Thursday, August 8, 2019

Best Synopsis of the El Paso Deep State Terror Operation

When news of this first came out, we were told that the shooting started outside of the Wal Mart.  Could that noise have come from the Wal Mart roof, where CIA/Mosssad snipers had set up their guns, pried up a vent and were shooting down into the Wal Mart?
That's a good possibility, since we sure as hell won't get the truth from the (((MSM))) or the Israeli occupied government.
Now why would Jootube remove the videos from the patsy's Father? Hmmm...




    "Abandoned shoes - a sign of a False Flag"

    Like all the shoes in the zum Kotzen hollow holo museums in the West.

    Eustace Mullins says somewhere that the Washington DC h. museum is right next to the Federal Reserve building, the FED´s headquarters.

    The left and right shoe of the wandering you know who, RotSchild choreography.

    Time to break the spell.

  2. The museum is next to the Mint; the Federal Reserve is almost 1/2 mile away

  3. intelligence analyst = 35G . . .

    in a JEW worshipping society intelligence is JEWISH lies

    repeated on Talmud Vision 24/7...

    there are no FALSE FAGS in a JEW worshipping Society, all

    FAGS are real.

    in a Jew worshipping Society all Niggers and Sodomites and Jews

    are like really extra special...with special privileges,

    curiously, the MASS MURDER of the Branch Davidians was in fact not

    a "False Flag" was a Mass Mind Control "trauma based"

    mass mind control operation ....on the "JEW" worshipping Society

    for 51 days.

    one thing that is not in question is the mug shots of the perps...

    being the Synagogue of Satan psychopaths that identify as

    being {{{{{JEWISH}}}}} with a TERRORIST CULT COMPOUND

    in PALESTINE for Jesus hating {{{JEW}}} terrorists

    and dig this CHUTZPAH...{{{{THEY}}} MASS MURDER actual


    with BILLION DOLLAR WEAPONS SYSTEMS paid for by the

    BRAINDEADGOY in the JEW worshipping USA

    a Bankrupt Corporate Legal Fiction...

    one for the record books...SEE : ISAIAH 13:14.

    in Isaiah 13:14...where do the Yiddish speaking

    GOG & MAGOG...PROSELYTES to Talmudic Judaism go..?

    knowing the truth is the cure for believing {{{{LIES}}}}

    John 8:32.



  4. Trump, the trojan horse, is trying to pull another fast one on gun control
    He says he has no stomach to ban assault weapons....that is suppose to appease
    the fears of the right. But he is for further background checks that will
    determine who is fit to own a weapon. This is extremely more radical than not
    having the right to own an assault weapon, because when the judaized left comes
    fully into power they will just say no white nationalists,supremacists or christians
    are fit to own guns. There is already an extensive list as to who owns guns so gun confiscation
    will be an easy step. Trump....the pick of the Deep State to round up the deplorables
    for the final solution.

  5. Between the hate white bois BS coming from the (((MSM))) and the let's kill off whitey coming from Juden, white ppl are on the endangered species list and are too fucking stupid to realize what is taking place right in front of them.

  6. @ Unknown August 8, 2019 at 1:37 PM

    Thanx. The mint is the FED´s of course. That it is actually what I now remember Mullins speaking about - probably in his talk about the connection Zio & Nazi - where the money is minted, printed or to put it more scientifically, where the money is shitted out of the ass of RotSchild & his underlords

    And the US & the globe as a whole are of course the real zombified assholes who are paying interest for this mentally + socially unfresh process.

    Tijd dat we de yid bankers van de pot rukken. Time that we pull the yidbankers from the pot (the toilet). Or better said flush them throught the toilet.

    But of course the whole digital money sceam, just dialing in any number of zeros behind a 123 etc. or any combination of it on a screen, is the real fundamental Mental Asylum in which we allow ourselves to live in as individuals and nations etc.
    Time to change the fundamental rules of the game (spel/regels, in Dutch)


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