Sunday, August 4, 2019

Hello Mossad Texas FF, Adios Mossad Asset Jeff Epstein

The mass shooting at the El Paso Wal Mart has the markings of a Mossad/CIA False Flag that was pulled off to achieve two goals: One is to disarm law-abiding Americans and the other, to get Mossad asset and honey-potter Jeff Epstein off the news cycle.

The former is a work in progress, the latter, accomplished.

Let's look at the conflicting reports coming out of El Paso, but first, let's look at the shooter patsy, Patrick Crusius.

Here's a screenshot of his Daddy's JOOtube page. Notice the Star of David?
Which begs the question; Why are so many of these mass shooters Jews. This is a legit concern, since Jews only make up around 2% of the population.
Now that the (((MSM))) has got their lies together, let's look at the initial eyewitness reports out of El Paso that mentioned MULTIPLE shooters:

Sloppy job, Mossad.

Let's not forget what one group of self-Chosen supremacists have said what they are going to do to us Gentiles:
The rabid Rabbis pulls no punches, (((they've))) declared war on us GOYIM.

I'm not buying the BS that some punk, who had no military or police training, could manhandle an AK-47, an assault rifle that is a bit hefty and packs a kick, which I know from personal experience. We're supposed to believe that some 'incel' type could coolly and methodically shoot and kill 20 people and wound another 26? Then calmly turn himself over to the police for arrest?


Annuder though: Anyone who's shopped at a Wal Mart has noticed the CCTV cameras in the ceiling and elsewhere. The damned things are all over the place, so where's the digital quality video showing the patsy shooting the place up? And none of that BS video that has NO date and time stamp, and is grainy and out of focus. Produce the videos or STFU (((MSM))). Especially of the patsy changing mags.

This also exposes the (((Deep States's))) 2020 election campaign. Look for these mass shootings on a regular basis, until Congress demands that Trump take our weapons.

Welcome to Civil War 2.0.


  1. Read my new weekend rant, Greg.... I have covered all of your points and many more...

    This thing is so bad and so sloppy... But they know the American people (well, most of them...) are now too stupid and brain dead and will swallow anything they put out as "news"...

    1. big time self adjudication in process...

      truth haters and Jew worshippers being the braindeadgoy

      are literally on the ...{{{HIGHWAY TO HELL/JEWTOPIA}}}

      ....good riddance

      know the truth about the Synagogue of Satan "JEWS" !!!

      why waste time and energy on {{{JEW}}} worshippers...?

      surely {{{THEY}}} deserve their reward for {{{JEW}}}

      worshipping....full tilt boogie...24/7/365 for 70 years

      now for that taco recipe



  2. Excellent work, sir. Brief and to the point. The jews are the enemy. And jews are NOT Whites.

    I encourage all readers to use a program to save the best articles, such as this one, not only for archiving purposes but also to use to prove the truth to family, friends, acquaintances.

    One of the free programs is

    Get truth MUSIC and two videos:

    1. 1} Kennedy Assassination, was the bankrupt corporate fiction
      called the "STATE OF TEXAS" a willing participant to the murder..?

      2}When the Davidians were assaulted by an ADL/ATF military
      assault on Sunday morning with helicopters shooting
      through the roof, and the {{{JEWISH}}} media lying about
      what really happened did the bankrupt corporate fiction
      called the "STATE OF TEXAS"...comply with the mass murderers
      and professional liars...The ADL/FBI...?

      how many times does this crime syndicate chinese fire drill
      by {{{JEW}}} terrorists get to happen in Texas...? the truth a problem

      I sat through a semester with N De Grasse Tyson back
      1986 @ UT Austin...haven't really ever been too fond
      of his activities...but

      sometimes a little perspective helps

      no {{{JEW}}}



  3. I don't call them false flags. I call them psyops against America, and phony fake shows in order to achieve some rancid agenda. Yes, of course, there's some Jew involved. Fake terrorizing the U.S. is not acceptable to me. There is no forgiveness for it, only wrath unmingled with mercy.

    1. like in Matthew 13 : 39-43...where Jesus says...

      "STICK 'EM IN THE OVENS"...!!!

      dig that chutzpah...!!!

      88...was that a cohencidence....?

      how about that hotel california....

      poop is everywhere...all the time, so {{{JEWISH}}}}

      and what about the neon nazi's...?

      does the 1st amendment not apply for truth if the so-called

      {{{JEWS}}}} and SODOMITES & NIGGERS call it "HATE SPEECH"...?

      time for "Cowboys" and {{{JEWS}}}...@ Matthew 13:39-43.



