Thursday, December 31, 2020

VAT? The World Almanac & Book of Facts Doesn't Mention our Holy Holocau$t ™ ?

Well no, at least not the 1987 issue. 

Found it for sale at a yard sale awhile back for .25 cents & bought it, since it's a well made book with heavy leather cover. It was published by something called "Pharos Books" which is a Scripps-Howard Company. 
From the 2021 World Almanac description, we have this: "The World Almanac® is America’s bestselling reference book of all time, with more than 83 million copies sold. For more than 150 years, this compendium of information has been the authoritative source for school, library, business, and home." 

"The authoritative source for school, library, business and home"? Sounds pretty final on the facts they present, so why no mention in the 1987 version of the Holocau$t ™ nor of the Shoah? 

Hmm, could it be because the world's most lucrative racket needed some more weepy, fictionalized versions of WWII from Hollywood, as if the 400+ movies & docs aren't enough.(Actually, if one were to include the movies that have NOTHING to do with the biggest con job in the 20th Century, that at some point has some character blurting out how those evil Nazis murdered 6 gorillion, then back to the original movie, that list would be several thousand films long.) 

Over 900 pages of facts crammed into that Leviathan, since they use font so small you have to use a magnifying glass to read. 
Yet NOTHING about the most sacred cow, the LOLocaust?  
On page 921 they do mention that in 1937-50 years ago, German Jews were required to wear a Yellow Star, like this one:
And that Buchenwald CONCENTRATION Camp opened. That's all, just opened, no mention of Juden being forced to go there.
Then we have this from D Lipstadt, "Washington Post: Denying Election Results Is like Denying Holocaust," OMG, the world is coming to an end! 

What a crock of smelly stuff. 
The essay, titled “Denying the Holocaust threatens democracy. So does denying the election results,” makes several comparisons while suggesting how to combat such “denial.”

Debbie had help from Norm Eisen, who you might remember from the phony Trump impeachment hearings since he was the lead attorney for the Dems. 

"Get your bagels, hot tasty bagels right here!"

More steamy BS, from Ms Debbie:
"In 2011, she told Ha’aretz, “When you take these terrible moments in our history, and you use it for contemporary purposes in order to fulfill your political objectives, you mangle history, you trample on it.”
Bullshit Debbie, when people DON'T question history, written by the victors--in part--to cover up their war crimes is the real threat to democracy, not some erroneous view of WWII. 

It gets worse as the haters of white people are kicking their campaign to eradicate the white cancer into high gear, using their entrenched people & street thugs.
They hate white people so much, they've weaponized their House Negros & PANTIFA meth heads to burn, loot & murder us. 
And the worse is yet to come.

I'm not saying Jews are behind every nasty, false flag type of incident or the well-organized looting of our wealth from within by Wall Street bandits who are protected by the FED, the Treasury Dept, the FBI & SEC, Congress & the WH I'm just wondering how in the hell can a people who are less than 2% of the US population can cause so much havoc?
Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing) by Emily GOLDSTEIN
First off, I am a white person Jude myself, so allow me to get that out of the way. I’m extremely glad that the white race is dying, and you should be too. White people do not have a right to exist. Period... 
No white people means no oppression. White people are like a cancer and oppression is a symptom of the cancer. Cut out the cancer altogether – with the cancer being white people – and you get rid of all of the oppression which white people cause.
If white people don't have a right to exist, neither do Jews or Israel..

Sunday, December 27, 2020

1991 Gulf War, Congressmen Leo Ryan, Tom Lantos & the CIA


False Kuwait Baby Incubator Story leads to War
The 991 illegal invasion of Iraq is called the "Gulf War," but I call it "Operation Desert Slaughter, Part I." 

The fake Kuwait baby story was pushed by Congressman Tom Lantos--naturally a Holocau$t ™ survivor who succeeded Leo Ryan, murdered in 1978 in the Jonestown massacre. (So many holocost survivors makes one wonder how many Juden did the Nazis actually kill?) 

Here's a glimpse of the MAN Ryan was, acting like someone who actually serves America instead of being some blood-soaked psychopath who grabs as much loot as he/she can while pissing on Americans.
After the Watts riots of 1965, Ryan took a job as a substitute school teacher to investigate and document conditions in the area. In 1970, he launched an investigation into California prisons. While presiding as chairman of the Assembly committee that oversaw prison reform, he used a pseudonym to enter Folsom State Prison as an inmate. During his time in Congress, Ryan traveled to Newfoundland to investigate the practice of seal hunting. He was also famous for vocal criticism of the lack of congressional oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and co-authored the Hughes–Ryan Amendment, passed in 1974.
Mr Ryan had went to Jonestown, Guyana to investigate reports of people being held there against their will. Murdered by psychopaths in an operation very likely to be a CIA mind control experiment. Murdered by a cold-blooded psycho who shot Mr Ryan 20 times before shooting him in the face. There's only two kinds of things--not human--that shoot a human being that may times, one is a CIA type the other is a Zionist pretending to be a Muslim. 

Ryan was the House member & Senator Hughes of Iowa who authored the Hughes–Ryan Amendment, which said in part: "...The legislation was meant to ensure that the intelligence oversight committees within Congress were told of CIA actions within a reasonable time limit. Senator Hughes, in introducing the legislation in 1973, also saw it as a means of limiting major covert operations by military, intelligence, and national security agents conducted without the full knowledge of the president." 

Telling the COCAINE IMPORTING AGENCY that they have to report their traitorous, thieving, murderous ways to Congress is one way to shorten your lifespan. 

