Friday, February 21, 2020

Starship Enterprise; Captain's Log, Earth Circa Early 21st Century

Captains' Log, star-date 1984.66 "Kirk here. While observing and taking readings on a imploding star near the Altair 4 planet the force being generated by the dwarf hurled the Enterprise back in time to the early 21st Century. While Engineer Scotty is working on a modification to the warp drive to sling-shot the Enterprise around this Sun, and hopefully, get us back to the 23rd Century.

Meanwhile, as we are already here, I've ordered the crew to make recordings of observations on early 21st Century Earth, as it will be a valuable addition to our ship's library. Kirk out."

Captain's Log, star-date 1985.69 "Kirk here. In the one solar day we've been observing life on Earth, we've focused mostly on the nation of my birth, the USA. I must admit I'm shocked, and coming from one who's been to numerous planets in the Milky War, to be shocked is quiet an admittance. Since Science Officer Spock detected a large amount of electrical static coming from White House in Washington, DC, we've focused our sensors on that location. What we saw and heard is startling. The President is someone called "The Donald," whose personal appearance is grotesque. He's obese, loud-mouth, arrogant, apparently uninterested about the real world and has a hairdo that reminds me of the wharf rats on the planet Khazaria in the Kocher solar system. He seems to spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet with a communication device which he uses to send out numerous Tweets. Unfamiliar with that term, I looked it up in the ship's library, which described tweets as "placards for nitwits."

This Donald character, when not sending these tweets, likes to consume large bowls of ice cream. Other times, he stands in front of a mirror, admiring himself while some musical device plays the sound of people clapping and cheering. For the president of the nation in which I was born, I found this stupefying. I asked Spock if it was possible that the Dwarf Star had propelled us to a parallel Earth and after checking the ship's instruments, Spock assured me it was your Earth in the early 21st Century.
Although this Donald character has the title of President, it's obvious from our observations that the real power is with someone name Jared, who appears to be the president's son-in-law. Jared spends most of the day, holding meetings, directing generals and holding numerous meetings with strange looking characters in black hats with a hairdo that includes curls. I asked Spock if he was familiar with these people and he speculated that they probably belonged to some kind of religious cult.

The Donald character doesn't seem to mind that he's given his job over to a relative, in fact, he seems to be proud of Jared's activities, even though his foolish actions cause mayhem world-wide. I asked Scotty when that modification would be ready, as I have had enough of watching these imbecilic clowns. Scotty assured me we would warp out of this time-frame tomorrow. Kirk out."

"Captain's log, addendum: I am adding this to the previous entry. After having watched this hideous buffoon The Donald for an hour or more, I came to the conclusion that this buffoonish idiot must of taken power in some kind of coup, so I checked the ship's history library files. That assumption of a coup was wrong, he was actually elected to the office. During that historical search of the Earth's past history, ran across a character that reminds me of this Donald, 20th Century Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The Donald has the same strutting mannerisms, arrogance, inflated ego and contempt for decent people. Kirk out"

Captain's Log star-date 1986.66 "Kirk here. Thankfully, the Enterprise will leave today, as I can not take much longer observing the planet I was born on. It seems as if the entire nation is under the influence of some drug, but Doctor McCoy assured me it was a simple case of mass-psychosis, perfected by a political party called the Communists in mid-20th Century Russia.

I truly find it hard to believe that the Earth survived this period of insanity. I toyed with the idea of transporting this Donald up to the Enterprise to give him a good dose of reality, but Dr. McCoy said a brain as feeble and unhinged as Donald's would snap if confronted with people he couldn't bluster into submission. Our scan indicated that this maniac Donald has at his disposal nearly 8,000 nuclear warheads, which is like giving some child live plasma grenades to play with. I wanted to lock onto those weapons, beam them into deep space and detonate them, far from any living things, but that would be a violation of our Prime Directive and besides, as Spock pointed out, that action could also alter the future to the point we would cease to exist.

With no legitimate options for helping this Donald character become a real president, I've decided to leave the situation alone, and pray that the few remaining sane people in the USA make things right. Kirk out."

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  1. Virtually EVERYBODY ever involved with Startrek was a jew satanist/zionist...etc.

    Shatner's father signed the original Israeli "constitution".

    Nimoy on his judaism....

    His appearance as satan is referred to 66 times.

    Just sayin.


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