Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Bargain Basement Prices for Brit milah..Circumcision for Male Babies!

Discounts for Mohel Rabbis!
I can supply bargain priced mail order circumcision kits that make use of commonly owned Swiss army knives, scissors and sheetrock blades. No cost ice cubes for use as an anesthetic are just a step away in your freezer. (Dry ice is, of course, a slightly more deluxe but somewhat controversial option) No more being ripped off by overpriced, possibly herpes infected mohels during metzitzah b’peh, where the Rabbi sucks on the baby boy's bloody stump.)
No more expensive Seudat mitzvah where all your reputed third cousins mysteriously make an appearance accompanied by their over-sized doggy bags!

And I will throw in hospital OR towels, used only once and guaranteed to be kinda sanitary...
You get to keep the circumcised foreskin, to give to some barren Jewess who desperately wants to conceive.
So buy one of my kits today and tell the dirty old male pedo at your synagogue to stay home, we don't need you to molest my baby boy!

In other news....The public needs to know more about these perverts trying to indoctrinate our kids into their degenerate lifestyle. Like their ethnicity?
A “Drag Queen Story Hour” comes to town

On June 23, a “Drag Queen Story Hour” took place at the nearby Lexington Park Public Library, where homosexual men dressed as garish women read LGBT-affirming story books to young children ages 3-8. They also conducted a “drag queen makeup tutorial” for “tweens and teens” – children 9-19 years old. Their stated goal: “To capture their imagination and give kids positive and unabashedly queer, role models.”
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  1. Greg, there is whole lot of hacking going on. Apparently this is something that ´they´ don´t want you (=everyone) to know:

    check out:


    @ Annie Nonymous, you write: "In fact, most of the black Americans today are descendants of those who rolled over and accepted their lot. Those who fought back generally didn't make it. They were either thrown overboard on the ships in the initial journey or made an example of once they got here"

    Johnnie Aborigine corrects his readers whatever their skincolour in bite-sized chunks: "Less than 190.000 directly from Africa, were shipped into the United States. Direct African imports were imported primarily into Virginia and Carolina. Another 198.000 slaves were shipped into the United States from the Carribean. They were Caracol and Arawak Indians"

    This is approximately the same number of blacks ´imported in the US´ that black Henry Gates - who is in bed with the white DNA falsifying companies to ´unproof´ the native American roots of todays black Amrican.

    Gates is surprised that this few hundred thousand blacks were ´´behind´´ the 30-40 million of black Americans today.

    Aboriginal (Tooway Pakaway) taps from black Indian family lores , books- written by black & white academics with many illustrations - kept from view by you know who.

    The reason why everybody walks around with a wrong movie in her/his head in the USA about its past.

  2. Everyone is targeted by the yidbankers behind the groovy bohemian bilderberg but surtout the American blacks.

    They don´t want the inconvenient truth about the majority of American blacks being American natives (socalled Indians) to be known.

    The abortion clinics were (are) mainly in black-only hoods. And it seems in Chicago the first heavy 5G antennas are installed in black-only hoods.

    Did fake jew Donald T. say to FCC fake negro Ajit Pai (probably a Hindu) to put them there?

  3. Aren't Native Americans primarily of Asian descent? Don't forget that Asians can be very dark -- they aren't all super fair skinned like the Korean and Chinese cultures worship. Some Asians are very dark, almost black. Early European settlers did attempt to make Native Americans slaves even before they imported Africans to do it -- but they found that they didn't make very good slaves. They wouldn't do the work and they died off easier. The Africans were a hardier group and also a group of hard workers -- so they were more desirable as slaves.

    I know that history has been "white washed". I get that. The victors always write history. But, it is quite a stretch to rewrite so that it favors your own people. The blacks today aren't, by and large, descended from Native Americans. Now, are there some that probably have mixed racial heritage? Sure. Where I grew up, there is a group of people called Melungeons who were thought to be tri-racial -- white/black/Native American. They used to hide the darker skinned in their family from census takers because back then your land could be confiscated if you were non-white, even if you were "free". But most of them could pass as white despite the mixed racial heritage. The latest dna testing (which I know you don't accept as being valid) shows that they most likely are middle eastern (Turkish) rather than Native American which is ironic given that this area is primarily prime Trump country. But, poor whites, blacks, and Native Americans lived in communities and intermarried because the white communities didn't want them around.

    I guess it is possible that blacks could have established themselves over here -- much like the Vikings did -- before the first European peoples made their way over. But, most of the Native American tribes have more in common physically with Asians than they do with blacks. Lack of facial hair being a prime example of that. Just look at some of the old photos of Native Americans and you'll see that there are many features that seem related to Asian features.

