Sunday, April 28, 2019

Changing the Narrative? Goodby Allahu Akbar?

Notice how the story-line in these Deep State, Mossad/CIA, MK Ultra programmed False Flags has slowly changed from so-called 'eyewitnesses' proclaiming that before the shooter pulled the trigger, he shouted Allahu Akbar? So they were close enough to hear, but didn't get injured by the bullets, ricochets and shrapnel flying around?

Now its young white males, who get outed as being some kind of nationalistic, Mein Fuhrer type, who conveniently left a screed on some blog or social media site right before going out to kill some people?
Now with the most recent shooting in a Sin of God place, Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo has called for a "Summit," to be conveniently held in Israel
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also weighed in, describing the recent shooting as “a painful reminder that anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews is still with us, everywhere.”

He added: "No country and no society are immune (to anti-Semitism). Only through education for Holocaust remembrance and tolerance can we deal with this plague."
Plague? What fucking plague? Ultra-Orthodox Juden staging hate crimes to get insurance money and prop up their failing business?

This couldn't have anything to do with Nuttyahoo already indicted for multiple corruptions and fraud, with an arrest looming, so he has to show the world that we can't exist without Big Brother Bagel draped around our neck?

Surely it couldn't be because the world's 2nd most lucrative racket--the first being Jew controlled Central Banks like the FED--the Holocau$t ™ being outed more and more every day as a FRAUD?
Nor could it have anything to do with Israel supporting, supplying, aiding, giving medical care and money to ISIS?
Nah, it must be those damned Goyim.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Will this Madness Never Stop?

Killing innocents is bad enough, but when that horrible act is done in their place of worship, it's even more heinous.

Like the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. So far, 200 murdered and scores more injured.

Christians murdered by what the Sri Lankan govt is apparently going to blame Muslims for in the ongoing war pitting Christians vs Muslims, while the group of religious fundies and their Pit Bull False Flag agencies, like Mossad, the CIA and England's MI6 do the dirty work of those (((zealots.)))

These (((zealots))), although small in size and numbers, have a pervasive influence over much of the world, controlling the banking system, over 90% of the MSM and many members in various Parliaments and Congresses around the world. And even presidents, like Zion Don.

These violent nut cases are very persuasive, able to slither into any place or nation, no matter how small or large. Look at how they've taken control of the USA, which is no longer a sovereign nation, but Israel's bitch.

"According to accounts by retired officials of ... Mossad, the Israelis were simultaneously training the Sri Lanka Army and the Tigers, and providing arms to each. "Victor Ostrovsky, author of By Way of Deception, told Indian Abroad news service in 1991 that the Tigers were trained in Israel in 1985."
It's not only about ruling the world, but the Benjamin's baby.
In Sri Lanka, Mossad trains, arms, and equips both sides -- through its Cambodian Zim Shipping empire, and through its holdings in South Africa -- and perpetrates false flags whenever there is talk of peace. Mossad’s goal is to maintain the lucrative arms market, plus the local drug trade that helps pay for those arms.
Perhaps even Sri Lanka was the site where in 1996, some kind of large device set off in the basement of Colombo's Central Bank Building, was a test run for the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, which put into high gear this Christians vs Muslim clash, with a certain group sitting on the sidelines, like vultures, ready to pick over the pieces once both sides wear themselves out.

Sri Lanka's "Mossad Style" 9-11: Suspicious Videotaping, Twin Towers, Truck Bombs, and All That Jazz

Read below what someone had to say over 70+ years ago about WWII and ask yourself if his prediction has come true:
Those behind this madness know Goebbels prediction is coming true, since they want to kill off our right to Free Speech. Only Good Goyim will read the MSM we control and the rest, well, we have plans for you troublemakers.

Death of Free Speech: Criticizing Israel Will Land You in Prison

What do people/governments do to those they consider to be an enemy?
Christianity, he explained, “is our number one enemy throughout history.

