Saturday, November 16, 2019

R U Ready 4 Anudder Jew Banking Fiasco?

Better be, since one is just around the corner. And this one will make the Crash of '29 and 2008 seem like a picnic.
And like the 'Roaring '20's, which is what the 1920's were called, due to an over-exuberant stock market, we have the same irrational activity now. Add in the PC/SJW crowd foaming at the mouth with TDS, who are being used by a certain group of funny-looking gangsters and some saying it would be preferable to have a market crash to having Trump remain in office, and the table is set for a monster crash.

And who will we have to thank for this coming misery?
Former Fed Head Ben Shalom Bernanke admitted in 2002 that the Fed caused the Crash of '29 and at one time, Jootube had that video, but for some reason, it's been dropped down the Memory Hole. I remember that video because Bennie was cackling about the Great Depression, sounding like a Hillary gleefully remembering how she helped anally rape Qaddafi. Now the Fed wants to anally rape us.

Wanna see what the future looks like?
While we're looking for rats to kill and eat, the ones who have made a fortune off this rigged game while be relaxing in South America's Patagonia region or New Zealand or make Aliyah to Israel.

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