  4. Muslims and Christians circumcise too. I know because my brother was circumcised. Ain't no big thing. But sucking it...haha. Only a freak.
    Did you visit the library where the drag queen was coming? I would have went with a protest sign. In fact this evil thing is growing like a cancer and I might make it my focus and become an activist. People are sooo stupid.

    1. No, that library was several states over. This sickness is growing, and needs to be stopped to protect our kids.

  5. "Aren't Native Americans primarily of Asian descent?"

    No, read Aboriginal and the sources he refers to. You base yourself with this question on what the fabricated txtbooks of the founders of the USA want us to believe:



    Btw I never like to use Capitals to emphasize (an) issue(s). Saw ´their´ changing the link already and gave the right adress. But they - the tel aviv mossad marmots and their steerers ( for sure msm Rupert M. ceo of the MSM RotSchild lie factory is involved here too) show their weak stand.

    In the following way you´ll find Aborigine´s answer, you have not been able to find his version on this and DO check his sources:

    First step: https://johnnieaborigine.com/

    Second step: You´ll see 3 main bite-size chunks, eat, click the 3rd one:

    FIRST CONTACT PEOPLES (by simply clicking view more). Voila.....:

    To avoid any further matrix tricks (of mostly fake jews and whites + uncle tom toms like Henry Gates) I see myself obliged to at least quote the text of the second image of JA:

    (You see an image of a Mongloid American Indian, as we all have been spoonfed and hollyvoodood with)

    JA comments (answers you before you posed the above question):

    "This is a plains Native, who lived only in the North West.

    This is a suppressive image and DOES NOT (my, capitals, jr) represent 98 % of indigenous Americans. Plains people have absolutely nothing to do wit the the East Coast and the South East.

    Plains North West people never came in contact with earliest European explorers.

    Every earlier European explorer on the entire Atlantic and Gulf coasts met indigenous Americans who looked like this, according to their own voyage accounts:

    (You must have found the image hopefully otherwise the word-s-tory really gets too long)

    This is what Pocahontas looked like. These are the real life descendants of Pocahantas´
    family lineage. This is whom John Smith saw when he arrived to "Virginia" in 1607.

    Northeast and Southeast indigenous people looked like renamed "black people" who were
    autochtonous and originated on American Soil"


    Good old Bobby Fischer - see this short plane interview from Denmark to Iceland after his release from prison in Japan :


    (first version from a Dutch guy Peter Wolf, with Dutch subtitles. After BF compares US to israhell, illegitimate countries who have no right to exist- everybody living there is a usurper, invader, taking part with this crime: which is to rob the land and rob the country and to kill all the American Indians.)

    Second version of RotSchild run AP:


    Fischer last phrase: That country, the United States belongs to the Red Man, the American Indian. (the invader, usurper salt in the wounds is cut off by AP)

    The Chessmaestro was clearly not in the know yet (as most earthlings) of this opening JA stuff.

  6. It is important imv to really get the history straight of the promised land of 2000+ years ago.

    Tacitus on how Hebrews looked like, other authoritative Roman, Greek historians of that time on how Egyptians looked like: like Ethiopians.

    Verses in the Bible on how JC looked like. The earliest icons.

    Ethiopian means litt. in Greek burnt face.

    To avoid any matricky escapes, the skin of Ethiopians from 2000+ years ago looked the same as they look now.

    If the faces of the fake jews of today in that slc sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean get burned they become red (like the Orange Elvis in the WH).


    The whitewashing of the very darkskinned God-knower-&-shower JC by Spanish pope Rodrigo Borgia, -funny I never heard of that m.fucker before, read on- in 1492 together with the Discovery Doctrine lies at the basis of the Euro conquest of the Americas.


    Johnnie Aborigine:

    Hernando de Soto recorded meeting black Indian tribes in Louisiana & Florida in the 1500´s.

    Black Indian tribes are the only Aboriginal people that the earliest European explorers met on all American coasts according to every explorers recorded accounts.

    To revise history as it is presented by the lying educational txt books and msm (also in much of the alt. media) is a must, or else that history will repeat itself.

    To cut this revised history ref. to the slc short, did these etho Hebrews crucify this carpenter son then? That would be good news for the fake jews, ain´t it? They were not here, they were wearing fur head gear in the cold mountains a litlle further north east.

