Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Will the Deep State Steal the WH?

I'm afraid that is what will take place, as there's too much on the line for those devious, murderous, back-stabbing SOB's to let actual votes be counted. 

There's those Afghan poppy fields that is making the CIA & associates mega-bucks that is also helping those TBTF Wall Street banks, the rotten bastards that we are bailing out again and who are laundering the illegal proceeds of that filthy lucre.

In fact, before the 9/11 Israeli masterminded false flag, the Taliban had succeeded in damn near eradicating the poppies being grown & turned into opium & heroin.
Taliban's Ban On Poppy A Success, U.S. Aides Say By Barbara Crossette 
May 20, 2001 
The first American narcotics experts to go to Afghanistan under Taliban rule have concluded that the movement's ban on opium-poppy cultivation appears to have wiped out the world's largest crop in less than a year, officials said today. 
The American findings confirm earlier reports from the United Nations drug control program that Afghanistan, which supplied about three-quarters of the world's opium and most of the heroin reaching Europe, had ended poppy planting in one season.

Notice the date? May of 2001. The hundreds of billions being generated each year by the poppy fields is too lucrative to let go. Instead of fighting al CIA Duh in Afghanistan, we're now their to fight poppy production. Which is a huge, smelly crock of shit since the CIA & fellow travelers are the biggest drug dealers in the world. 

Then there's the massive COVID hysteria psyops that the (((Elite))) need to completely change the way we live by introducing the so-called Great Reset. 

Great my ass, it will be more of the same BS we've been fed since birth. The poor will keep growing in number, the middle class will be wiped out. 

While we eat bugs and recycled human shit, the fucks at the top will still enjoy Filet Mignon, Caviar, Veal & fresh produce.

There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.

The dickheads behind this massive rape of our liberties are the same fucks that have been destroying the environment for profit for centuries now they say "Trust Us" on this not so Great Reset. 

They need the US to fall inline and make the wearing of face diapers mandatory and that mystery vaccine that the doofus THANOS Gates has helped develop will also be mandatory.

Not only will what's left of our precious Bill of Rights be stolen, the filthy rich cocksuckers behind this gang rape are raking in hundreds of billions. 

Money being generated by the dumbass lockdowns that close down small businesses and force people to buy from assholes like Jeff Bozos.

If we don't get with the program, that will give other nations the inspiration needed to fight back against this putrid tyranny.
Then there's those (((MSM))) outlets that are nothing more than CIA propaganda outlets, designed to pour lies, BS & confusion into our minds 24/7, they can't be exposed as worthless lying pieces of shit. P.S. Don't look the video below, it somehow magically disappeared!

Silicon Valley also needs the Biden-Harris theft to be legalized, since that fits into their program of being the only ones allowed to speak freely & lie about the lies they print on their platforms.

They also want to further antagonize Russia, since everyone wants to find out what its like to live a post-Apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. 

Trying to banish Russia from the Natural Gas market to Europe so that Europe will be forced to buy that stolen NG that Israel is stealing from offshore fields of Egypt, Palestine & Lebanon. 

These murderous ghouls also want to heat up the ME again, to finish off Syria so Israel can steal huge chunks of Syrian land from its wonderful people. 

(((They))) also will stage a false flag, similar to 9/11, and this time the MSM will blame it on Iran to give Biden or Harris the chance to launch anudda illegal war to benefit Israel. 

They'll be coming for our guns, as Harris has stated she'd give Congress 100 days to take away our 2A rights or shell issue and illegal executive Order doing just that. 

To that I say fine, lets get this party started. 

To help that rape of the Bill of Rights, well see a series of mass terror school shootings that will be blamed on us white folks. These massacres will be much bloodier and lethal than past ones.

So there's a little glimpse into the nightmare of a Biden win theft. If you think its bad now--and it is--it will be worse, much worse if the Deep State steals the White House.

With Biden retiring shortly after taking office, that cackling bitch Harris will be president for the remainder of Biden's term, then she can run two more times. 

11 years of a Comrade President Harris and you won't recognize what this nation has become.

One more thought: Does anyone know what these asswipes did on Epstein's Lolita Express? Or maybe the question should be WHO they did & are they still alive?


  1. Clyde Lewis..wknights 9-12
    KMBZ 98.1
    He and the shills are whipping the sheep into a frenzy.

    "HOLOCAUST!!!!" nauseum.
    They're calling in and saying it's time for all good hope to return to Izzyville.

  2. Trump is owned by the deep state, he gave Israel virtually everything it wanted, he hired Bolton, Abrams, Haspel and countless other deep state goons, he's in the process of trying to steal an election, he was owned by Epstein-Maxwell for decades, and Greg Bacon is still a washed up racist sellout.

  3. Imagine thinking the President who gave us Operation Warp Speed is actually an enemy of the "deep state". Hang it up Greg, you're confused at best.

    1. Thanks for being so bold to talk while hiding behind ANONYMOUS. Pussies like you deserve no space, but I'll let your deluded rant stay up to show all who read it how degenerate your are.

  4. Paid shills out in force everywhere these days Greg.

    "sports radio" is a Joo propaganda fest of bs.

    1. Not only sports radio, but the Biden camp is hiring all sorts of suspicious types, even the brother of rumored Israeli MEGA spy Rahm Emmanuel.

      Damn list looks like a Bar Mitzvah party.

      Then the jewspapers are doing most of the howling that the election was clean.

      They want the US to go in and finish Syria & attack Iran. Americans are sick and tired of these Wars for Wall Street and Israel.
      Maybe its time to have one here at home.

      Back in early 2017 read an article by Joogle head Schmidt were he said they weren't going to let the 2016 mistake happen again. Should of saved that since its nowhere to be found.

  5. Keep in mind Greg..they all have multiple doubles.

    Just saying.

  6. Yup...looks like most of Europe

    is kicking off the fireworks.

    Murkins' had better get off

    the collective fat asses pretty

    soon...before they try total



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