperous Black Wallstreets in 1921 set up by black Americans without any US govt. credit concrete examples of black entrepreneurship were completely destroyed and hundreds were killed. 

      Worldchampion Chessmaster Bobby Fischer flying above the chessboard of human relations on a plane from Denmark to Iceland:

      vid 2.46 :

      First of all. United States is a illegitimate country, just like Israel. It has no right to exist. That country, the United States belongs to the Red Man, the American Indian.

      It is actually a shame to be a socalled American. Everybody living there is usurper, a invader, is taking part with this crime. Which is to rob the land and, to rob the country and kill all the American Indians.

      I grew up with the concept of freedom of speech. you know. So I am too old, it is too late to adjust for me, to the new world, the new world order, hahaha.

      CIA O

    2. Read that the local Kosher Nostra outfit had somehow managed to get their Torah scrolls out of that Brazilian museum just days before the tragic fire.

      Damn, can those people get lucky or what? Their timing in these types of incidents is most uncanny.

  2. C:

    CIA O

  3. Our planet WILL come together to destroy Israel and the Jews. It IS inevitable. Everything which is happening on planet Earth is pure proof enough of who the enemy of mankind is. Once that first nuke is off and on its way to Tel Aviv, all the other countries of this planet will follow suit and we will finally be free of these psychotics. Just think of it. OH HAPPY DAY.


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