Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Jewess Brags About the Jew Ending the White Race

What about 'multiculturalism' in Israel?

You won't find it, as Israeli Jews are the most racist and bigoted pricks in the world, setting up concentration camps for black African Jews trying to emigrate to Israel, because the Jew doesn't want their bloodline 'spoiled' with black DNA.

Barbara Spectre and the white Christian Genocide in Europe

Israeli's want the world to be multicultural, but not Israel, they want to keep their European Khazar heritage intact.

Maybe Israel can call this concentration camp 'Auschwitz,' in honor of the biggest con of the 20th Century.

The ones who get the full brunt of the Jew hatred toward us GOYIM are the Palestinians, a noble race of indigenous SEMITES that Israel uses for target practice on a regular basis.

Palestinians sit in a tent outside their apartments, which witnesses said were destroyed in an Israeli offensive, during a 72-hour truce in Beit Lahiya town in the northern Gaza Strip August 11, 2014.

Gaza_2014 photo Gaza_2014_zps7abed07c.jpg
How Israel is turning Gaza into a super-max prison

It is astonishing that the reconstruction of Gaza, bombed into the Stone Age according to the explicit goals of an Israeli military doctrine known as “Dahiya”, has tentatively only just begun two months after the end of the fighting.

According to the United Nations, 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, leaving 600,000 Palestinians – nearly one in three of Gaza’s population – homeless or in urgent need of humanitarian help.

Roads, schools and the electricity plant to power water and sewerage systems are in ruins. The cold and wet of winter are approaching. Aid agency Oxfam warns that at the current rate of progress it may take 50 years to rebuild Gaza.

Where else in the world apart from the Palestinian territories would the international community stand by idly as so many people suffer – and not from a random act of God but willed by fellow humans?

The reason for the hold-up is, as ever, Israel’s “security needs”. Gaza can be rebuilt but only to the precise specifications laid down by Israeli officials.
Even though the Israel masterminded the 9/11 False Flag, with help from traitors in the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI and NSA, and set the Christian world against the Muslim one, it still won't be enough to 'wipe out the white race,' so Israel will try again, with another, much bigger and deadlier, False Flag in the Jew's never-ending quest to extinguish the white race.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thugs are thugs.. Whether they wear a badge here or in England

10.26.14 photo English_banks_zps2292b316.png

International Bankers?

Right, the same gangsters who were behind the slave trade.

The same thugs behind the Opium Wars in the 19th Century and now in Afghanistan.

The same 'bankers' behind the rape, enslavement and genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

The same murderous assholes who masterminded the 9/11 False Flag.

The same thieves that has been looting the world's economy since the 9/11 False Flag.

Can you guess who that is?

Check out this video of an attempted bank repossession of a home in England. Hell, the comments, like the one below, are a good reason alone to visit the site. All the homeowner asked for is the proper paperwork.

"Little fat cunt. Who the fuck Is he gunna knock out? Couldn't knock out a sit-up, the barrel bellied tosser."

Around the 23 minute mark, watch the police, for ONCE, do the right thing and tell the 'international banker's' thugs to back off. The police actually enforced the law in favor of the person owning the house, not the master criminal class of 'international bankers.'

And one more, since these videos are so heartening!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

When the Jew MURDERED tens of thousands of Arab Children

Yes, the also Jew did use this against their own, but only the dark-skinned Jews from Africa.
The Ringworm Scandal: When Israeli Doctors Killed Tens of Thousands of Arab Children

NOTE: There are a number of readers who are either confused or reading this post sloppily, including the headline. To clarify: there is a link to a Jonathan Cook piece at the end of this post which notes that the State of Israel irradiated both Arab Jewish and Palestinian children for ringworm. Hence the title of this post which uses the inclusive term, Arab, by which I include both Jewish and Palestinian children.

There are also those who claim that radiation was a standard treatment for ringworm inside and outside Israel in the 1950s. This too misconstrues the argument put forward in the film and here.
While radiation may've been considered suitable for ringworm in that era, no one killed children with radiation outside of Israel. The dosage set by Dr. Sheba was far too high and the X-ray machines he used were outmoded and hence the dosage administered could not be calibrated accurately or administered suitably.

Now days, the Jew doesn't hide the mass-murder of little ones behind medical experiments, they just bomb, shell, blast and shoot them to death, like this:

8.14 photo Israel_killing_children31_zpscbaa2ab3.jpg

And this. This is how the Jew gets laughs, by blasting to pieces the indigenous Palestinians.

08.12.14 photo IDF_814_zpsfc0ef623.jpg

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Inserting LIES into Shocked American Brains on 9/11

With Americans reeling from the horror and shock of being attacked on 9/11, it didn't take long for the psyops to kick in, deftly inserting the key words needed to poison many a brain with hatred of Muslims and lusting 4 revenge..