A prominent religious-Zionist rabbi known for his extremist views suggested on Wednesday that the fire that gutted the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris earlier this week may have been divine retribution for the mass-burning of Talmud volumes by French Catholic priests in the city eight centuries earlier.
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, the rabbi of the Beit El settlement and head of the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Jew Allegedly Seen Sneaking into Notre Dame Cathedral Before Fire

Actually, the real title of this load of horseshit is "Muslim Allegedly Seen Sneaking into Notre Dame Cathedral Before Fire." But if (((they))) can lie, so can us Gentiles....even though I prefer the truth, unlike some (((people))).

In this day and age of HD everything, with camera lenses so powerful, you can see a flea on a dog's back from 100 feet away, why is this grainy, out of focus and overall quality? Because (((they))) wanted it that way.

Here's an excellent comment left at the video on JEWTUBE; I screen-captured it because I fear it won't be up for long.
What BS. Where's the date and time stamp, Miss Shlomo? That's probably an Israeli Mossad agent dressed up in Arabic garb, and your Mossad camera crew just happened to be on the scene.
Your making accusations w/o proof, just like what happened right after 9/11, proving that the ND fire was a Mossad/CIA op to keep the war pitting Christians against Muslim going so Israel can keep killing native Palestinians, and stealing their land. And f*gging the rest of the West by stealing their money thru their control of central banks, like the FED. Too bad you spent all your money on drugs, since it's obvious you couldn't afford a decent quality HD camera, which are going for cheap on Ebay, but you didn't want the video to be crystal clear, did you Miss Shlomo?
There's only about 8 seconds of actual video, but in the manner of all Great LIES, Miss Shlomo keeps repeating the same scene as if that will make her lies come true.

Miss Shlomo, here's more thought for your pea-size, holocaust infected brain:
U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study September 10, 2001

An elite U.S. Army study center has devised a plan for enforcing a major Israeli-Palestinian peace accord that would require about 20,000 well-armed troops stationed throughout Israel and a newly created Palestinian state...

Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."
Notice the date? 9/10/2001....One day before the Israeli masterminded 9/11 changed the world forever.


World Jewry knows the time is NOW for their complete takeover of the West, with Nuttyahoo's bed partner President Kushner in the WH and his faithful toady, Zion Don spending all his time kissing Israeli ass, they know this is the best chance they'll have to complete their devious plans for their delusional 1,000 Jew Reich reign over humanity, and the elimination of us white folks.

We must resist NOW, and do whatever it takes to get these parasites out of our banks, our schools, our Congress, the WH and elsewhere, or forever consign ourselves and our kids to a lifetime of tyranny, poverty, exclusion and finally, the planned genocide of us white Gentiles.
Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader says

Head of Lehava, known for violent campaign against Jew-Arab assimilation, risks arrest with public defence of setting fire to Holy Land churches. The leader of a far-Right Israeli group has risked arrest by apparently voicing support for arson attacks on Christian churches amid an official crackdown on Jewish extremism.

Benzi Gopstein, the outspoken head of Lehava - which has drawn notoriety for its violent assaults on Jewish-Arab assimilation - made the remarks at a panel discussion for Jewish yeshiva students when asked by a fellow panelist if he believed burning down churches in Israel was justified.
Such lovely people, eh?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

3 Reasons why the Notre Dame Fire was Arson...or worse.

The retired firefighter voice in me is telling me this stinks of a cover-up/False Flag. During my 23 years as a firefighter, I not only fought fires, but occasionally assisted the Fire Marshals during the fire investigation, so I've got some knowledge about fires and how they start.

So here's my 3 reasons why the ND fire was arson..or worse:

1. The Paris prosecutor in charge of the investigation says it was not an intentional fire. And he claims in less than 24 hours that the fire wasn't intentional? BULLSHIT. It takes at least 3-4 days, if you rush the samples--for the investigators to gather charred lumps from ALL over the building, seal them in tins, send them to a lab and let the lab determine if any hydrocarbons--fuels--were used. You can't do that in less than 24 hours.

2. It would also take the investigators at least 3-4 days to find where the fire started, which usually is where the fire burnt the hottest. In a building that size, it would take at least a day for it to cool down enough for the investigators to enter and do their job. And if they find more than one place where the fire started, it's ARSON. To put together all their evidence, it would be at least a MONTH to issue a preliminary finding, not less than 24 hours.

