Monday, November 11, 2019

Why are Jew Rabbis so Hateful?

Shouldn't a religion's holy men be trying to uplift people, instead of always bad-mouthing us Goyim?

And why are they always causing for us Gentiles to be wiped off the face of the Earth, like Rabbi Ismael Levitts:
Here's the '3 Stooges of Hate,' calling for the indigenous Palestinians to be genocided, using any means necessary.
Let's ask anudder Jew Rabbi of the Mohel persuasion what he thinks...
Oops, looks like Rabbi Mohel has a mouthful of baby boy benis, we'll have to wait until he's done chugging.

U.K. Jewish Pedophile Who Made Over 1,000 ‘Indecent’ Pictures Of Children Will Serve No Time In Jail

How do these perverts get away with these horrific crimes?

Saturday, November 9, 2019

AMAZON Now on the Pervert Bandwagon? Bezos a Tribe Member or CIA Asset?

Not sure if Bezos is Kosher certified, but he looks to be a CIA asset. Witness the CIA contracts given to AMAZON and those to make the Police State ever more ominous. (Note: I don't shop at AMAZON, since I refuse to give those slave drivers any of my shekels, so this kind of perv behavior might of been going on for a decade or more)

And Jeffie owns the CIA rag, the Washington COMPOST, so Jeffie is definitely a Deep State type.

But is he also a mega-pervert?

See for yourself. These are some saves from the Amazon t-shirt page.
Where's the 'woke' crowd? Why aren't they bitching about this seedy trash?

When the T-shirt says "Daddy," are they implying that Daddy is having sex with his daughter(s)?
What kind of morally challenged perv has these kind of thought pop into his/ her head?

Friday, November 8, 2019

(((Hollywood))) & Pedos, a Match Made in H...

I never cared for Ferrel's brand of 'comedy.' He comes cross as a boorish, feedle-minded idiot engaging in infantile behavior. But his style has made Willie lots of shekels.

Maybe Willie is thanking his Yid Masters by making this degenerate filth?
Will Ferrell’s Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting

In this AdultSwim comedy skit, Will Ferrell is the owner of a “child clown outlet” who rents clown kids to people. Throughout this annoying skit, Ferrell says that the kids are “his seed” and jokes about “touching” them...

Sadly, this is not my first article about Hollywood jerks joking about hurting and sexually abusing innocent children. Last year, we discovered in horror the long list of child abuse tweets by Disney director James Gunn. In another article, we looked at a comedy sketch by Dan Harmon (the co-creator of the popular shows Community and Rick and Morty) where he literally takes his pants off and violates a baby.

Harmon is another deviant who thinks it's funny to simulate sex with a baby...

Thee sick fucks are all over (((Hollywood)))...
Sodom and Gomorrah needs to be revisited with another blast.
Let's see, is Gunn an Irish name?
Now you know what it takes to get a head in (((Hollywood.)))

Just what I DON'T Want to see while trapped inside an airliner at 35,000 feet. The LGBTQMAP crowd having sex.

Delta Airlines ‘Proudly’ Announces It Will Show In-Flight Movies With Uncensored Gay Sex Scenes
While you're reaching for the Delta puke bag, thank these sickos...

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Jewess Who Wants to End Life as We Goyim Know It.

Extinction Rebellion’s Emily Grossman Is A Type—As Nutty As You Would Expect

They began a global “Day of Disobedience” shutting down the center of Berlin (although their camp kept itself warm with a diesel generator) [Extinction Rebellion mocked for ‘trying to hide’ diesel generator in protest camp, by Naomi Adedokun, Express, October 10, 2019,. They wrought particular chaos in London, shutting down the City Airport, occupying Smithfield Market and generally creating havoc, leading to 1000 arrests (although eating at McDonalds [‘McHypocrites’ criticised for ordering McDonald’s during Extinction Rebellion protest, by Joe Roberts & Lucy Middleton, Metro, October 8, 2019,].) When police refused to act, livid London commuters dragged an activist off the roof of a subway train he was holding up [MIND THE SCRAP, by Holly Christodoulou, The Sun, October 17th, 2019,].
Generator? How else would they keep those bagels warm?

But what kind of people are behind this “rebellion?"
Extinction Rebellion, with Greta Thunberg as its child Messiah , was established in the UK in May 2018 with 100 original signatories, in November 2018, its members closed down five key London bridges. The following April, they occupied five prominent central London sites, including Parliament Square, bringing the city to a standstill. Members also glued themselves to the viewing gallery of the British parliament. But now the “rebellion” has reached a whole new level of extremism.

