Thursday, March 5, 2020

OWS vs pAntifa

Occupy Wall Street(OWS) did a credible job of trying to expose the huge gap between the haves and have nots and so scared Wall Street that then Mayor Bloomers sicced the NYPD on a peaceful protest.

This chart encapsulates what the mega-rich have done to get the focus off of those rich fucks that pay no taxes and dump those concerns onto the backs of us white people, 99.9% who are NOT millionaires or billionaires.

G-d forbid that hedge funds pay taxes. Or those slickly designed trusts that dodge taxes. Or those corporations that pay no taxes.

Just bust up OWS and replace that righteous protesting with insanity there is no such thing as sex, just genders and so many to choose from. Or the LGBTQIAMAP storm troopers, who are invading our grade schools and libraries, looking for children to groom. And that all our problems are the result of white people, mostly males.

Top it all off with pAnftifa thugs raising a ruckus and not getting arrested and you have the current USA, a land where the rich don't hardly pay taxes while us peons get mugged by the IRS.

This is why Bernie got mugged on Super Tuesday and will continue to be assaulted by those who don't want to pay any taxes on their wealth and by those who know Sanders would take a more even-handed approach to Apartheid Israel, unlike Zion Don, who gladly drops to his knees, mouth open and hungry anytime Bibi Nuttyahoo is near.

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  1. how......{{{{JEWISH}}}}

    in the eternal ovens of truth,

    @ Matt. 13:39-43




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