There's an interesting angle to this story. Lantos won the House seat vacated by Leo Ryan, murdered when he went to investigate the dodgy 1978 Jonestown massacre.
On November 18 1978, 913 people died in Jonestown, a small compound carved out of the jungles of Guyana, a small country on the northeast coast of South America. The media at the time reported that it was a fanatical group of followers of the Rev. Jim Jones, lead to the jungles of South America to get away from the oppression of life here in America. They also reported that his followers willingly followed their leader into the great beyond by sipping on some cyanide cocktails, laced with purple Kool-Aid. 
In fact, the notion of a mass suicide at Jonestown has been repeated so many times that it is accepted as fact, and the association is so strong that when most people hear "Jonestown," the first thing which pops in their head is "Kool-Aid." 
This association is false.
Jones was also a Marxist, which is no surprise as they live to kill others. But he didn't escape the Jonestown massacre, not by drinking the spiked Koo-Aid, but by getting shot in the head.
[U.S. embassy official] Dwyer was an agent of the CIA. 
For his part, Dwyer neither confirms nor denies that he was a CIA agent, but he was identified in the 1968 edition of Who's Who in the CIA. A month after the massacre the San Mateo Times, a Bay Area newspaper (hometown paper of Leo Ryan), reported that "State Department officials acknowledge that a CIA agent was dispatched to Jonestown within minutes of the airstrip assault." Dwyer denied to the Times that he was there at the time. According to one report, Dwyer's next stop after Guyana was Grenada. 
"I believe that it is possible that Jonestown may have been a mind-control experiment," [Leo Ryan's aid] Holsinger said in a 1980 lecture, "that Leo Ryan's congressional visit pierced that veil and would have resulted in its exposure, and that our government, or its agent the CIA, deemed it necessary to wipe out over nine hundred American citizens to protect the secrecy of the operation. "
Did the Goyim control outfit, the ADL--Anudda Damn Lie--have anything to do with this bloody experiment?
Mind control experiments come in handy when some shit-eating outfit is trying to dupe the entire planet into believing that Covid is some kind of Black Death....

Thursday, December 24, 2020

'Twas the Night Before Occupied Palestine


'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Palestine IOF creatures were stirring, setting land mines. No stockings were hung by the chimney with care, Palestinian kids knew death was in the air.

The children were hiding under their beds, While IOF storm troopers were about, spraying lead. And mamma in her hijab, and I in my cap, were praying to Allah that the IOF would not snap.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, IOF machine guns were making bodies splatter. A window broke with the sound of a crash As an IOF grenade, turned my brothers into mash. 

The blood on the breast of the new-fallen snow Gave the lustre of death to objects below. When, what to my frightened eyes should appear, But an Israeli tank, and eight more IOF troopers and gear. 

The IOF tank driver, so little and quick, I knew in a moment, compensating for his small dick. More rapid than eagles his shells they came, And he laughed and shouted, and called my family names. And then, in a twinkling, I heard the roof cave in And the IOF troopers, shouting with a grin. As I drew in my head, and was turning around, Down the chimney came a IOF mortar round. 

It crashed to our floor, with a terrible noise Killing my father with typical Jewish joy. An IOF trooper, with bombs in his backpack. Kicked open our door and started to attack.
His eyes-how they gleamed! My, how scary His cheeks were like tombs, his nose like a cherry! His droll little mouth was drawn with a sneer. The bulge in his pants, told me he was queer. 

The stump of a pipe bomb he held tight in his teeth, And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath. He had a ghostly face and a little round belly, That shook when he shot his machine gun, like on the Telly.
He was severe and plump, a bastard with a leer And I cried when I saw him, filled with fear. The gleam in his eye and a twist of his head, Soon gave me to know I had much to dread. 

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, Spraying bullets around, like a callous jerk. And laying his knife aside of my throat He slit it open, like one would a goat.
He sprang to his tank, to his team gave a whistle, And away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight, "Death to all Palestinians and to all, a gory night!" Today's Jewish Billionaires Are Much Worse than 19th c. Robber Barons - Don't Give up Your Guns Just Yet ...

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Y Does it Feel Like a Well Organized Mob of Pedos have Taken Over the USG?

 When you read crazy shit like this baby rapist getting genital mutilation surgery paid for by Wisconsin tax payers

And then read that the Pentagon--tax payers--will pay for genital mutilation surgery, then something is out of whack.
Remember how it hit the fan when Trump wanted to stop this insanity?
With Pedo Joe in the WH, the surgeries will be paid for again by under siege sane taxpayers.
I'm not some heartless SOB, I realize that people that think chopping off their balls & cock, then getting a huge gash cut into their body between their upper thighs, thinking that makes them a woman are in serous need of psychiatric care. They should get that mental health care, but if they want to surgically mutilate their bodies, let THEM pay for that craziness. 

Looks yummy, no?
But this is what to expect when royal assholes create hateful shit, calling it Free Speech like this deranged carton at the same time, they shit all over our Free Speech right. 
The same dickheads that are canceling Christmas, but raise hell when you mention to also cancel Hanukkah.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Goyim R U Ready for Biden's DARK WINTER?

You better be, since its coming. Too many of you have strayed away from our trusted MSM outlets, like the NYT, CNN & MSNBC. 
As such, you're getting too damn uppity by reading stories about nations like India opting for a sensible approach to a seasonal FLU BUG.
You're going to have to be taught a lesson on what real power is like when we start shutting down the Internet. That thermostat that is Joogle approved, NEST? 