These “rebels”—motto: “Rebel for Life,” because, they claim, based on falsified climate science data, that a “mass extinction” will begin in twelve years—have vowed to continue their insurrection until their demands are met. But their de facto leader, Roger Hallam [Email him] has said that he wants to bring down Western governments and that he doesn’t care if people die in the process [Treat Extinction Rebellion as an extremist group, former anti-terror chief tells police, by Charles Hymas, Telegraph, July 16, 2019].

But what of Hallam’s lieutenants? One of Extinction Rebellion’s most prominent spokespersons seems to strongly exemplify the type I have found to be championing the destruction of the West so many times before: exceptionally privileged, member of an ethnic minority, and not entirely stable. Her name: Dr Emily Grossman. You can see an interview with her here: Radio host lays into Extinction Rebellion ‘lunatics’ & ‘champagne socialist’ celebrities, by Naomi Adedokun, Express, October 11, 2019.
And anudder one...Jessica Alice Feinmann Wade
Grossman—who is 41, childless and has paid £10,000 to freeze her eggs because she can’t find a man she regards as quite good enough for her [Emily’s a TV scientist with a double first from Cambridge. But, single at 38, she confesses I’m paying £10,000 to freeze my eggs, by Rebecca Hardy, Mail Online, October 4, 2017]—has never had to struggle a day in her life. On her website, her various “testimonials” include: “Emily is one of the most intelligent girls that I have been privileged to teach” . “Privilege” has always been important for Emily.

She attended the prestigious, high fee-paying South Hampstead School, an all-girls school in North London, also attended by Dr. Jess Wade. A fifth of the girls at this school go on to attend Oxford or Cambridge—Britain’s two most prestigious universities. With such a gilded start in life, it should be no surprise that Grossman went to Queen’s College, Cambridge, where she studied Natural Sciences. Her paternal grandfather, Dr. Dennis Friedman (1924-2014) was an “eminent psychiatrist” who studied medicine at the same college. It may well have helped that Emily’s father, Ashley Grossman, is professor of endocrinology at Oxford University and a Cambridge graduate and that her mother, Susan Grossman, is also an academic, lecturing in journalism.
Freezing her eggs? C'mon, there must be some studly CHAD out there that can get this gal preggo and get her mind off her various insanity's?
Now it seems Grossman has undergone yet another identity change, throwing herself into the XR. Rebellion blogger Tasmin Edwards has chronicled Grossman’s new conversion: “My friend Emily Grossman moved from curious outsider to passionate insider” [Extinction, empathy, endings, beginnings, by Tasmin Edwards, All Models Are Wrong, September 15, 2019].
And Emily has also had a sexual conversion. She was definitely heterosexual in 2017, when the Mail Online’s Hardy reported: “Emily has lived with two men, one during her 20s and a second lengthy relationship that ended last year” But now her website reports that…

Until last year, Emily had seen herself as heterosexual, having only had relationships with men. However, she met and fell in love with a non-binary partner, assigned female at birth—singer-songwriter, music lecturer and gender activist Kimwei McCarthy. This started Emily on a voyage of discovery, questioning the boxes she had put herself into regarding her sexual orientation and even her own gender identity.
Hmm, maybe she needs a Stacy also to get her mind fully functioning?

Emily Grossman can be added to the list that’s been growing for a while now. Those who spearhead our destruction are a specific type: privately educated, extremely privileged—often with academic parents—ethnic minority (frequently Jewish) and usually evidencing mental instability. In case of Grossman and Ben Van der Merwe, one can add “broken home” and “homosexual.”
Extinction? It doesn't take a German rockst scientist to figure out why Jews have been kicked out of over 100 nations over the centuries.

Jews need to be put on a remote South Seas island all by themselves where they can practice their neurotic tendencies all day long on each other. And their innate ability to steal from others and murder people for their land.

Do that and within 5 years, they will cease to exist, as they will have killed each other off, since they would have no more Gentiles to fuck over.
If these tree-hugger types wanted to truly transform our environment, they'd be advocating to stop clear-cutting forests to make paper. Especially TP, which is beyond stupidity, since Hemp would do a much better job and can be planted on semi-fertile soil.

Trees exchange CO2 for oxygen, so this is a no-brainer.

