Tuesday, March 5, 2019

"Nobel Committee to Issue Prize for Best Holocaust Lie!"

Stockholm Sweden--Yesterday, the Nobel Prize Committee stated they were issuing an award for the 'Best Holocaust Lie.'

Shlomo Lipshitz, head of the Nobel Prize in Literature committee, stated, "For decades, the world has been bombarded with endless holocaust lies, fictions and delusions. Some are clumsy, while others are quite a work of art, so this prize will be issued by the Nobel Prize in Literature section. The Nobel Prize in Literature committee has already compiled a list of possible candidates, one or which will win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Nominations are still coming in, partly due to American president Drumpf issuing threats to those who dare question anything that Israel does, including carpet-bombing Gaza and their 70 year long ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians. Our Swedish Academy will continue to receive nominations until we find the one that best exemplifies the dedication to creating a lie, then bolstering that lie with endless fictions about an event that never happened!"

Mr. Lipshtiz further stated: "Most people who still have brain cells left to think with realize the holocaust was the biggest fraud of the 20th Century, yet her we are, 70+ years later still subject to this nonsense. Something with that staying power is indeed a work of art, hence the prize. And with major cyber platforms like Youtube and Amazon trying to wipe out real history, it's time to recognize the ones who were so desperate for shekels, they told lies to keep the money coming in."

So far, Mr. Lipshtiz said these were the leading contenders:

Herman Rosenblat, 85, Dies; Made Up Holocaust Love Story

Little Moshe Peer Was Gassed Six Times and Survived! - A Holocaust Story

William Lowenberg's astounding Holy Hoax tale - Had a magic thirst-quenching pebble, did not drink water, survived on his saliva for 3 years

Irene Zisblatt's incredible Holocaust tale- Ate and retrieved diamonds from feces, had 2 post-sterilization children, weighed 40 lbs when liberated

Testimony from the Eichmann Trial by Leon Wells - Dug up and burned bodies, used bone-grinding machine, ate lunch on top of corpses. Only surviving member of his entire family, all 76 who were allegedly killed by Nazis

The leading contender is the book, "Stolen Soul" by Bernie Holstein, where he tries to make people believe that the Nazis had a milking machine that was hooked up to a male Jew's penis, masturbating the victim to death!

Honorable mentions will go to these fantastic tales!

Frida Herskovits' incredible Holocaust™ tale: German shepherds tear baby out of mother's womb, human skin used to make lampshades and picture frames

NY Jews play cards and tell Holohoax stories - Morris Hubert says a jew was thrown into a cage with a bear every day at Buchenwald

Yanina Cywinska's Holocaust tale-"Nazis paraded around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap from Jewish bone"

Jewish Soviet Psych Warfare Propagandist Vasily Grossman: "The Hell of Treblinka" - 3 million exterminated, Jews roasted on giant outdoor hibachis

Elie Wiesel on the "baby burning pits" at Birkenau

Judith Perlaki's tale - Auschwitz gas chambers "as long as 50 football fields", Germans "tied women’s legs together to stop them from having babies"

Holo circuit star David Faber's tale - "saw Nazis throw baby alive into flames of crematorium oven", survived 8 concentration camps

Eva Olsson's ludicrous Holohoax tale - "Gas chambers" and "Five children at a time burned alive in crematoriums" at Bergen-Belsen

Yitzchak Ganon's Holocaust tale - Kidney removed without anaesthetic at Auschwitz, last seen "pulsating in the hand of Dr. Mengele"

Elane Geller's tale - Survived on 400 calories a day, ate toothpaste and drank urine, had rats in hair, fertilizer made from jew bones

Susan Cernyak-Spatz's tale - Ate "sawdust salami", jews went to gas chambers "willingly", "whole German nation clothed by clothing from dead jews"

Fania Wedro's incredible Holohoax Survivor fairy tale - Lived in forest for almost 2 years, sleeping in pits with dead bodies

Max Globan's Holocaust story - "We ate lunch on top of dead bodies" - Saw "scratch marks of fingernails in concrete wall of gas chamber"

Holohoaxer "survivor" Fred Schiefler speaks to Arizona high schoolers - Saw the "jew soap", says "3-4 thousand jews gassed from shower heads in 15-20 minutes"

Reporting from Stockholm, this is John Galt for ZNN.



    everyday...more and more....OMG...WTF...LOL !!!

    it's like a global POGROM....on steroids


    kikes be kvetching and skanking all over theyselves

    curiously, no one on Earth on Has to be a "JEW"

    John 8:44

    why do {{{THEY}}} have to hate Jesus...?

    how unbelievably {{{{{JEWISH}}}} . . .!!!


    paranoid schizophrenia....and Bad Faith = "JEW" !!!

    one day in Jewtopia is as a thousand years on account of all
    the "JEWS"....what are the odds...