It won't work. Your not-so-smart phones? DOA. 

All those alt news sites you get REAL news from & not some half-assed, bullshit lie from our cadre of well-trained professional liars in our MSM? 
You won't be able to access those sites. 

We'll also have made the worthless FED notes VERBOTEN & give you back some of your money in digitized form, which will then be hacked someday & blamed on Russia or Iran or China.
When enough of you cry out for help, we'll tell you only those who have had out Covid vaccine shot, that uses murdered, uh excuse me, aborted fetal baby cells will be allowed to get back online, but by then, we'll have cleaned out those nasty places that made you think & herd you back into our blood-soaked arms. 

When over 2,700 Evangelical puffs tell their flocks to get the shot, even though it contains murdered baby cells, well who you gonna turn to?
WARNING! “Dark Winter” Begins! Next Phase is “Digital Pandemic” as Cyber Wars Start   
Millions of people around the world got a very small taste of what can happen when technology fails on Monday this week when most of the Google network went down, and people could not access their Gmail email accounts, YouTube videos, and many other Google services. For those who rely upon Google for home devices, it was a sobering wake-up call... 
Are You Prepared for an Internet Blackout and Disruptions to the Electrical Grid? 
These inconveniences suffered this week with Google going down are NOTHING compared to what is probably coming down the road, and which could be imminent. 
Imagine what life will be like with no Internet at all for an extended period of time, and where electrical service could become very unstable and also be down for an extended period of time. 
For those who have been paying attention, the Globalists have actually been warning us that this is coming for sometime now.
For an excellent synopsis of this bullshit, go to AANGIRFAN. 

For those who think Tubby the Grifter is going to start a Civil War to right the stolen election, think again. Neither the WH or Congress did a damn thing when we pleaded for help to them to get Silicon Valley to stop shitting our Free Speech. 

Even when they banned the President, all he did was whine like a little bitch.
Its up to us, not some sold-out billionaire to free ourselves from this tyranny. One last thought: Ask yourself why they're canceling Christmas, but not Hanukkah?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wow, Can U Believe 2 Joos Helped set off Anudda Massive Banking Crash ?

I'm astounded! To think that two slippery sleaze bags would screw over Goyim and steal almost 300 million in 1933 money, which would be worth billions today.
Two days after Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn in as President on March 4, 1933, he had no choice but to declare a nationwide “banking holiday” lasting to March 13 in order to deal with a financial panic and bank runs. Setting in motion the growing panic was the collapse of the Bank of United States in 1930, the largest bank collapse in U.S. history at that point. At the time of its collapse, Bank of United States was the fourth largest depositor bank in New York City, holding an astounding $268 million for over 400,000 small time depositors. There was no federal deposit insurance at that time to stem the banking panic. 
The bank’s name inferred to many that it was part of the U.S. government, which it decidedly was not. The bank was founded by two men from the garment industry, Bernard Marcus and Saul Singer. But the bank’s name and its collapse fed media coverage and triggered other bank runs.
Those two dickheads thieving led to the passing of the Glass- Steagall Act, creating federal deposit insurance for bank deposits while also banning banks taking insured deposits from owning stock trading house. 
A smart law that was repealed in 1999, thanks to the help of ..ready for this surprise? Anudda Jew, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and the loathsome skank hunter Bill Clinton. These two predators also helped push thru the Financial Services Modernization Act, which basically made legal what had been illegal. 
The same for commodities, and together with the killing of Glass-Steagall led Wall Street con artists, thieves & predators to go on an eight year looting spree that blew up in late 2008. 10 million Americans lost their jobs, then their homes thanks to these slippery SOB's rigging the markets. 

Since the corrupt, indolent, kiddie fucking Congress did NOTHING to reel in this criminal excess, the cocksuckers went on a anudda looting and betting spree to the point where they've got over 1.5 QUADRILLION in bad CDS/CDO bets that went sour. Guess who's going to bail out these fucking vampires? 
The only 'Operation War Speed' is the one where the slimy FED fucks bail out their banker buds with tens & trillions of FED notes while us peons wonder if we'll still have a job & a home to live in after this economic gang rape.

But most Americans don't know jack about this, cause all they hear is COVID, COVID, COVID is going to kill you unless you get shot by Bill THANOS Gates mystery vaccine. And BTW, Orange Man bad! 
WE need to set up gallows poles & guillotines in Manhattan and start grabbing these loathsome fucks when they slip out of their offices & administer some frontier justice.
The Glass-Steagall Act protected the U.S. banking system for 66 years until its repeal by Congress on November 12, 1999 under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Just nine years after Glass-Steagall was repealed, Wall Street trading houses like Citigroup, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch – which owned federally-insured banks as a result of the repeal of Glass-Steagall – were collapsing from their wild, speculative bets, setting off the worst financial crash since the Great Depression. 
Citigroup was propped up with $2.65 trillion in cumulative, secret loans from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for 2-1/2 years. Lehman Brothers, which collapsed into bankruptcy on September 15, 2008, had more than 900,000 derivative contracts outstanding and had used the largest federally-insured banks on Wall Street as counterparties to many of its losing derivative trades. Merrill Lynch was propped up with $2.4 trillion in cumulative, secret loans from the Fed and collapsed into the arms of Bank of America in 2008.
Stealing tens & tens of trillions wasn't enough for these shit-covered pigs, now they want to open up banks that are NOT insured so they can gamble even bigger amounts, cause they know that Uncle Sucker--that's you & me--will get the bill while they go to their Patagonia bug out & we suffer. What they want to do is against federal law and even the ABA--American Banking Association--is against this fraud, but Trump be a goody boy, he'll do what he's told by Jared the Chabad.
…if Applicant is successfully able to establish itself as a national bank and a depository institution, despite not being an insured depository institution, it is likely that other enterprises would follow this path, thereby creating a new and growing source of systemic risk. 
Even if the number of uninsured national banks and the amount of their deposits were relatively limited, the potential impact of the failure of one or more of these banks upon other banks may not be. This is particularly the case because the OCC has not acted as a receiver in decades, and the resolution of such a firm is likely to be confusing and uncertain.
Now that Jared the Chabad's white elephant building at 666 Fifth Ave--gotta love that number--is safe, thanks to Daddy-in-law making threats to sanction Qatar, until some oil sheikh invested a couple hundred million in 666, he can conjure up all sorts of evils from that location while we get hung out to dry. 