3. Want a coincidence? About the same time ND was torched, a fire broke out at a holy Islamic site, the Al-Aqsa mosque in Occupied Jerusalem, which the Israelis have been wanting to destroy for decades so they can erect their so-called Third Temple and bring about a 1,000 Jew Reich.

Jerusalem: Fire breaks out at Al-Aqsa mosque around the same time as Notre Dame Cathedral blaze

So that's 3 good reasons why the ND fire was arson by the Mossad, most likely, because now we have BS stories coming out that Muslims were dancing and cheering during the fire, just like the BS stories that came out during the Israeli master-minded 9/11 False Flag, that Palestinians were dancing, when in fact, it was Israeli Jews who were arrested for dancing and hi-fiving each other during that attack.

If you know who is behind this endless war pitting Christians against Muslims and who owns the MSM, most Western governments and controls the banks, you'll know who was behind the ND arson fire.

Monday, April 15, 2019

(((Who's))) Good at Telling LIES to Alter History?

Looks like the (((Big Tech))) companies have done it again, changing a word in President Lincoln's Gettysburg address to continue on with their devious plan to wipe the white race off the Earth.

The word they changed is forefathers, to fathers, which is a bit confusing, since their definitions they are closely related in meaning:
Here is the original and authentic Gettysburg address:

Four score and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now, here is the altered speech...Hopefully readers will see the difference:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
So what's their game plan? But they fucked up, their AI didn't find it in a song by Johnny Cash, who spoke the GA with the original word, forefathers:

Go to JEWoogle and look up the GA and you'll find all info on the links has been changed to 'fathers.'

And at this site, called "Quizlet," used for English tests. Looks like the AI missed this too..for now.
These demented SOB's will get around to fixing their error, so the truth will be dropped down the Memory Hole.

America, it's time to rise up and take back our heritage from these Zionist land thieves or be prepared to live like the Palestinians, slowly getting eradicated off the face of the Earth.

Time for another 1776 and forget about Trump, he's nothing more than a greedy, back-stabbing, traitor who is serving Israel, not the USA.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

My Email to the Sleazy, Backstabbing POS in the WH, Zion Don.

Click your shoes together and keep repeating "Israel is our friend and ally, Israel is our ..."

Thought it was time to vent my frustrations with the WORST president in US history, the Israeli ass-kissing backstabbing greedy, worthless POS, 'Zion Don,' AKA Donald Trump.
That Tubby the Grifter was a lying, thieving con artist I knew before he ran for president. Didn't realize how much of an Israeli ass-kissing backstabbing greedy, worthless POS Donny Drump was and still is.

He's broken nearly all every campaign promise to America, violating his oath of office numerous times to Americans, but doing every thing he can for Israel;
Here's the email sent this past week to the WH:
Mr. Trump:

You'll notice that I didn't use the traditional, honorific title of Mr. President, since the word president should only be consigned to someone honorable, loyal, dedicated to America and a decent man, qualities which you DON'T have.

You ran on the slickly designed 'MAGA' platform, giving hope to desperate Americans who are watching their nation's infrastructure fall down around their ears, since not nearly enough money has been dedicated to maintaining that infrastructure. Why? Because every president, at least since JFK was assassinated by Deep State types, has been shoveling tons of money and tons of free weaponry to Israel, including a bottom-feeding POS like you.

That you were a con artist I knew before you ran, but not many did, and now they're paying a terrible price for voting for a Israeli ass-kissing clown like you.

So I have 2 questions: After a long, arduous day of kissing Israeli ass, your lips must be chapped and sore, so what kind of lip motion do you use to get your lips nice and smooth, so they'll be ready for the next day of Israeli ass-kissing? I'm sure your boss, Bibi, demands that your lips stay soft and pliable so that when you plant a big, wet smoochie on his stinking ass, it will fell like his ass is being touched by angel wings.