    My esp xyz files from my ora labora labyrinth ref. to this strangely enough got airplay at Angriffan, was surprised myself when I read this shit a few months later:


    GabreaL Jones 20 September 2016 at 04:50 & 04.56

    (a period that I was unable to leave the Netherlands and was heavily targeted by the mossad police / justice system, wanted to leave to Spain....

    It starts with 1492, silly icon times, 5Gsus....Veterans Today had a few days ago a heavy piece on nuclear fall out, leaks, all over the place. F-shima u name it.

    Tomorrow I´ll write a piece about the Third Eye and how higher powers in the God given I pod of your bodily temple (aka your shitbag) are waiting for u to use to turn the Light on (that U essentially are).

    (The bad guys can not get there, remember, Frau Merkel. Brezinsky? He already drank his last breezer of babyblood like poppy Bush usw.)


    In stead of voting. I suggest that whosoever reads the below or not devotes a little time to use the following keys:

    (rec. earlier the on the pyramid of the USD - the eye of the socalled illumimati - is not the Third Eye, it is the ´evil eye´)

    It is the eye of ´Big Brother´ in fact the fearful one(s), who afraid of Death - as the saying goes 2 things are certain Death and Taxes- tries to control other fellow mortals. They die too and leave their all in the family plans to their off-spring, the Bloodline stuff.

    The illuminati are not enlightened, they spread nothing but darkness. Check their fruits since Weishaupt Askenazi jew je-(w)-suit agent of RotSchild established that soccerteam.

    Why they have been since 1 May 1776 (funny, same year that the USA was founded by (jew) Masonry, remember George W. was a Mason and many Potus types after him as well- so seemingly succesfull?

    Because the Third Eye ( in real inner Gnosis* = Knowledge it is the 6th chakra (energy-wheel) in Humans was not (yet) awakened. Everyone heard about its subtle location in between the eyes.

    Dia-gnosis ends (t)here. Reason reach its climax and sees its own function as a cul de sac. A dead end street. No problem. Mostly razor sharp Intuition takes over. Actually it is the culmination of Reason.

    In Dutch Ratio is called ´Rede´. It certainly is a very valuable human faculty in daily dealings. But it has its limits in the the 'Inner Search'. Vrede is it the word for Peace.

    Go beyond the pieces, Be Peace & return to the market.

  8. I will not talk here now about my own esp xyz files and how in some episodes a katalysator function inherent in the frequency field came over me behind the stage, some times en plein publique anywhere, Crazy theater . Here are a few very useful directly usable links:

    No philosophy. but techs. It has not much use to read in the showroom of the cardealer sitting in the vehicle u want to buy to read all day long about who, where, when, how in a manual about the motor of the car or its carroserie, its body work, etc.

    (you could of course turn the key and crash the window for a test ride , but we remain decent?)


    An American, let me call him a -reliable- scientist of the Inner world, Eric Thompson, has been schooled by Inner Teachings from the East, India, Tibet, China, has designed very powerful digital mandala imagery that have a direct awakening impact on your own system. Experiment with it. The above image is only one of a whole serie.

    In India its a millenia old Tradition of Shaktipat. Shakti=energy Pat= to fall. It is actually the essence of what the carpenters son of 2000+ years ago also conferred.

    (JC btw has been connected with this tradition ( in the Bible there is a verse between 11-30, he studied the works of his Father, Source). His fingerprints are there to be found in India.

    He returned to the sweet little country between 30-33.

    Acc. to the Koran (and other sources) he did not die on the cross. But his crew of devoted disciples brought him to Kashmir, where he left his body at the age of 112.

    Imv the Catholic church has perverted this energy transmission, actually awakrning to your own Being, Essence, by the lithurgy of bread and wine and all the rest of it.

    check out: http://humansarefree.com/2014/10/the-catholic-liturgy-is-satanic-ritual.html )

    Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i9NyDqIEgs
    3rd Eye Activation by Eric Thompson


    Another very workable set of vibrational weaponry, search: Meditative Mind

    for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TYiZfEgDw8

    Open third eye chakra:| Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation | Chakra healing

    Why do I chose this vid in particular?

    The AUM sign which is the basic sound of all things in all of Space/Time is pictured here as a 3, with on top of the 3. you could say the (relation)Ship of all life and the dot, the point on top the Beyond.....

    A U M stands for

    A = Waking U= Dreaming S=Sleepingand above your 7th Crown Chakra the ship + *

    A-X-U-M , A+U of waking and Dreaming is X= projecting a movie of objects via the body-mind set. The waking is socalled ´real´. The dreaming is called ´unreal´.