10.22.14 photo Jerome__zpscb0dbbe6.png

At the 2:40 mark in this interview with WTC security chief Jerome Hauer, Dan Rather states that it's explosives in the Towers that caused the collapse, which Hauer disputes, then goes on to say it has "Bin Laden's fingerprints."

Dan Rather interviews Kroll security's Jerome Hauer:

One segment of the video [starting at 2:30] documents the following exchange, from the morning of September 11, 2001:

Dan Rather: Based on what you know, and I recognize we’re dealing with so few facts, is it possible that just a plane crash could have collapsed these buildings, or would it have required the, sort of, prior positioning of other explosives in the, uh, in the buildings? I mean, what do you think?

Jerome Hauer: No, I, uh, my sense is just the velocity of the plane and the fact that you have a plane filled with fuel hitting that building, uh, that burned, uh, the velocity of that plane, uh, certainly, uh, uh, had an impact on the structure itself, and then the fact that it burned and you had that intense heat, uh, probably weakened the structure as well, uh, and I think it, uh, was, uh, simply the, uh, the planes hitting the buildings, and, and causing the collapse.

But let's get back to the attack itself. Who did it? Who could have done it? If you were watching CBS that morning, you would have heard this:

Dan Rather: What perspective can you give us? I mean, there have been these repeated reports that, well, yes, Osama Bin Laden, but some think he’s been over-emphasized as, as responsible for these kinds of events. I know many intelligence, uh, people at very high levels who say, listen, you can’t have these kinds of attacks without having some state, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, somebody involved. Put that into perspective for us.
Yes, there was a state involved, and that state is Israel, which masterminded the 9/11 False Flag with help from American traitors in the WH, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and NSA.
Jerome Hauer: Yeah, well I’m not sure I agree that, umm, this is necessarily state-sponsored. Umm, it, as I mentioned earlier, certainly has, umm, the, uh, fingerprints of somebody like Bin Laden.

The attack of 9/11 was of such scope and ferocity that it was virtually unimaginable -- except to the people who planned it -- just a day before it happened. But when it did happen, Jerome Hauer was able to contradict the intelligence experts and claim it bore the fingerprints of somebody like Bin Laden!

Jerome Hauer knew the entire official story before it became public knowledge.

Jerome Hauer helped the official story become public knowledge!

In November of 2001, Jerome Hauer participated in the Council on Foreign Relations' "Independent Task Force on America's Response to Terrorism," along with Henry A. Kissinger and others; their task included the following items:

Release a White Paper explaining our goals and rationale for the war in Afghanistan, and outlining the evidence that the al-Qa'eda network was responsible for the 9/11 attacks

Disseminate stories of particular victims to convey the range of people killed in the 9/11 attacks -- stress range of religions, races, income levels, etc.

Counteract [the] myth that Mossad was behind the attacks by showing Jews killed, etc.

Routinely monitor the regional press in real time to enable prompt responses

On September 11, 2001, Jerome Hauer was a national security adviser with the National Institute of Health, a managing director with Kroll Associates, and a guest on national television.

On September 11, 2001, Jerome Hauer advised the White House to begin taking Cipro, an antibiotic which is effective against anthrax.

Mr. Hauer's advice was not made public. Its value may have been underestimated at the time, but it was clearly demonstrated a week later, when the first anthrax letters appeared, and again three weeks after that, when anthrax appeared in letters to Democratic Senators Daschle and Leahy.

The obvious question is: Did Jerome Hauer know about the anthrax attacks in advance?

Strangely, perhaps, Jerome Hauer managed the NIH response to the anthrax attacks. The anthrax used in the attacks was identified as an Ames strain, which means it had to have come from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Jerome Hauer received relatively good information for tracking down the origin of the anthrax. He even got a list of people from various institutes, including USAMRIID at Fort Detrick. But his response was slow and hidden behind a public relations campaign spreading Orwellian claims like "Suspects are Osama bin Laden and his Al-Q'aeda network and sympathizers to US right wing extremists".

Strangely, perhaps, on 9/11, Kroll was in charge of security for the entire World Trade Center complex.

The head of security at the WTC on September 11, 2001, was former FBI counter-terror specialist John P. O'Neill.
FBI Agent John O'Neill resigned from the bureau due to his belief that the government was blocking his investigation into the USS Cole attack in October 2000. O'Neill had developed leads that pointed to Israel being behind the attack. When US Ambassador to Yemen Barb Bodine found this out, she first tried to get O'Neill's security team disbanded. When that failed, she had US Secretary of State 'Bloody Maddy' Albright recall O'Neill stateside and refuse to send him back.
Hauer hired O'Neill shortly before the 9/11 False Flag to help with WTC security and O'Neill died on that 'day of infamy.'

How's that for destroying evidence?

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