Friday, October 19, 2018

Why Does Twitter HATE the Truth about Apartheid Israel?

A close friend of mine--who doesn't blog, because he doesn't have the time, due to his job, but does or did Tweet--asked me to leave these comments about Twitter placing loyalty to Apartheid Israel over the TRUTH about that nation of mass-murdering terrorists land thieves.

Posting the TRUTH about Apartheid Israel and it's blood-soaked ways of stealing more land will get one banned:

But posting that you're a pedophile, looking for some action---like raping a child--doesn't violate Twitter's obscure ban policy? MAP stands for 'Minor Attracted Person.'
"I've never hurt a child YET?" Well,I'm sure that's reassuring to the neighborhood kiddies and their parents. But that kind of sick thinking is OK with Twitter.

This meme speaks for itself:
He's still debating whether or not to agree to Twitter's Orwellian demands that he hand over his phone number, then delete that nasty Tweet that told some TRUTH about that nightmare AKA Apartheid Israel.

Wonder who's guiding Twitter in their campaign against Free Speech? Why I'm shocked, shocked I tell 'ya to find our old friends fiends at ADL--Another Damn Lie--to be stomping on our First Amendment rights:
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and ADL Announce Lab to Engineer New Solutions to Stop Cyberhate

New York, NY, October 10, 2017 … Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and other leading technology companies are joining with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the world’s leading organization combating anti-Semitism and hate of all kinds, to establish a Cyberhate Problem-Solving Lab to counter the growing amount of hate speech online. Engaging engineers and focused on technical solutions, the companies and ADL will collaborate to exchange ideas, investigate areas of common risk and opportunity, and seek to devise new approaches to identify and address cyberhate.
I'm sure the ADL will be fair and impartial..WTF am I talking about? Jesus, this is what happens when one writes a blog before drinking their morning coffee.

How about the ADL gangsters address this kind of hate? But us GOYIM don't count, after all, they're Chosen by some G-d.
So does ADL stand for Another Damn Lie or Assholes Devoted to Lucifer?


  1. There is a twitter of Henry Macowboy: Israel has many tapes on sexual escapades of US congress members that are being used to blackmail the billions for its defense budget. Saw it this morning at Washington Pundit. But is is deleted to my knowledge.

    CIA O

    CIA O

  2. check out:

    CIA O

  3. I think the twitter police didn't like Greg's use of the words "head choppers" LOL.
    I hope he comes back, I am so in par with him.

  4. Voltaire wrote:

    ´I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrolgy, reincarnation, geometry...´

    India is the cradlle of human civilisation.

    Sanskrit is the root of all the Indo-european languages. All languages such as English etc. could be called dialects of it.

    Also Greek & Latin are Sanskrit related.

    The UN/Agenda 21 backed huggging Mamma is a ridiculous disgrace to the Wisdom of India.

    Many prominent western minds recognised the value of India.

    Voltaire wrote:

    ´I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrolgy, reincarnation, geometry...´

    There would be no modern science & technology without their mathematical foundation rooted in India.

    It is the Indian math. that gave birth to the Zero. Without the zero no numbers. Arabian ciphers are actually Indian ciphers.

    Moors ruled Spain for 800 yrs and brought the math. they found in India with them to build the Alhambra...

    And it is an open door but he is blocked up by the vrijmetselaars, the freemasons: Chris C. set sail to find another way to get to India. The Silk Road was blocked due to war roadblocks of the Ottomans.

    Marco Polo saw the very dark skinned people (like the hugging A.)in South India. Chris C. thought he had made to Inia when he got to the Bahamas.

    Yesterday the 19th oct. apparently was Vijayadashami.

    It marks the victory of the good forces over the evil.

    Vijaya = victory Das(ha)=10.

    See a quadruple gj-comment which titled itself ´United in Precision part II´ on that day at :

    Dane Calloway revisited and Cheddar man the first Briton shows his face to us.

    And no, I don´t think these all-white scientists are consciously backing the jew bankers orchestrated empire-strikes-back-mass-immigration agenda with it.

    Then again, yes, the migrant migraine of ´original´ Britons is understandable.

    London is not London anymore, but don´t forget London was build on loot of from over the waves that Britain once ruled cq its former ´inferior´ brownie colony: India.

    CIA O

    1. Thought that the concept of using a zero first came from Sumeria?


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