Those sillies in Congress that think they're going to investigate Jared the Chabad under-the-table business dealings using his power as Senior Adviser to Trump are just tilting at windmills, as Good Goyim know that the Chosen Ones are not subject to Gentile laws. 
They better be careful since we are subject to the Jew Noahhide Laws that can subject us Goyim to severe penalties, including a visit to Madame Guillotine. 
If we don't stop these no-good- rotten SOB's there won't be anything left of America, expect our bleached bones. 

10 million lost homes from the 2008 blowup, more than that will be gobbled up by these parasites, So when Klaus the Louse BLOFELD says we won't own any property by 2030, he knows what he's talking about since the thieving cocksuckers are making sure of that. 
Notice he said "YOU" won't own any property. He didn't say WE or "No one will own property" by 2030. 
Do you really think the billionaires and multi-millionaires and the rest of the Gucci gangsters will not own any property?

 Anudda 70,000 Dem voters? Nana Pelosi must be thrilled.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

What American City or US base will be Sacrificed to Jump Start Wars for Israel?

My guess is that some Midwest farming community will be hit the same way Beirut was, with some sub-nuke missile or bomb, then blamed on Iran and Syria, giving the Zio-Con war mongers the excuse they need to jump start the never ending Wars for Wall Street & Israel. They might even lie that some white boy helped them so they can start rounding up white people who the FBI claim are more dangerous than the CIA/MI6/Mossad creation of ISIS.
The US Congress Knesset has passed laws mandating funding go towards wiping out those dangerous white people, with most of the money going to Jew organizations which then spend the money on everything except security, cause they know their bitches in Congress will gladly provide more shekels to fund domestic terrorism units in the FBI, DHS, NSA & Dept of Justice, you know that department that ignores Silicon Valley shitting all over our Freedom of Speech & ignoring the blatant evidence of ballot thefts. 

The same FBI that refused to get involved in a "Gay Black Icon" sodomizing boys until their parents filed a civil lawsuit, forcing the FBI to pretend to do something.
Then there's the ADL manipulating the CIA. 
The same CIA that claims to be the most open intelligence op on the planet. No, I'm not drunk or high, but if I keep reading these BS lies, I might take a snort. 
Ha ha ha...Tell me OPEN CIA, was it one of UR assassins that killed Pat Tillman or did you sub that hit out? Getting 3 shots to the forehead is NOT friendly fire. 

Just look at all these white bois picked up on kiddie rape charges. Yes its obvious that white bois are a threat.
When that American city or US base is blasted to rubble, we'll see the mouth-breathing MSM rant on endlessly about how it was Iran & Syria and off we go to more bloodshed, grief & mass murders.
While we're bombing Syria & Iran, Israel will finish off Gaza, the West Bank & attack southern Lebanon to steal the ME's most valuable asset, water from Lebanon's River Litani to keep those Tel Aviv swimming pools filled & their lawns green. 

The (((MSM))) has been broadcasting endless lies about Lebanon, claiming that Hezbollah is using Nazi gold to finance their operations, a sure sign that anudda war is coming. 

What is one to do with a well-organized mob of war mongering perverts who control the MSM, Hollywood, the three biggest social media outlets, Congress, the WH & the Pentagon? 
Tell them fictional Holocau$t tales since a good holoHOAX lie has been proven to cheer up Juden so much, that holocost liars live SEVEN years longer than non-holocosted Juden! 

All of this bloody mayhem goes back to the Israeli masterminded 9/11 false flag that put America on the road to endless Wars for Wall Street & Israel. Until that is exposed for what it really was, nothing will change. 

9/11 Truth ends the global police state. 9/11 Truth ends 9/11 endless wars of pillage. 9/11 Truth ends the "Muslim boogieman" pretext for the so-called "war on terror." 9/11 Truth ends the rule of the banking/drug/military-intelligence cartel. 9/11 Truth ends Israeli (Rothschild city of London) plans to establish an empire of Asia Minor c/o of the late, great, irradiated United States. 9/11 Truth ends the concocted 'Clash of Civilizations' meant to divide and destroy organized religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Torah Judaism) and elevate the religion of the elite, the occult. 9/11 Truth ends the global depopulation agenda. 9/11 Truth ends the Satanic NWO.

That why we will never hear 9/11 truth unless we do a repeat of 1776 & shut down the illegal FED & those TBTF Wall Street banks & print our own debt & interest free paper money. 

