Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Are Israeli 'Jews' the Most Corrupt Ra...Beings on the Planet?

That appears to be the case.

I've said this before...Put all Jews on some island, forbidding them from conning, gypping, grifting and screwing over the Goyim and within a year, most of them would be dead from the little battles that would erupt when the thieves only had each other to fuck over.
Jews, Crime and Corruption (11/09/2019)

We begin this week’s edition of ‘Jews, Crime and Corruption’ with the news that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been driven from pillar to post this week with his neo-con jewish sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson vowing to have nothing to do with him ever again and Netanyahu’s eldest son Yair trying to sic the Israeli police on his critics citing alleged ‘harassment’ (aka scrutiny).

The Israeli Prime Minister has been trying to remedy this worsening situation by having his newly-minted Israeli State Comptroller undermining and trying to get rid of all the people actively trying to investigate the multiple corruption charges being leveled against him. Even as prospective appointees chosen by said Israeli State Comptroller are edgy about this extra-legal attempt by Netanyahu to silence his critics and are withdrawing their candidacies.
Add to that Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is being continuously harassed – likely by paid agents of Netanyahu and the Likud party –even as he has outlined new measures against leaks from the investigations into Netanyahu. While the anti-corruption protests being held near Mandelblit’s private residence have been increasing in violence as well as vehemence which has caused Israeli police to attempt to silence this justified expression of apparent popular anger against those who have been caught with their hand in the till.

Yet even as we close in on new Israeli general election there is absolutely no clarity as to who is going to win with the jewish voters largely choosing to ignore Netanyahu’s lack of any kind of personal integrity – corruption evidently doesn’t matter very much to jews suggesting that are a generally corrupt people –while the Israeli Prime Minister is trying to start a new short war in the Middle East to increase his popularity with his ultra-Orthodox allies accusing anyone who criticizes them of ‘anti-Semitism’.

In other corruption-related news; Israeli Minister of Welfare and Social Services Haim Katz – who is also a member of Netanyahu’s Likud party - is set to be charged with corruption, breach of trust and fraud. While Likud MK Gal Hirsch – who had been put forward to run Israel’s police force and was formerly a General in the IDF – has been accused of conducting a massive tax fraud scheme and a senior official of Jerusalem’s Municipal Government, his assistant and the company director involved have all been arrested for bribery and corruption with said senior official promptly committing suicide to avoid prosecution.

The corruption revelations from the world of jewish business have also been significant with Israeli mining billionaire Beny Steinmetz being prosecuting for bribery in Equatorial Guinea in Switzerland whose charges he has been at pains to deny publicly.

Meanwhile in prosecutions of the jewish-run and now illegal Binary Options Industry Lee Elbaz – who despite the name is jewish land whale – has been found guilty of conducting a $145 million fraud and Israel has reluctantly and belatedly begun its own criminal investigation into the Binary Options Industry that generated millions if not billions of dollars for the Israeli economy during its existence.
Someone predicted what would happen if the Khazars managed to lie their way into having their own nation....

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