Friday, October 30, 2020

A Fish Rots from the Head Down, Like SLIMY the Bidenfish

Some are saying this isn't fair as Hunter Biden isn't running for office. To them I say, if Joe Biden was a janitor and not one of the most powerful people in the Dem Party, do you think Hunter would be getting all that easy money, like 83k a month, plus unlimited supplies of Cocaine & all those escorts? These vids aren't on Jewtube, so you have to go to that site to view them.

 The Biden Family sold American jobs to Communist China 


Joe knows who to kiss up to!
 A sex tape of Hunter Biden and Yifei, Liu, the Mulan actress
Joe Biden was Unable to Lead America but Lead His Family into Incest and Crime 
Like most politicians, Joe Biden has two or more faces. When facing the public, he says he is the most reliable, authentic, ethical and brilliant political role model who represents the interests of everyone, regardless of color, race, class or cultural background. However, when the public has no access to him, he uses the power of the State and his family to carry out ugly, evil and illegal criminal activities. How can we unmask Joe Biden’s media-speaking, self-proclaimed moral leader and see clearly that he is in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the totalitarian regime and is compromised by the CCP to sell the interests and securities of the United States? When the mainstream media and high-tech social media are deliberately suppressing the truth and banning citizen’s free speech, GTV and GNews, fearless of the CCP and other evil forces in the world, has become the light of justice that are exposing the depths of Joe Biden’s corruption and criminality. 
Joe Biden declared that he had not taken a penny from any other country, but he stood to make $50 million on just one contract. 
Joe Biden claimed in the last presidential debate that he had not taken a penny from any foreign country. However, a contract exposed by GTV and GNews shows that Hunter Biden, in the name of Skaneateles, without spending a penny, borrowed a guaranteed unsecured loan of US $400,000 from Li Xiangsheng and Wang Xin, the illegitimate daughter of Wang Qishan, and invested in BHR (Bohai Harvest RST) to obtain 10% of the equity, now has market value of US $50 million. This is what he said, not taking a penny, but stood to make $50 million without spending a penny. If someone doubts on it, referring Joe Biden is not on the company board, he/she must understand it is impossible for Hunter to get the huge contract without Joe’s administrative position and influences. 
He claimed to be moral leader who actually lead his family into incest and crime. 
Joe Biden is used to talking about morality, sympathy, compassion and concern, and calling himself the representative of moral leadership. But GTV and GNews have exposed for five days in a row the truth hidden in the hard drives, making it clear to the ordinary people that Biden’s so-called codes of ethics and standards are an insult and a stain on the word “ethics”. 
Why did Hunter Biden become a devil of child abuse, incest, lust and drug addicts? It is inseparable from his father’s hypocrisy, deceit, shamelessness and indulgence. The Emails exposed from “Thegatewaypundit” revealed that Joe Biden, his wife and his brother were aware of Hunter’s incest and child sex abuse, but they all ignored and played deaf and dumb.
What does 'Heels-Up Harris' have to say about all this Biden corruption?

From Gnews at this link which is run by a Chinese billionaire Mr Guo.

 Also available at VOTERIG.COM but that site is getting attacked frequently so click on the link to support them.


  1. A so-called Deep Fake was already used in Florida - see video below (language warning) - think - dual citizen Laura Loomer outed the fake - was she aware it was going to happen?

  2. Sorry this is the link

  3. Greg, just put up this week's cartoons. My mood is grim. Seriously worried. I am not having a drink because this situation is making me really want to dive into something alcohol filled!

    The thought of a Democratic America is truly frightening. Even though I am Canadian, it is not pleasant to think of what is coming. What affects America ripples around the world.

    I see nothing but pitch black ahead.



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