That sneaky Bibi Laden was able to sneak into the WTC 4 gold bullion depository the night BEFORE 9/11 & steal hundreds of millions in gold. Then have enough energy left over to attack the USA the next day!
AMERICA: A Gigantic Clown Car Being Driven Into a Ditch 

P.S Since Joogle and the rest of the severely comprised web browsers are basically worthless, nearly every time only listing MSM propaganda outlets, I recommend going to those still not comprised by Zionist bullshit, like BRAVE or Dissenter or even the Russian browser, Yandex. 

Yes, just anudda' pancake collapse of a building, except I've been on the scene of ACTUAL pancake collapses and the building does NOT explode prior to collapsing.
Keep fighting like your life depended on it, because it DOES. If not for yourself, then for our progeny who need adults to protect them from the ravages of the alt left, PANTIFA (always in a bunch) the totally bullshit outfit BLM & the rancid MSM. Don't let that precious responsibility in the hands Pedo Joe & Mad Dog Harris
I'm sure Pedo Joe will be an America first prez...ha ha ha. He's been bought & sold so many times, he doesn't know who his current owner is.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Chinese Official: We Subvert America Through Wall Street Jews

As been said before, the US host is slowly losing its life force to the eternal parasite so they need to find anudda host to stick their blood-sucking tentacles into, which is China. 

But unlike the JEWSA, which allows dual citizenship traitors in the federal govt at all levels, the Chinese DON'T allow dual citizenship. 

So instead of sneakily taking over from the inside, the Jew will use its influence over the feds, including Pedo Joe, to attack China from the outside & try to cause her downfall. Then they can sneak in--like they did to Russia in the 1990's--and rob China of that 8,000 tons PLUS of their favorite God, gold.

Pedo Joe & Mad Dog Harris will be the stewards of these final years, that's why (((they))) needed to steal the WH, to put their favorite bitches in so they can help the Jew loot whatever wealth is left. 

Part of that is the insane stock market, which is being artificially inflated by the noxious FED and those TBTF Wall Street banks. In part, this is being done to lure in more money from the marks, the American public who think they're getting rich until one day--not far off--that we wake up & find the market has crashed, and BTW, all your money is GONE. (The video is well worth watching to the end, since this guy knows what he's talking about when he refers to what has been taking place in the JEWSA the last 4 decades. I've said this before, the only way we'll get our freedom back is to do a repeat of 1776. If not, kiss your ass goodbye.) 

Pay close attention to the first few seconds of this video as JEWtube has been waging war against these truths.

The speaker is Zhai Dongsheng, RenChugokuDeputy Dean of the School of International Relations of Renmin University, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Center for Foreign Strategic Studies of the Communist Party of China, and Distinguished Researcher of the International Monetary Institute.

Chinese Official: We Subvert America Through Wall Street Jews 
A Tucker Carlson segment putting the spotlight on a November 28th, 2020 talk by Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) foreign relation's expert, Di Dongsheng, is being circulated throughout social media, including by Donald Trump. 
According to Carlson, the video reveals that Joe Biden and his supporters are agents of the Chinese government. 
What was dishonestly edited out of the segment was what professor Dongsheng really said: Joe Biden is controlled by Wall Street Jews, who the CCP deal with directly when they need something from America. 
Dongsheng recounts his experiences with an "old friend," an American power broker who, in the original video, he mockingly describes as a "big nosed Jew" that speaks fluid Mandarin and has been trading influence over the US government in exchange for a foothold in China over the years... 
Yesterday, Democrats and Republicans voted together to bring the entire population of Hong Kong to the United States. The bill's sponsor, New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski, rationalized the decision using Cold War rhetoric. 
It's increasingly looking like China's Jewish "friends" are starting to give up on ever gaining an upper hand over the world's oldest continuous civilization. The powerful state, its control over the economy and media, and the turn towards ethno-nationalism inside the CCP under Xi Jinping, who Jeffrey Goldberg's influential Atlantic recently accused of being inspired by the philosophy of the Nazis, is closing tried and true vectors traditionally used by Jewish interlopers... 
Bringing the ascendant Chinese to heel is beginning to look like an impossible task. China is not America. World Jewry may have just met its match. 
During the speech, he talks about his initial reluctance when the Jew told him that she was a Chinese citizen, as dual citizenship is illegal in China. Dongsheng hints at homegrown corruption going back to the 1970s, stating that it is otherwise unlikely the figure in question would sacrifice her "Israeli or American" citizenship.

China may have met its match? Maybe, we can only hope and pray that the International Jew will be check-mated in China, but I wouldn't bet on that happening. 

The elites are having their kids learning to speak Mandarin, a prerequisite for dealing with China.

Teach your kids Mandarin the Jared and Ivanka way, for $75,000 and up a year 
When Ivanka Trump’s 5-year-old daughter Arabella Kushner serenaded visiting Chinese president Xi Jinping with a Mandarin folk song earlier this month, it prompted an outpouring of affection from many in China. In America, it probably prompted at least a little envy among other parents of young Mandarin learners.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