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    oy vey . . . SIX MILLION MORE !!!



    1. Hey Davy...do you happen to remember the vid of a Holo walkthrough at the poison gas showers...ended up it was a parody walkthrough at an LA YMCA. If I remember correctly
      it first showed up over at WUFYS many moons ago.

      Sorry for the interuption Greg.

    2. "...it first showed up over at WUFYS many moons ago"

      Mo problem. I remember WUFYS from many moons ago. It USED to be a god forum for exposing Zionist intrigues, now it's just another Zio lie factory.

    3. Yup.
      Never heard who was responsible for that sellout...but not hard to guess.
      Judicial-Inc used to be very good, albeit strange sometimes. The sarcasm over there was palpable.

      Keep up the good work Greg...btw...we are in the billions now.

  2. OMGGGGGGG, Greg, I'm laughing so hard, the tears are streaming down my face, oh my dear Gawd.
    Thank you for this post, omg.

  3. Awww, the fine and mostly lost art of sarcasm!!! Love it! Finely crafted "anti-semitic" sarcasm is the best of all. Wonderfully done as usual Greg. I will post this on fuckbook and probably get my 12th 30 day ban in two years.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. this comment from beyond the grave


      seriously....history is not a {{{JEWISH}}} lie...John 8:44.

  5. check out:


    Cryptojew Bush I & SushI JAN 1992


  6. hold the presses....all six million

    six million and not one hebrew...what are the odds ?


    OMG...WTF...LOL - but hey, if the braindeadgoy buy into JEWISH LIES...



    AND {{{{THEY}}}}....believe their own lies....
    and make up new ones....SOOOO...{{{{JEWISH}}}}

    Where is Andy Kaufman...?



    THE CHUTZPAH....http://www.unz.com

    it's a comedy show, and ash wednesday....go figure



  7. For known reasons this jr comment ping pong (censored by the mossad marmots of Tel Aviv, claro)

    at: https://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2019/03/hitler-and-zionists.html

    Check out:


    Mullins answers you here:


    ´German generals are like any other generals, they don´t really commit atrocities, the troop under their commands they commit atrocities. But they don´t commit atrocities themselves. German generals did not go around shooting jews or anubody else. But they were excecuted and the Zionist secret was safe´

    He continues:

    ´And now the Zionists are now in command of the world, their allies the National Socialists were now gone from history* and they had a free reign, set up the state of Israel and in fact some jews themselves even claim that there shuld be some statue of Adolf Hitler cause he created the state of I.

    That is absolutely true, without Adolf Hitler would not exist. The jews would still be dispersed and they would have no country.´

    *I don´t buy this one of Eustacio Mullinsky, though.

    Check out: Operation Paperclip, ca 1600 Nazi scientists, engineers, technicians disappeared to the US and clocked in & out over there till they stopped breathing.



    ´The Nazi Roots of the EU. The Nazi blueprint was used in designing the European superstate dictatorship.´


    Last but not least, Nazi prince Bernhard co-founder of the Bilderberg (1954), married to Dutch Queen Juliana, nicknamed Agent Orange, was a skilled double agent. He fought at the side of the socalled ´´Allied´ nations during WW II, but he and his German family were all Nazi party connected. B. knew AH personally.

    Why was he nicknamed ´ Agent Orange´ the label of the chemical, with the major component dioxine, used by the US in the Vietnamwar?

    Dioxine was produced on a large scale by the Dutch Nazi firm Philips Duphar. Headquartered in the Volgermeerpolder very near the northern part of Amsterdam.

    Nazi Bernhard was very close to the ceo of Philips, the well known Dutch electronic multinaional

    Philips is a jew family and the jew satanist Karl Marx was family related to them

    Probably you will have heard about Karl M., he wrote the manual for the Commies & their killing fields and not to forget the Central Bank of the Commies, was financed by the London capo of the Rotschild clique- of which he was a 3rd cousin)

    I am optimistic: read the recent news of Niko Peled peace activist whose father was a IDF general.

    Rotschild run Reuters issued in oct. 2018 a press release: USA about to clean up the Agent Orange in Vietnam


    (read the jr ping pong today at y-tube vid Agent Orange, Prince Bernhard, Bilderberg IG-Farben, Monsanto of feb. 2013)

  8. The comment on the Agent Orange yid tube vid flashes in & out. Censorship by the vid uploader. The vid is apparently uploaded end of february 2013 by someone with a >Kalergi< Dutch Muslim background. It follows here:

    julien romanovsky 1 hour ago

    @ Dave Abdallah Fair play ever heard of it? So publish this (ok, het is een wat lang stuk touw, niet bedoeld om jou of wie dan ook aan op te hangen) comment. It is probably shaking your view as a fellowmortal as Muslim.