    M= Sleeping no X= np projection of objects but also no awareness.

    AXUM is to be seen as from A (at the base of thre spine) via X to U and M (along your spine)

    Your essence is Being (IS REAL LIGHT) with no object. Nirvana. Kingdom of Heaven. Choose any label.

    The middle channel I in some episodes I called an inverted Broomstick. The Broom your truly illuminated macaroni.

    Enough nonsense.

  9. Other very workable weaponry (agains the yids + their minions, my take on it)

    Protection against evil eye of humanitarian and MD Nipun Aggarwal (and many of his vids , effective for listeners all over zee globe. These tunes, sounds (mantras) work.


    Strange? For example for Americans. Well, Chris C. stumbled on the Americas on his first sailing trip to India.

    My experience is when s.o.s. + like minded agents use this sound material it instantaneously works against them. Give it a try.

    (plus for real freaks, search: Chant Central)

    Experiment with it, all in space / time is sound. Make your own soundscape.

    To close, I like this one as a part : 10 hrs Niagara Falls + DNA NEW YORK


  10. Hey Greg been 12 years since we chatted. How have you been my friend? Barabie

  11. Check out:


    (all about concrete upgrading of the hardware of the I pod of the human body. A good term used by some in this circuit for the Third Eye : Cosmic Browser)


    There are not many in these ´spiritual supermarket circles´ who have an open eye to the
    concrete dangers caused zum Beispiel by the satanic zio yid kabbalah bankers or any other social knot mostly connected to them.

    I used to call that years ago ostrich yoga. Develop inner (universal) vision & come back to the market of differences.

    Of what use is a Kingdom of Heaven ´inside', when you are increasingly living in a Kingdom of Hell ´ouitside´?


    I feel obliged to add the following after having brought up the ´workable weaponry´ jr comment before.

    During esp xyz encounters with- even- mossad types who were sent out to attack me, in the night in a parc (Beatrix, Satanic Dirty Tricks park in Amsterdam) they were touched by what I did not in a violent way to them. They had a profound raising of Kundalini (Life Energy) to the crown and a descent of happiness xtra-odinanair from there via their ´broomstick´ to their lowest chaktra, after I mentally, verbally ´coached´ them.

    (In mossad etc. circles I have come to be known as a sort of "healer" (free of any charge btw) but also as a don´t mess with him sort of a guy , because you might end up on the list of ´´mossad marmots" who cannot tell their "killing him off story" anymore.

    Talk with vd Laan Mayor of Amsterdam who made the grade without me knowing and many more. I never attack but when necessary I have to defend my mortal coil, meta-physical street logic.)

    But weeks later the old (in their case the talmud, tanya shit) programming returned.

    In their completely constipaZion status they were jailed to a complete uncontrollable chaos of messy imagery. Mossad gives them heavy meds, which only worsen the situation & drills them for an expedition.

    I quoted the saying ascribed to this historic JC character- never read that Bible much just very vaguely ´browsed through certain verses´:

    NEW WINE IN NEW BAGS. Probably clear what I mean with using that quote. It is something that everyone who went through this elevatori-satori use him/herself has to do.

    Your body has tasted a new way of functioning but in many cases old mental programming
    can return in a rather strange way.

    A falling set of images might appear, before your purified minds Eye. This is dishwashing water. Don´t panic. Don´t analyze. Intuitively you will know in an instant what these images mean, don´t ´read´ them, you disturb the proces.

    To put it simple: don´t drink your dishwater.

    Just observe the falling images. Don´t analyze them


    Another last thing: Modern psychiatry, psychology* they don´t know one iota of how to deal with socalled mental illness in people in general, do they in fact have any knowledge about the ´normal´ human psyche*?

    My take is they are completely ignorant about it. Franfurt school of jews. Sigmund coke junk Freud Tavistock Urheber. More ways to enslave the cattle.

    Many of the people in mental hospitals talk with a ´psyche expert´ and after a few minutes this expert writes out a recipe´ for a ´med.

    Pills or worse injections. The author of the first version of the DSM Diagnostic Statistic Manual of mental disorders is 100% against his psychiatry bible now. He says it is al conjured up maladies by a group of ´psychoexperts´ who come up with a new fancy name for a socalled new mental dis-order.

    It is a billion dollar industry of death. Not only in the ment. hosp. but everyone outside´ on psychometric meds + they are very addictive.

    (*an exception might be Self Actualisation psychologist Abraham Maslow (probably a jew too), his hiarchy of needs are to be found in his name Master & Lower needs, but does he offer tools to fulfil these needs?)


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