We Pay Big $$$ for Kosher Approved Food & for SABBATH MODE on Appliances

Is this Kosher? Maybe one of those assholes leaving his/her droppings on my blog can tell us whether or not it's Kashrut?
Rabbi Mohel says it would be anudda' Shoah if he couldn't mutilate a baby boy's penis, then slurp & suck on the same.
Making Goyim Pay for Kosher Food is bad enough, now we also pay for Sabbath Mode on appliances?
A kosher certification agency is an organization mob or certifying authority gangsters that grants a hechsher (Hebrew: הכשר‎, "seal of approval") to ingredients, packaged foods, beverages, and certain materials, as well as food-service providers and facilities in which kosher food is prepared or served. This certification verifies that the ingredients, production process including all machinery, and/or food-service process complies with the standards of kashrut (Jewish dietary law) as stipulated in the Shulchan Arukh, the benchmark of religious Jewish law. The certification agency employs mashgichim (rabbinic field representatives) to make periodic site visits and oversee the food-production or food-service process in order to verify ongoing compliance. Each agency has its own trademarked symbol that it allows manufacturers and food-service providers to display on their products or in-store certificates; use of this symbol can be revoked for non-compliance. Each agency typically has a "certifying rabbi" (Rav Hamachshir) who determines the exact kashrut standards to be applied and oversees their implementation. 
As of 2014, there are more than 1,100 kosher certification agencies. These include international, national, regional, Israeli, specialty, and non-Orthodox agencies. Specialty agencies endorse ethical business practices, animal welfare, and environmental awareness on the part of the food producer. 
According to halakha (Jewish law), the following requires kosher supervision: Foods – including meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, grains, beverages, and food additives. Utensils, Production process & Food-service venues – such as restaurants, nursing homes, university dining rooms, hospitals, stadiums, convention halls. Even though the hot dogs sold in a certain venue are certified kosher, a mashgiach must be present to ensure that non-kosher food items do not come in contact with them, and that non-kosher foods are not sold or distributed in kosher wrappers. 
If non-kosher food is being produced in the same plant (or if meat and dairy products are both being produced), the two systems must remain completely separate, including the avoidance of heat transfer by boilers servicing the two production lines. 
If non-kosher food is being produced on the same machinery as kosher food, albeit in separate runs, all equipment and utensils must be intensively cleaned and then treated with boiling water before being used for the kosher run. The client must also agree to specific documentation and record-keeping systems in order to track raw ingredients coming in and processed foods going out, as well as production schedules. 
Agencies Goons are constantly on the lookout for fraudulent use of their symbol. Both agencies and consumer bulletins publicize the names of companies and products from which certification has been withdrawn. If a symbol is trademarked, unauthorized use is a Federal crime in the United States.

Stretchers of truth like Snipes say there is no Kosher food tax paid by Goyim. In a way, that's true, because this tax is called a FEE. 

I accidentally typed in Goyim like this GOYIMI. Clicked on spell check and the recommended this word: GOLDMINE Very fitting. So much for freedom from religion. Where's the woke crowd? Most of the Kosher Rabbis are men, so why do they discriminate against women?

The 'Kosher Nostra Scam' On The American Consumer By Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan 
LOS ANGELES (ACN) - La Voz de Aztlan receives quite a few "news tips" per week from our many subscribers and readers. Some we dismiss immediately but a very few catch our attention. Last week we receive an e-mail asking us if we knew the significance of the small encircled letter "U" or letter "K" that can be found printed on many food cans, food packages and on other kitchen products. The message gave us some clues and suggested that we do some research into the subject. What we found certainly was "news" to us and it both shocked and angered us. 
On arriving at my residence, I immediately went to the pantry to verify that what I had just learned was actually true. Sure enough, most of the packaged and canned foods from major companies, like Proctor & Gamble and others, did have the (U), the (K) or other similar markings. The Arrowhead water bottle, the instant Folgers Coffee, the Kelloggs box, the Jiff Peanut Butter, the Pepper container, the Trader Joe's tea box and even the Glads plastic sandwich bags carton had the (U) or (K) mark on them. 
We needed a little more verification so we called two major companies to asked some questions. We chose Proctor & Gamble that markets the Folgers Coffee and the Clorox Company that manufactures the Glads plastic zip lock sandwich bags. Each of the two companies, as well as most others, have 1-800 telephone numbers printed on their packages for consumers to call in case they have any questions about their products. 
When we asked the Proctor & Gamble representative what the (U) meant on their Folgers Coffee container, she asked us to wait until she consulted with her supervisor. She came back and informed us that the mark meant that the coffee was " certified kosher". We than asked her how and who certified the coffee to be "kosher" and whether it cost any money to do so. She refused to answer these and other questions. She suggested that we write to their Corporate Public Affairs Department. We than called the Clorox Corporation to ask what the (U) meant on the package of their Glads plastic sandwich bags and she also said that the (U) meant that the plastic bags were "kosher" but refused to answer questions concerning payments the Clorox Corporation has to make in order to be able to print the (U) on their products. 
What we learned next, pretty much floored me personally. I learned that major food companies throughout America actually pay a Jewish Tax amounting to hundreds of million of dollars per year in order to receive protection. This hidden tax gets passed, of course, to all non-Jewish consumers of the products. The scam is to coerce the companies to pay up or suffer the consequences of a Jewish boycott. Jewish consumers have learned not to buy any kitchen product that does not have the (U) the (K) and other similar markings..
The "Kosher Nostra" protection racket starts when an Orthodox Rabbi approaches a company to warn the owners that unless their product is certified as kosher, or "fit for a Jew to eat", they will face a boycott by every Jew in America. Most, if not all of the food companies, succumb to the blackmail because of fear of the Jewish dominated media and a boycott that may eventually culminate in bankruptcy. Also, the food companies know that the cost can be passed on to the consumer anyway. The food companies have kept secret from the general consumer the meaning of the (U) and the amount of money they have to pay the Jewish Rabbis.
As if that racket wasn't gleaning enough bucks from Gentiles, now we're also paying for appliance companies to make fridges, ovens & other appliances in a Sabbath Mode. Wouldn't have known about anudda Jew con job if my fridge hadn't conked out. In the process of looking for a new one, found this Sabbath Mode scam.
Sabbath mode, also known as Shabbos mode (Ashkenazi pronunciation) or Shabbat mode, is a feature in many modern home appliances, including ovens and refrigerators which is intended to allow the appliances to be used (subject to various constraints) by Shabbat-observant Jews on the Shabbat and Jewish holidays. The mode usually overrides the usual, everyday operation of the electrical appliance and makes the operation of the appliance comply with the rules of Halakha (Jewish law). 
Halakha forbids Jews from doing work that creates on Shabbat. Observant Jews interpret this to include various activities including making a fire, preparing food, or even closing a switch or pressing an electronic button.