    2. No, Davy. Not like that at all. Thanks though.

  4. A kingdom divided cannot stand. This is common sense.

  5. Oh, and by the way, it's America committing psyops against America, thanks to Israel. Are you kidding me right now that people can't see this?

  6. Apparently, lying to us is "legal" now, and many are in on it. It's a terrible thing.
    That's the wide road to destruction, and many are on it.

  7. This flurry of "mass shootings" is nothing but bullshit. (I'm sorry for cursing, Lord. it seems the only way.) Just look at them all and you will see. When the first thing out of a father's mouth is his anger because there's no gun control, you're witnessing bullshit. (I'm sorry, Lord.)

  8. (Forgive me, Lord) Fuck Wikipedia, always on the spot, right away with the official story.

  9. What I mean to say is that America's government is Israel's bitch. I guess it has to so with shekels and blackmail? I couldn't know.

  10. I would suggest ridding myself of such a parasite.

  11. I often wonder, who taught the U.S. government to steal land belonging to someone else. Jews? The cruelty is there. Palestinians and American Indians are not that different, are they?

    Who taught whom, I wonder.

  12. Not that I care. Evil is evil.

  13. Wait. The Queen? Oh, who cares?

  14. I guess it's mammon and blackmail. It's all disgusting to me.

  15. Sorry, Greg. I guess I've had my say-so, for now.

  16. Check lout the gj comment at:

    Gabreal Jones says:
    August 4, 2019 at 4:17 pm
    NY governor Cuomo went on a 2 day ´solidaritytrip´ to the slc sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean end of june 2019 after ´some alleged shootings´ in slc related circles in the USA.

    He came back with a memorable souvenir: C. anounces sweeping series of economic development partnerships between New York and the ´slc´.Needless to say, the rest of the USA will follow.

    1st of july:

    17 companies of the slc will roll out 5G and the whole IoT.

    3rd of August:


    The video of Brendon oO´Conell that ´stood´ already for 1,5 week ref. to this at Vidrebel was taken out, very curious.

    Was it perhaps because I posted a comment: Good video. But check out - the vid had in its beginning an item about Eisenhower about the military industrial complex once he was potus of whom I said in a short comment that he was a German jew and was together with his tribemembers Roosevelt & Churchill behind the bombing of Dresden?

  17. Greg a long thread ablout Ajit Pay FCC in the end:

    @ Capt. Ajit Vadakayil July 15, 2019 at 5:06 PM

    I see you removed my comment in which I link to Johnnie Aborigine a young black creative, real native American with ancestry thousands of years on American soil before Chris C. who throws a till recently unknown light on ´America´.

    Why do you remove them after first publishing them? He bases himself on family
    lores and txt books by white academics who are not to be found in the regular educational lie factory.

    Trump is a insane loser, a chabad laptop chabad lapdog. Like Putin a crypto yid

    Are you communicating or are you dictating (that means, your regular readers to whom I don´t belong, I just happen to stumble on this SJV piece of yours)

    SJV is fake, in a training suit I saw him answering a large forum of Indian students on "Illuminati....?": "You don´t have to worry about it, they don´t control anything much these days."

    At some y-tube vids of this sjv org. & of a former ´sjv member´ called Ved Book I commented: This shows sjv is a cheap clown using ageold Indian (Universal) Spirituality to fill his pockets and polish his ego. How can he get this nonsense out of his ´enlightened, compassionate´ throat? The suicides of hundreds of thousands of ´small´ Indian farmers, the Monsanto RotSchild illuminati jews are behind these desperate acts.

    Very good, I saw that you raised this disastrous situation of these farmers a few years ago, too.

    Paramatma is the Author of Creation: in perfect sync, the day that I gave a reaction to your sjv piece, sjv organised a rally (he halted it) about the farmer suicides.

    SJV is indeed a copycat of Osho, who also did not say anything about the satanic ´illuminati´ jewbankers behind any throne, certainly these days:

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, it was removed. You need to keep your comments to the blog at hand and not go wandering off, using this platform as your blog.
      If you persist in tossing out all sorts of thoughts that aren't related to the blog posting, you'll see those comments deleted.

      And by commenting, I mean more than just tossing out that it was a great blog, and BTW, you should look into this...

  18. Of course, now I guess I'm a terrorist, or something, since I reject the official story, or some such nonsense? Oh FBI/CIA, just sit down and shut up. Nobody likes you.

    1. Also, shut up complicit MEDIA. Nobody likes you either.


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