Question #2: You're allegedly the author of the "The Art of the Deal." So please tell me what kind of deal is an art when you act like Israel's real estate agent and give away what you have NO right to, like Jerusalem and the stolen Golan Heights? My guess is that either the Mossad has some very nasty tapes of you on Epstein's Orgy Island and you're being blackmailed, but more likely, you know if you keep kissing Israeli ass, when you leave the WH, your multi-billion dollar fortune will have at least doubled.

So I'll end this by telling you the truth: You're nothing more than a back-stabbing, Israeli ass-kissing traitor who doesn't give a rat's ass about the Americans you took an oath to protect and help.

I don't know if there is a Hell, but if there is, after you leave this plane of existence, I know where you'll reside.


Greg Bacon

'Zion Don' is a crafty con artist, but the obvious fact that you or your shell companies went bankrupt SIX--magical Kabbalah number--times as a multi-billionaire reeks of foulness.

One doesn't operate in NYC with Wall Street (((banksters))) unless they're playing the long con and now the chits are due and you're servicing your Israeli and American Jew Masters terrifically, while you ignore that America's infrastructure is falling down around our ears, like the recent Missouri River dam that burst and wiped out farmers in Nebraska and Iowa, mainly due to lack of maintenance.

Or maybe of those Mossad CCTV recordings, made while you visited your Buddy Jeff Epstein on what would become to known as 'Orgy Island' are so disgusting and filthy that you'd do ANYTHING to keep that out of the (((MSM)))?

Or maybe your religion is Mammonism and you'd do ANYTHING to increase your wealth, and a heartless, soulless, murderous POS traitor like you, should be no problem how many Americans--who you swore to protect--get fucked big time, anything for your Israeli/American Jew buddies, right?

Any comment Zion Don, or is your mouth too busy smooching some multi-billionaire like Sheldon Adelson?

Or maybe you're just a total dumbass, who brags about the "The Art of the Deal," who gives away stolen land to Israel, land that he has not

Remember what your Mother taught you, never speak while you have a mouth full of food, in this case, Kosher approved cock, Donny Drumpf.

P.S. If I go offline suddenly, you'll now why.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Is it Impossible for Jews to NOT be Corrupt?

Like one Ukrainian Jew, Victor Pinchuk, head of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, accused of money laundering on behalf of drug cartels, provision of banking services to backers of Islamic Jewish terror organizations and controversial donations to the Clinton Foundation.

John Bolton Took Money From Clinton Foundation Donor, Banks Tied To Cartels, Terrorists

I. Victor Pinchuk Foundation

John Bolton accepted $115,000 from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation to speak at multiple events hosted by the Foundation including one in September 2017 where Bolton assured his audience that President Donald Trump would not radically change US foreign policy despite his explicit campaign promises to do so.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation was blasted in 2016 over their donation of $10 to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation between 1994 and 2005. The donations lead to accusations of influence peddling after it emerged that Victor Pinchuk had been invited to Hillary Clinton's home during the final year of her tenure as Secretary of State.

Even more damning was Victor Pinchuk's participation in activities that constituted evasions of sanctions levied against Iran by the American government. A 2015 exposé by Newsweek highlighted the fact that Pinchuk owned Interpipe Group, a Cyprus-incorporated manufacturer of seamless pipes used in oil and gas sectors. A now-removed statement on Interpipe's website showed that they were doing business in Iran despite US sanctions aimed to prevent this kind of activity.

Why John Bolton, a notorious war hawk who has called for a hardline approach to Iran, would take money from an entity who was evading sanctions against the country is not clear. It does however, raise serious questions about whether or not Bolton should be employed by Donald Trump, who made attacks on the Clinton Foundation's questionable donations a cornerstone of his 2016 campaign.

IV. Clinton-esque Financial Ties Unbecoming To Trump Administration

Bolton's engagement in paid speeches, in some cases with well-known donors to the Clinton Foundation, paints the Trump administration in a very bad light. Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton during his 2016 Presidential campaign for speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs that were labeled by her detractors as "pay to play" behavior. John Bolton's acceptance of money from similar entities, especially the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, are exactly the same kind of activity and are an embarrassment for a President who claims to be against corruption.