 (An interesting note to this is that the fridges marked with the ENERGY STAR label, which means they're more efficent than those not marked, seems to preclude those marked kosher for Sabbath Mode.) 

Jews demanded and go this BS the usual way; by threatening to boycott those appliance makers who wouldn't succumb to their extortion. The Jew thinks he's so crafty that he can fool his G-d on the Sabbath by engaging Sabbath Mode so the fridge light doesn't turn on. With the light shut off for Sabbath, they reason G-d won't notice when they break Sabbath laws by opening the fridge or using the oven. 

Yes, insane, but these are the people who control much of the West, set off false flags blamed on others so Americans fight and die for Israel and in charge of our financial system to allow them to loot from the inside. 

Like the US Treasury Dept, which will have the Jewess Janet Yellen replace the Jew Mnuchin. 

Can't slow down the looting from the inside of America since this time around will probably be the last, won't be enough shekels around to interest these carpet-baggers, so they'll light on their next host, probably Commie China with all that gold they've been storing. Don't believe the professional MSM liars who claim the JEWSA has the most gold. It's been decades since a REAL audit of FT Knox/NYC Fed gold reserves & some of those audit reports are missing. 

I bet that the same sleazy SOBs that stole Libya's gold stole our gold. What we probably have in Ft Knox is gold-plated tungsten bars. Back around 1933 when the war mongerering theif FDR ordered us Gentiles 2 sell our gold to the govt or face fines & prison time, it took 522 train cars to move that gold to Ft Knox. Back then we had over 20,000 tons of gold. Anyone think that gold is still there or did it wind up in the vaults of the Ratschilds & our colonial overlord, Israel? 

They could of used those secret tunnels that connect to the Ft Knox gold bullion vaults. This is the kind of knowledge our children should be learning in school instead of the noxious mandatory Holocau$t ™ shit shoveling sessions.

26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered 

The following shows how deep & wide spread the peaceful invasion of our nation has been over the decades & why one man, the president is pretty much powerless to stop this infection from spreading & killing the host...US.

Advocacy effort has Jewish schools reaping hundreds of millions in gov’t money 
NEW YORK (JTA) — Each year, when Frank Halper is faced with the state tax bill for his accounting business in Providence, R.I., he has a choice. 
He can write a check for the amount owed by his company or, as part of a state tax credit program, he can send a check to a foundation that provides tuition scholarships to students at Providence’s two Jewish day schools. His tax bill will be credited for 90 percent of the contribution. Tax credit programs are among the growing number of ways that private Jewish day schools and yeshivas nationwide are corralling hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars annually. The money is helping to defray operating costs, provide teacher training, assist students with tuition bills and enhance educational offerings.

Sweet. Wonder how much money that should be going to the states so they can do maintenance & upkeep of our infrasctucture goes to help pay for Shlomo's & Nana's private schools?

U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel November 2020 

TIME TO WAKEUP NOW AMERICA & TAKE BACK OUR NATION from these racketeers, thieves, con men, grifters, back-stabbers, mass murderers & false flag experts.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Guess who's Buying up those Distressed Businesses due to Covid Hysteria?

This is peak Weimar Republic the part of German history after WWI when Germany was on the ropes, reeling from the damages of WWI & watching its economy go into a downward spiral from having to pay an obscene amount of war reparations.

Like buzzards flying over a carcass, ready to feed, the Jews moved into Germany and began buying up that nation for a fraction of its real value. 

Berlin was once the cultural capital of Europe until the shape-shifting carpet baggers alighted & turned that beautiful city into a cesspool. For the shekels and it made them feel more at home.

Four out of the five largest German banks were owned by Jews. Deustchmarks were being printed at warp speed to pay off the onerous WWI treaty obligations, turning their money into paper only fit for burning in the stove for heat. Kinda like what is going on now at the (((FED))) where the sleazy SOBs are printing USD's at warp speed to help soften the Wall Street implosion that started last November. 

100 billion a day turned into 150 billion a day to those TBTF banks, in January they opened the floodgates & poured in trillions. 

Over 1.5 QUADRILLION is tearing up the financial markets, bad CDO/CDS bets that were the driver in the 2008 crash & they've returned with a vengeance. Those CDS bets are what Warren Buffet called a "Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction." Saddam didn't have those WMD's but Wall Street sure as hell does. 

Just don't expect to find out who's getting that free money since the traitorous Congress has made most of that loot not subject to the FOI--Freedom of Information Act.

Now we have a similar steal going on in the US only this wasn't caused by a world war, but by the manufactured Covid hysteria that governors are using as an excuse to shut down businesses, to stop the alleged spread of Covid, but BLM/PANTIFA riots are allowed to flourish.
The Two Men Buying Your Favorite Retailers 
Jamie Salter and David Simon are just two of the predators ransacking thru shuttered businesses like a rampaging invading army, buying up brands and outlets of brand names like Brooks Brothers and Forever 21.

