Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Zionist Jews & Israelis of Cybereason, Which Rhimes with Treason!

What is Cybereason? Anudda' outfit that is using technology to spy on herd people and make sure the USA stays a loyal Israeli colony.

First is its CEO: Lior Div: Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder. Then Yossi Naar, Chief Visionary Officer & Co-Founder. Let's not forget Yonatan Striem-Amit, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder.

Then there's the rest of the team, with some Goyim and Pajeets tossed in for the optics.

Ready for anudda' surprise? Cybereason is for the work from home movement, which would make the crypto-Jew Bill Gates an enormous fortune. After all, we all have to do our part to fight this Covid hysteria!

What does this Bagel Mob do?
We are rewriting the rules on how organizations protect themselves against rapidly evolving adversaries. Today’s threat environment requires understanding the adversary and attack landscape. Since our start in 2012, our technology has stopped the world’s most advanced cyber attacks. And we harbor even greater ambitions.
"And we harbor even greater ambitions." Who would of ever thought that Israel could top its 9/11 False Flag? They have, just don't ask any questions about COVID, STFU and be a good Goy.

Their mascot/icon is an owl, like the owl favored by the kiddie abusers of Bohemian Grove?

Cybereason does an amazing job of finding VACCINES for software bugs! Bugs that were probably developed in Israel's Unit 8200.

Let me guess how this works: First, some kippah wearing nerd in Israel's Unit 8200 cooks up some nasty virus. Then a Mossad asset dumps it into some corporation or nation, setting their IT structure on fire. Then someone from Cybereason shows up and guarantees they'll fix the bug for only 6 gorillion shekels?

Anudda amazing find by Israel, just like that Israeli lab that was working on a COVID vaccine before the cream cheese hit the fan!
Israeli Scientists Claim It’s ‘Pure Luck’ They Were Already Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine Prior To The Outbreak

“Let’s call it pure luck,” he said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology.”
Why does the cynic in me wonder if Cybereason will make sure that no matter how Americans vote, there will always be an Israeli-Firster in the WH?
Let the fantastic Whitney Webb tell you more!

From Anthrax To Coronavirus: Same 9/11 False Flag Players, New COVID-19 Boogeyman

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