Saturday, November 21, 2020

Voter Fraud Proof? How Many Times did I Vote in Georgia?

Here's the partial list of what might be evidence of Georgia voter fraud. In all got over 40 texts urging me to request a mail-in ballot & they would help me. Or stating that I should of already received a mail-in ballot, do you need help with it? 

About 10 different outfits texted me, with basically the same BS, about how this election is one of the most important elections in history, which side will you be on. When the GA Dems are asking that question, pretty sure I knew who they wanted me to vote for.

I have NEVER voted by mail & only lived in Georgia for awhile in 1971 at Ft. Benning for airborne training. (Had to make five jumps before one got their parachute medal. Graduated and learned an important lesson, NEVER drop LSD before a jump.) 

Since these fuckers were pestering me damn near every day, decided to go fishing a couple of times to see what would happen. Told two that "This election is so confusing, I don't know who to vote for." They would reply that their non-partisan. Right.

On October 23, one asked me if..." we can count on you to remind three people to vote for Biden?" Replied "Sure, I'll remind 3 people to vote for Trump!" The reply was quick, told me that they were removing me from the MOVEON database and we won't be texting you again. Thought they were non-partisan?  The texts didn't stop. They keep texting & now want me to vote for Ossof--The answer is yes--in the January 10 runoff.

MOVEON gets generous funding from that toad George Soros who has used his billions all over the world to stir up shit and get rid of elected leaders who don't kiss enough Israeli ass. Below all GA abbreviations are for Georgia. If the below isn't fraudulent, in the number of time they kept telling me to request a mail-in ballot & offering to help & bragging that Biden will turn things around, then the word has no meaning. 

They used a local 660 area code for some calls? 

Georgia is doing a recount, which is worthless. They need an audit. The person that had my phone number before me is Donald P Bradley. Be interested to see if he did vote in Georgia and how many times? Or how many times did I vote? 

The doc below is a good sample of the assholes tag-teaming me damn near every day. I want to turn this in to someone, but the FEC is a fucking joke and the state of Missouri election frauds might have a poor dear that goes psychotic anytime s/h/it--is that politically correct anytime they hear the word Trump? Didn't want to insult someone who chooses from over 100 different gender identities, what ever the fuck that means.

Anudda peculiar--well maybe not, if you know REAL history--is that those states where most of fraud took place, the thieves are being protected by Guvs or AG's that have something in common.Like MI Guv Whitmer, whose middle name is ESTHER. 

That name should alarm those who know that in the Bible, Esther used her sexual charms to trick King Xerxes into murdering 75,000 Gentiles that the Jews just knew were going to cause trouble, so let's get rid of those pesky bastards. 

Hey as long as white people are getting blamed for every real or imagined sin or transgression over the last 400 years, let's get some reparation justice for those Gentiles butchered by the Jew hussy.

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  1. Please post this, everyone needs to get a clue NOW. Used to be on jewtube as "Rotchild Niggas"


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