Salter is definitely Tribe certified and Simon is also Kosher. Didn't see any teary-eyed references to the world's second biggest scam, the Holocau$t ™ which used to be the biggest scam which has now been passed by the Covid hysteria. 

Mall giant Simon snapping up bankrupt retailers to outdo its rivals 

Hundreds of thousands are being laid off, due to the Covid induced recession that borders of a business depression. Once these ghouls buy up all the high price properties, my guess is they'll hire people to staff the stores, but it won't be Americans, it will be illegal aliens who will work for a fraction of what we would and no benefits paid. 

No wonder Jews are the loudest when it comes to discussing how many immigrant we should allow in. Bet those poor dears lost all their family in the LOLocaust, but somehow they were born.

Where it gets even sweeter is these looters won't use their own money, they'll get some free cash from the (((FED))) who has been propping up Wall Street since last Fall.(See Above)

David Simon’s Giant US Shopping Centre Group Restructures Will Spin Out Its Smaller Shopping Centres  

As long as we're talking about Covid, how is it that Israels bio-warfare lab, "The Israel Institute for Biological Research" was founded as the biological warfare department of the Haganah, the Jewish-Israeli terrorist group that had planned to poison the water supply in Germany at the end of World War II to murder millions of Germans in retaliation for the alleged “Holocaust" was already making a Covid vaccine when it hit the fan? 

It takes at least 10 years to make a SAFE and effective vaccine, and out of 2 trillion--some claim 380 TRILLION--or so viruses on the planet, we're supposed to believe that Israel just happened to be working on a Covid vaccine? 

They claim it was just luck that the poultry vaccine they were working on just happens to be a fit for human cells. As for their different stories about development, you can choose between finding the template online and using that or starting from scratch. 

With Jews there's always a choice of truths. 

Such luck! 

Tel Aviv University Prof. Jonathan Gershoni recently received a US patent on a coronavirus vaccine design that his lab spent 15 years developing. 

15 years developing? So five years after the Israeli masterminded 9/11 false flag they started working on a biological weapon to fuck with the Goyim?

12 deadliest viruses...

Bet you a dozen bagels Israeli labs have been researching ways to make them more lethal. 

One for the road? 

The govt has been sending millions & millions Covid relief checks to, guess where? Give that man a cigar. 

P.S Typed Goyim wrong, like this Goyimi. Spell check said the correction was spelled GOLDMINE.

They sure as hell got that right.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Today is HOLODOMOR Remembrance Day a holocaust that ACTUALLY Happened

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians.'
Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. 
It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of Jewish Bolshevism (Marxism).

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana 

Why is it that hardly anyone recognizes an actual mass murder of over 6-8 million Russians in the Ukraine from 1921-1933? Is it because the sadistic murderers were Jews intent on wiping out those Ukrainians who refused to renounce their God & bow to Communism?

Makes one wonder if the phony Holocau$t ™ was conjured up to direct attention away from all the horrible crimes committed by the Bolshevik Jew led Red Army so they wouldn't have to answer for their Crimes against Humanity. 

Now the descendants of these fucking psychos are in charge of Israel and have occupied the US to use Americans to fight Israeli wars of conquest.

Holodomor Eyewitness accounts: 
“Please return the grain that you have confiscated from me. If you don’t return it I’ll die. I’m 78 years old and I’m incapable of searching for food by myself.” (From a petition to the authorities by I.A. Rylov) “

 I saw the ravages of the famine of 1932-1933 in the Ukraine: hordes of families in rags begging at the railway stations, the women lifting up to the compartment window their starving brats, which, with drumstick limbs, big cadaverous heads and puffed bellies, looked like embryos out of alcohol bottles …” 

(as remembered by Arthur Kaestler, a famous British novelist, journalist, and critic. Koestler spent about three months in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv during the Famine. He wrote about his experiences in “The God That Failed”, a 1949 book which collects together six essays with the testimonies of a number of famous ex-Communists, who were writers and journalists.) 

Our father used to read the Bible to us, but whenever he came to the passage mentioning ‘bloodless war’ he could not explain to us what that term meant. When in 1933 he was dying from hunger he called us to his deathbed and said “This, children, is what is called bloodless war…” (as remembered by Hanna Doroshenko)

Read the Bible to his kids? Off with his head & to stop the poison from spreading, kill his family. "What? Yes you can first rape the females."

Here's one more thought: These mass murderers will stop at nothing to turn the planet into a nightmarish JWO Global Plantation, even releasing a really nasty plague bug like the one that killed at least 50 million + in 1918. A huge number when you consider that a little over 1.8 billion people were on the Earth at that time.

Which the NAID has in stock, since that rancid Dr Fauci of the NAID, who's been head for 36 years, had a team secure an Alaskan corpse with that 1918 flu bug.  

Scientists Describe How 1918 Influenza Virus Sample Was Exhumed In Alaska

So when people start dropping dead on the streets, you'll know who was the hidden hand behind this organized slaughter of Goyim.

BITCHUTE also has some Holodomor vids that JOO tube dropped.

(NOTE: When going back 2 earlier posts for reseearch, noticed that damn near ALL of those JOOtube vids used have been dropped down the Memory Hole.) If the Socialists take over the JEWSA, here's a small sample of what's heading our way.

P.S. Spell check doesn't recognize Holodomor. That should tell you something.

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