More broadly, John Bolton's work for the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, HSBC and Deutsche Bank shows that while he preaches hardline foreign policy approaches towards nations such as Iran and North Korea he has no issue tying himself to those who openly flaunt American sanctions and diplomatic attempts to pressure these states. For an individual who is the President's National Security Advisor to have taken money from banks who provide financial services to terror groups who have murdered thousands of Americans is totally unacceptable.

It is embarrassing enough that Donald Trump hired Bolton in the first place. The next best remedy is to let him go as soon as possible.
Don't worry Victor, 'Zion Don' and President Kushner will come to your rescue. And keep Johnny Boy out of prison for his treason and frauds.

Where in the fuck did these Jews come from? Obviously not from humans, who have empathy, love and understanding of their fellow humans.

Sometimes I wonder if we REAL humans are on this plane of existence as a test of our souls, to see if we're good enough to graduate to a higher, more enlightened plane of existence when we die. Or maybe Jew are just smug, arrogant, thieving lying assholes who take delight in fucking over us GOYIM.

P.S. After a long, arduous day of kissing and licking Israeli assholes, what kind of industrial solvent does John Bolton use to get that shit off his walrus mustache?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo will AGAIN Steal the Election

Results that came in from Tuesday's election in Apartheid Israel are too close to call; neither side has enough seats to claim the PM spot. But Nuttyahoo's good friend, American Jew casino mogul has been spreading around the shekels, buying influence and votes so he can keep 'Bibi' as PM. And keep that sorry SOB out of jail, since he's already been indicted on multiple charges of fraud and corruption.

Once the mass-murdering, back-stabbing thief Nuttyahoo steals back into office, he'll fire the Israeli legal authorities who have not only been looking into his corruptions, but have solid proof. The next AG he appoints will come up with some measly excuse that the charges had to be dropped due to technicalities.

Then will come more murders of Palestinians, an invasion of Lebanon with that shit-bag Trump's help and more free money given to Israel by American Congressional traitors, of which there are many.
CNI Predicts Worse Is Coming from Netanyahu-Trump!


AIPAC has departed Washington after its annual exercise in feeling good about Israeli war crimes. There were demonstrations outside the convention center, but the numbers of people who came out in the cold weather was disappointing. It is as if everyone has given up on doing anything about Israel-Palestine since friends of Israel clearly have a firm grip on Congress and the Media.

But worse is coming even though some brave Congresswomen have been speaking up about Israeli crimes. Recent actions by the Trump administration indicate that when it comes to foreign policy, Israel owns the White House. Newly reelected Israeli monster-in-chief Benjamin Netanyahu has boasted, with a grin, that America’s President Donald J. Trump followed through on his request to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist group. Bibi was smiling because the timing of the move strongly suggests that it was done to assist him against what had become a very strong opposition challenge in last week’s election.

That gift came on top of recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, threatening members of the International Criminal Court if they try to prosecute Israel for war crimes, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, eliminating the word “occupation” from the State Department’s assessments of human rights developments on the West Bank, cutting relief funding for Palestinian refugees, leaving the UN Human Rights Council because it was too critical of Israel, and looking the other way as Israel declared itself a state only for Jews. Washington also ignored the bombing of hospitals, schools and infrastructure in Gaza as Israeli snipers were shooting unarmed demonstrators demanding their freedom.

The labeling of the IRGC as a terrorist group is particularly disturbing as it means that the United States military now has a mandate to attack it wherever it appears, including in Syria or even in the waterway the Straits of Hormuz, where the guard has regular patrols in small boats. It is a virtual declaration of war and it comes on top of a number of deliberate provocations directed against Iran starting with the withdrawal from the JCPOA nuclear agreement one year ago, which led to harsh sanctions directed against the Iranian economy to bring about a popular uprising. Next month, the U.S. will begin enforcing a worldwide sanction on any and all Iranian oil sales.

Trump is absolutely shameless about his betrayal of actual American interests in the Middle East and we Americans who continue to care about what our country has become must push back.
What's my personal feelings about that shit-stain called Israel?

