Wednesday, March 25, 2020

"Relax Sheeple, the Worst is Over...for US"

Yes, the good times are back, thanks to our deft handling of a crisis we created to distract you from anudda' looting of America's wealth. Well, at least what's left of the scrapings we decided you could have.

Our Your Congress, thanks to MEGA group blackmail--think Jeff Epstein--bribery and appealing to the deluded fantasies of those zealot Christian Zionists, have eagerly agreed to hand over to the 1% trillions of dollars, to make up for sum of the money we lost thru bad stock market bets and incompetent corporate decisions, but mostly to let us gorge ourselves at the public trough while we had you so scared, all you could think about was buying so much toilet paper, the stores ran out of that product.

Plus--and this is where we really score--our dear friends at the FED, will assume all of our underwater debts. OUR debts that will eventually find their way on to your backs, when the FED dumps that trash onto the national debt.
But by ‘Main St.’ it doesn’t mean consumers or households. It means that virtually any capitalist financial enterprise that has bad debt it can now dump it on the Fed. In today’s announcement of its latest ‘lending facility’, as it is called, the Fed declared it would ‘support’ small business loans, student loans, auto securitized loans, and credit card debt. But that does not mean the Fed will ‘support’ consumers and assume their loans. Oh no! It means it will support the financial lenders making such loans for students, auto purchases, credit cards and small businesses.
It means these lenders can now dump their bad, defaulted, or otherwise non-performing debt from credit cards, auto loans, student or small business loans on the Fed. The Fed will eat it for them, and add it to the Fed’s own $4 trillion plus indebted balance sheet–soon to rise to $8 trillion or more.
Back in 1913 when Congress was discussing passing the Federal Reserve Act, America had congressmen who had balls to speak out against our wholesale grab of your finances, like Charles Lindbergh Sr.
But now, they're just a better fed variety of our livestock.

Due to all the cons, manipulations, inflation and rigging of the stock market, we knew it was going to crash, but it was going to crash when WE wanted it, so the same ones who made tons of money when the DOW was going up, were going to make tons of money when it went down.
Now that the worst has passed--for US--we'll let the Corona scare slowly die down, but not all the way down. See, we realized that vids of our al CIA Duh assets chopping off heads or cutting out and eating human hearts weren't having the desired effect of making you too scared to think, we turned the simple Corona flu into a weaponized COVID weapon, that we could control, since we created all five haplotypes of weaponized Corona in our valuable Ft. Detrick, MD lab.

Relax, it's just a cohenicidence that there just happens to be five different types of races on Earth.

There's still over 1.5 QUADRILLION in toxic derivative bets still imploding. 1.5 QUADRILLION is this number: 1,500,000,000,000,000. You can damn well bet we're not going to take that hit.

Before you know it, to pay off these phony debts, you'll be selling us your valuable national parks, where we will build more mansions.

So enjoy what's left of your meaningless lives, while we yacht or jet to one of our mansions, where we'll enjoy the best of foods, wines and hi-price call women/men, and kidnapped kids using YOUR money stolen during our brilliant financial coup, while you fight over toilet paper and wonder why your our banks are now charging you negative interest to keep your money on hand.

The CDC Started Looking for Quarantine Advisors Last November, Before the Coronavirus Crisis

But you needn't do anything Sheeple, just hug and oil and stroke those 300+ million pistols, rifles, revolvers, shotguns etc you've amassed, since you won't use them, we know because we've train our livestock well.

And when you get back to work, you might notice that some of your co-workers were laid off, after all, times are tough! Just don't ask for raise, because there's many out there who'd take that job in less time it takes to infect one of our celebrities with some flu bug.

Coronavirus: Justice department quietly requests right to detain someone indefinitely

Don't take it too bad Goyim, here's a slice of real music to enjoy, before we even corrupted that for our own ends and turned trash acts like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish into a phenomenon. (The spelling checker didn't recognize 'Eilish" and instead, suggested Devilish..damn computer is smarter than many a human.)

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  1. But this fake pandemic is real.....Greta Thunberg got it must be true


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