    Check out: https://selfuni.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/the-black-prophets-of-judaism-christianity-and-islam/

    jr comment Feb 09, 2019 at 222 pm: linking to: https://alethonews.com/2019/02/04/palestine-a-four-thousand-year-history-book-review/



    The Egypt couple statue used at the end of your vid is a whitewashed ´lasvegassed´ makeover of the real original. Thats what the white west does and you follow their footsteps? Allah gave us all eyes, we should use them:

    Check out:

    How black Egypt became white (even in presentday Egypt)





    Nazi prince Bernhard knew Adolf H. , the founder of what is now still the Tel Aviv territory. Why was he nicknamed Agent Orange? The core substance of the chemical used by the white Yankees in Nam was Dioxine.

    It was produced by Philips Duphar in the Volgermeerpolder boardering Amsterdam North. Nazi p. Bernhard is an example of a skilled double agent. He was a ´Allied Forces´ pilot during WW II. And the Nazis did not really lose the war.

    Presentday EU has Naziroots! Operation Paperclip: ca 1600 Nazi scientists, engineers (Werner von Braun usw.) went to the US where they clocked in & out till their last breath!!

    Nazi p. Bernhard co-founder of Bilderberg (1954) knew the ceo of the Dutch electronic multinational Philips as his own middle leg.

    Voila, Nazi Dutch Philips Duphar the producer & dealer of Agent Orange sprayed with satanic laughter on innocent spliteyes by the socalled 1st free western democratic countries.

    The Dajal´s game is over. Israeli general´s son peace activist Niko Peled , read his latest news.

    Last but not least: The US is about to clean up the Agent Orange says Rotschild run Reuter october 2018.

  9. julien romanovskyMarch 9, 2019 at 5:16 AM

    Quite a juicy comment ping pong on jews at Angriffan you´ll see here:



    4-8 March 2019

    It is that simple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o13Y38X4CC (vid: 6.44)

    ´German generals are like any other generals, they don´t really commit atrocities, the troop under their commands they commit atrocities. But they don´t commit atrocities themselves. German generals did not go around shooting jews or anybody else. But they were excecuted and the Zionist secret was safe´ 

    Mullins continues: ´And now the Zionists are now in command of the world, their allies the National Socialists were now gone from history and they had a free reign, set up the state of Israel.´

    (I)don´t agree with Mullins here when he says ´the Nazis were gone from history´. They ´morphed into´ the USA and formed the basis of the EU.

    Operation Paperclip: ca 1600 Nazi scientists, engineers, technicians disappeared to the US and clocked in & out over there till they stopped breathing.

    And read this article:


    And Adolf H.- in fact Rotschild´s main tool in founding israel- did not commit suicide but went on retirement in Argentina.


    Noteworthy: the videolink to this excerpt of Mullins talk on the Zio Nazi pact was immediately deleted by y-tube after I stashed a copy of this comment at ´Angriffan´ at my gmail account.

    Another sign that ´they´ don´t want you to know this.


    Check out: http://www.reject-the-eu.co.uk/

    (AH–ZIT DAT/DIT ZO? Stash label gmail account)


  10. julien romanovskyMarch 9, 2019 at 5:53 AM

    Comment Ping <0> Pong

    Anonymous 8 March 2019 at 13:23

    Not even the not zionistic jews want to know about this. Even they don’t talk about it.

    Comment Ping <0> Pong (not yet filtered by Angriffan)

    One Big minus imv about Dr Rath & his foundation:


    ´Economic greed by companies like Bayer, BASF and Hoechst was the key factor in bringing about the Holocaust.

    ´´No one who saw Steven Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List” will forget the scenes in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    ´Those who were too weak or too sick to work were selected at the main gate of the IG Auschwitz factory and sent to the gas chambers. Even the chemical gas Zyklon-B used for the annihilation of millions of people was derived from the drawing boards and factories of IG Farben.´

    I came across the dr.Rath-foundation site some years ago and their going along with the official holocaust story raised questions if not red flags about them. The theme - Nazi roots of EU - they put forth, though, remains standing.

    Dr. Rat? Was´nt that a name of someone in the Amsterdam Punk scene?)


    CODOH - Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust uploaded on 8 Jan 2018: Phil Donahue Show of 1994 (9 years before the Rath foundation link) talking about the Holocaust with Bradley Smith and David Cole as guests


    (Greg, perhapz a lousy ping <0> pong, methink me go to some Big Pharmacy & buy some Zyklon B)


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