Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Take this Gender Bender Quiz to see if you're Sane or Crazy!

If you're a white person, living in a predominantly white nation and wish your country to stay that way, some quacks ducks in the American Psychiatric Association (APA) view that a some kind of mental disease:
Dig out a giant hairball? Can't they just cough it out, like a cat?

But if you're a male, and just know that Nature pulled a fast one on you, that you are really a female trapped--gender dysphoria--in the body of a yucky man, and get your cock and balls chopped off, then have a huge surgical gash cut between your thighs, which you have to dilate with dildos weekly, because the body--rightly so--recognizes that as a wound and tries to heal that abomination, well you're considered normal by the APA quacks ducks.
Even though around 41% of these sick individuals commit suicide.

Here's where it gets sweet for these weirdos. By getting the APA to recognize their sickness as being normal, the insurance companies will now be forced to pay for their mutilation.

Meaning yours and mine health insurance rates will soar.

Can't afford that heart-bypass for your Father? Tough shit, the trannies come first.

So are you mentally deranged like I am or a sane, well-adjusted trans-freak?

Ladies, picture yourself with one of these Oscar Mayer products sewed to your pelvis area! Or should I say trans-men?
Do you tell your lover to not yank on your sausage too hard, as that might pull out the stitches and then your--not going to call that a cock--thingee would fall off?


  1. I always learn something from reading your Blog!

  2. Greg... You know where I stand in terms of this fraud of "transgenderism" and the mentally brain damaged sickos that get involved with that crap...

    But your pictures shown here truly are amazing, and shows how our societies have now gone full RETARD!!!!


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