Monday, April 8, 2019

Israel Planning to Attack Lebanon

Israeli's must be the most sadistic, greediest bastards in the galaxy. No matter how much they or their (((central banks))) steal from us GOYIM, it's never enough.

Now they want to besiege Lebanon again, lusting after the precious water from Lebanon's River Litani.
Secret Document Reveals Plans For Civil War In Lebanon, Israeli False Flags, & Invasion

During his visit with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Lebanese President Michael Aoun reportedly received a US-Israeli document detailing plans for creating a civil war in Lebanon with covert false flag operations and possible Israeli invasion. Although the source of the document is Israeli and created in partnership with Washington, no one knows who presented it to Aoun. The Lebanese TV station, Al-Jadeed, initially reported the document on Lebanese TV and a video on its website.
With the help of Zion Don and President Kushner.
NO causalities? Besides being greedy, back-stabbing bastards, the Israelis are also world-class liars.

Here's what they mean by no casualties:

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Moe Jew Degeneracy? And NOT the first time

Two of these 'sex for hire' businesses are called 'One Taste"--a play on sex- and "Cuddlist."
The Dark Side of the Orgasmic Meditation Company

OneTaste is a sexuality-focused wellness education company based in the Bay Area. It’s best known for classes on “orgasmic meditation,” a trademarked procedure that typically involves a man using a gloved, lubricated fingertip to stroke a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes...

Currently, students pay $499 for a weekend course, $4,000 for a retreat, $12,000 for the coaching program, and $16,000 for an “intensive.” In 2014, OneTaste started selling a yearlong $60,000 membership, which lets buyers take all the courses they want and sit in the front row. Staff also encourage students to repeat courses, telling them the experience changes as they progress. OneTaste says about 1,400 people have taken its coaching program, 6,500 have come to an intro class, and more than 14,000 have signed up for online courses and its app.

Cuddlist is run by one Adam Lippin, who has the facial features of a Juden:

And like "One Taste," it too sells sexual encounters couched behind some kind of phony emotional healing:
Why We Started Cuddlist

From Adam Lippin, Co-Founder and CEO

We all want love, acceptance and connection with other people. We’re social beings, and this connection with others is part of our emotional, physical and spiritual DNA.

Touch plays an important role in building these connections, increasing scientific evidence clearly shows a connection that lack of touch can lead to depression, anxiety and a myriad of heath issues, and an inability to connect with others. We will be exploring the healing power of Non Sexual, Consensual Touch in detail in upcoming posts.

Most of us don’t get enough touch in our lives.

We’re touch-deprived, and most of us don’t even know it consciously. All we know is that there’s loneliness and stress and a deep sense of missing out. We feel this because there’s a biochemical yearning for something that is missing in our lives. And there is something missing: touch and the connection with others that it fosters.

That’s why we started Cuddlist. Safe, non-sexual, consensual touch fills a need that’s badly neglected in our society. Cuddling relaxes us and reduces stress at the very least, and on the deeper level it nourishes our soul and helps us get in touch with our higher self. Much like yoga and meditation, non-sexual touch is healing and transformative.
Yes, I'm sure getting horny men to manually stimulate a half-naked woman's clitoris for 15 minutes and charging outrageous prices for this kind of prostitution is very emotionally stimulating.

Just be sure to bring lots of money and your credit card(s), because it ain't cheap.
The company's classes can range from $199 for an introduction to $4,000 for a retreat, to $16,000 for an "intensive". The company also started charging $60,000 for an annual membership in 2014. According to the company, about 1,400 people have taken its coaching program, 6,500 have come to an intro class, and more than 14,000 have signed up for online courses and its app.
This happened before, in Germany after WWI. Jews went into porn, degeneracy and prostitution big time:
Germany and the Jewish Question By Dr. Friederich Karl Wiehe

Published for the Institute for studies of the Jewish question, Berlin (1938)