At the same time, they'd demand a massive planet-wide tree planting campaign, but the downside to that is--for them--is that the remote locations where the saplings would be planted wouldn't have a nearby Starbucks. Nor would Al Gore and George Soros make tons of shekels off their carbon swap frauds.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Russian Famine of 1921: When we had the Chance to Kill Communism but Didn't

This is your govt on Communism
The Great Famine that ravaged Russia in 1921 and early 1922 was one of the worst human disasters of the 20th century. Triggered by natural causes but magnified by human policies and actions, the famine left millions of Russians malnourished, starving and at risk from epidemics that swept the country.

The ensuing famine killed so many that neither the Soviet state or foreign observers could accurately record the death toll. At least five million Russians died of starvation and disease, though that figure could be as high as eight million.

The Soviet government became aware of this disaster almost immediately but had no means of dealing with it. The situation became so desperate that in 1921, the government allowed famine relief from foreign charities, most notably the American Relief Association.

People had been reduced to eating weeds mixed up with ground bones, tree bark and clay, as well as horses, dogs, cats, rats and the straw from roofs. The government made efforts to stop the selling of human flesh and posted guards in cemeteries to prevent raiding.

"I have seen piles of corpses half naked and frozen into the most grotesque positions with signs of having been preyed upon by wandering dogs. I have seen these bodies – and it is a sight that I can never forget," wrote William Shafroth, the son of Colorado's governor and an ARA worker in Soviet Russia.
The drought that preceded the famine was a factor, but even worse was the incompetence of the Bolshevik Jew govt in Moscow, where Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and other Commie scum were living the good life, while 100,000 Russians were dying from starvation each week.

"The Russian Famine of 1921-1922 is the worst, both as regards the numbers affected and as regards mortality from starvation and disease, which has occurred in Europe in modern times" - League of Nations report on economic conditions in Russia.

The Russian farmer would store an extra year's of grain, in case of a drought, but that grain was stolen by the Commies for their own personal benefit. They either gave the stolen grain to their fellow travelers or sold it to fund their lavish lifestyle.

The only thing that saved the Commies was the US capitalists, who intervened with massive shipments of US grain and foodstuffs.
How the U.S. saved a starving Soviet Russia: PBS film highlights Stanford scholar's research on the 1921-23 famine

Corn grits, cocoa, condensed milk, white bread and sugar.

This was America's menu for the starving millions in Soviet Russia during the 1921-23 famine – one of the greatest human disasters in Europe since the Black Death. The famine relief was spearheaded by Herbert Hoover, whose biographers credited him with saving more lives than any person who has ever lived.
The man behind this was the future president Herbert Hoover, who goaded President Harding into action. Hoover mistakenly thought that by helping the Russians, they'd overthrow the Bolshevik Jews, but the help only cemented their control over Russia.

Bet the kiddies never hear about this in school, it would take time away from the mandated holoHOAX classes.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

How to be a Good Little Goy in Today's JEWSA!

There must be no criticism of Jews. This is ABSOLUTE! Anyone who dare criticize our Jew Masters must be reported to the nearest ADL Police Station, so they can be picked up for re-education.
Israel must be glorified. This too is an ABSOLUTE! Israel must always remain at the forefront of our thoughts. Good Goys always look fondly upon Israel and we must always demand that Congress ensures Israel has an unending line of free money and weapons to protect them from those savage neighbors of her.
Holocaust denial must be turned into an abominable crime, punished if needed by death. This is THE ABSOLUTE!!! The Most Holy Holocaust must be treated like the religion it is, and we MUST worship at the Holocaust daily. If you miss even one day of worship, then you must get to the nearest Church of the Holocaust, get on your knees and say five "Our Father Elie Weasel" for penance.
Gays must be respected and put on a pedestal. Not only that, but you must teach your children--and demand that the locals schools also teach--that the LGBTQ lifestyle is the most desirable. That heterosexuals are an abomination to be sneered at. Always tell children that is NO such things as the sexes, only genders, which are in constant change. Encourage the little ones to undergo sex transition surgery as early as possible.

Remember each day to participate in the mandatory 'Two Minutes Hate' for all things Islamic. NEVER, EVER let your hate for Muslims slide, as they are the biggest threat to our dear Israel.
White women must be turned into radical feminists and encouraged to turn against their white partners — yes, and make life hell for them by sleeping with blacks or becoming lesbians. White males are only to be used for procreation, any other contact is VERBOTEN!
Pornography and sexual perversions must be encouraged in order to undermine the morale of the people. Forget the old ways of a man and woman being in love. That too is VERBOTEN. Each one of you must watch at least two hours of porno each day and avoid any contact with the opposite sex, unless mandated by the State Rabbi.

All Good Goyim will faithfully follow these rules or face the consequences!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Who are the Degenerates who are Sexualizing our Children?