This strong sexuality in Jews, chained in the ghetto of the Middle Ages was flooding into the public life of the states as a result of the emancipation. But it didn’t get a completely free line until all barriers in the form of police surveillance and censorship were removed in Germany after the defeat in 1918. Then a flood of immoral litterature, immoral films and theatre plays poured out into Germany, primarily nourished by Jews. Concerning the field of litterature it has already been mentioned, that the publishers and writers of the immoral litterature, that were flooding the book market, was Jews and Jews again. In the hundreds of thousands of volumes that were seized in 1933 we find the same names repeatedly. Aside from publishing houses like Benjamin Harz, Richard Jacobsthal, Leon Hirsch, M. Jacobsohn or Jacobsthal & Co., we mention here above all the Vienna-Jewish “Verlag für Kulturforschung” (Publishing house of Cultural Research), the production of which could fill whole libraries. The names say everything: “Sittengeschichte des Lasters” (The history of morals and vices), “Sittengeschichte der Schamlosigkeit” (The history of morals and shamelessness), “Bilderlexikon der Erotic” (Picture Lexicon of Erotiscism), “Sittengischichte des Geheime und Verbotene” (The history of the secret and the forbitten) etc.

Among the writers the following names should be maintained: Dr. Ludwig Lewy-Lenz, Leo Schidrowitz, Dr. Iwan Bloch, Franz Rabinowitsch, Georg Cohen, Dr. Albert Eulenburg, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld.

Iwan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld were also the real representatives of sexual research camouflaged as science, that was really nothing but mere pornography and degradation of marriage and family. Their collaborators were Felix Abraham and Lewy-Lenz. However one looks in vain for any known non-Jewish “sexual scientist”!

The filthy publications of these pseudoscientists speak clearly about what was going on in the “Institue for Sexual Science” and similar enterprises of Magnus Hirschfeld: “Sexual catastrophies”, “Sexual Pathology”, “Aphrodisiacs”, “Contraception” (by Magnus Hirschfeld); “The Perverted”, “Prostitution”, “Sexuality in our Times” (by Iwan Bloch)...

Finally we must not forget the Jewish city medical officer for the capital of Berlin, Dr. Max Hodan. He spread the poison of moral decay in the broad public with his “Worker’s Sexual Chronicle” and thus acquired a certain unlaudable fame by carrying on shameless propaganda for male and female masturbation.

The Danish ambassador in Haag, Scavenius, was quite right when he said about three years ago in a radio lecture, that Germany at that time had become the pornographic centre of the world.
Not sure there is a Devil, but if there exists one, he has many enthusiastic helpers in Jews and since Juden love both deviate sex and shekels, this will be a growth business.

Monday, April 1, 2019

11th Commandment: "Thou Shalt NOT Question the Most Holy Holocaust!"

Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the 'Holocaust'. Why?

This doesn't look like extremist hate speech to us. Judging from these blurbs and titles, it looks like pretty balanced and fair discussion of a very serious, and vehemently disputed, allegation. The first one in the list below even presents both sides of the argument in an attempt to get to the bottom of who is telling the truth.

Why are some people so afraid of a fair and open discussion? These books were banned from Amazon in March of 2017, but are easily available online at other sellers. Take a look at the blurbs describing these books. They are an eye-opener.
GOYIM, thou shalt not know or read about real history, just hand over mucho shekels to the holocaust frauds!
Thomas Dalton.

Mainstream historians insist that there cannot be, may not be a debate about the Holocaust. But ignoring it does not make this controversy go away. Traditional scholars admit that there was neither a budget, a plan, nor an order for the Holocaust; that the key camps have all but vanished, and so have any human remains; that material and unequivocal documentary evidence is absent; and that there are serious problems with survivor testimonies. Dalton juxtaposes the traditional Holocaust narrative with revisionist challenges and then analyzes the mainstream’s responses to them. He reveals the weaknesses of both sides, while declaring revisionism the winner of the current state of the debate. 3rd edition.

332 pp. pb., 6”×9”, b/w ill., bibl., index, £20/25 (2017)
WHY? That's an easy one to answer. The Holocaust junkies don't want their VERY lucrative scam to be exposed, they need the free money to live like royalty and to bully the rest of the world into worshiping Apartheid Israel.

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