One is ABC, parent of "Good Morning America," which had a show featuring that kid that is being abused, Desmond and using that sick kid as a prop for their Globo-Homo fantasies. The only good thing to come out of this pedo fantasy is that there aren't any positive comments at the Jootube video.

ABC is run by Dana Freedman and the answer is YES. (Tried to find out who is the CEO of GMA, but couldn't. They're well hidden)
WTF is it with Jews and their preoccupation with sexualizing children?
Did they have some kind of sexual trauma at birth?
Minnesota: Drag Queen Flashes Crotch to Kids at Library Story Hour
A “drag queen” has given children more than their parents bargained for when they sat their little ones in front of the man to learn something at their local library. What the children learned, they might not have been prepared for.
Here's the link to the Hennepin County Library Board. How many Tribe members and Drag Fag Queens do you see?
These deviants know they can't reproduce, so they have to recruit. And the gullible mind of a child is very fertile ground for these sickos.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

R U a Murderous Psycho that Luvs 2 Torture, Main & Kill? Join the IDF!

IDF soldier gets ONE MONTH in prison for ‘disobeying’ order and killing teenage Palestinian protester

An Israeli soldier was sentenced to one month in prison after fatally shooting an unarmed Palestinian protester without his commander’s permission during the unrest along the Israeli-Gazan border. A military court ruled on Monday that an IDF service member broke the rules of engagement when he fired at a Palestinian protester, who attempted to climb the Gaza border fence during a protest along the border on July 13, 2018.

Palestinian officials identified the protester as 15-year-old Othman Helles and said he died from a gunshot wound to the chest. A video from the scene showed Helles placing both feet on the fence before immediately collapsing on the ground and being quickly carried away by other protesters. The army claimed that the teenager tried to infiltrate Israeli territory but the Palestinians denied it.

The service member was sentenced to one month in prison after making a plea deal. He will serve his term through army-related labor. The soldier was also given a probation period, and was demoted to private. He was not convicted of manslaughter because the military prosecutors could not find sufficient proof that the gunshot caused Helles’ death.
Poor baby. A whole month for merely shooting and killing somebody? Most Israelis will say he deserves a medal. One month of labor will teach him a lesson!
So if you have a psychotic butcher inside of Jew that is screaming to get out and kill, maim and torture those that can't fight back, then the IDF is for YOU!
Don't wait, join today and nurture that unhinged maniac inside of Jew!
Israel: 50 Years of Occupation Abuses

(Jerusalem) – Fifty years after Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip, it controls these areas through repression, institutionalized discrimination, and systematic abuses of the Palestinian population’s rights, Human Rights Watch said today.

At least five categories of major violations of international human rights law and humanitarian law characterize the occupation: unlawful killings; forced displacement; abusive detention; the closure of the Gaza Strip and other unjustified restrictions on movement; and the development of settlements, along with the accompanying discriminatory policies that disadvantage Palestinians.
What does the good Rabbi Mohel say? Oops, can't talk right now, he's got a mouthful of baby boy.

If these pics get you sexually aroused...
Don't wait, call your IDF recruiter today at 1-800-66-1984!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mark Bray, the Godfather of pAntifa

Mr. Bray has written "Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook" which all good pAntifa faggots have read, most of them while waiting for that check from Mommy.
Guess it's just a Cohenicidence that BRAY is a Jew surname.
Mssr. Bray has a PhD in Modern European and Woman's and Gender studies, whatever the fuck that is. Mssr Bray is a visiting professor at Dartmouth's Gender Research Institute. Hey professor, I don't have a PhD. but I do know that there are only TWO sexes and in the real world, gender blurring is for gullible fools who want to distract the Goyim while they work to tear down the system that has given them so much.
Gender Research? Sounds like a cozy way to make a living off the taxpayers footing the bill while you work to tear down what they have built.

The (((MSM))) love pAntifa. That should tell you something.

Antifa....“what an absolutely vicious, toxic, abusive, hate culture the radical left is.”

What would you do if this thing blocked your way and threatened to do harm to you?
Why doesn't Markie talk about how repressive it is for Americans to be paying nearly 600 billion a year to the privately owned (((FED))) in interest for borrowing our own money?

Americans are now paying close to 600 BILLION a year in interest payments to the privately owned FED.
Comrade Bray hates the capitalistic system, but he loves making all those shekels being a university professor.

"Unite the fight from within" eh Comrade Bray?

Comrade Bray, what will happen to that precious freedom of speech you abuse when pAntifa takes over?

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