Monday, October 5, 2015

"Marching to Zion," the Movie, Not the Song

With another presidential election cycle upon us, it's more than just a curiosity that all Republican and Democrat's running for the highest office in the land profess undying love and loyalty to that nation of murderous parasites, Israel.
What exactly are they worshiping and how did we stuck in this pitiful condition of being merely a colony of Apartheid Israel?
[The Synagogue] is not merely a lodging place for robbers and cheats but also for demons. This is true not only of the synagogues but also of the souls of the Jews. (I.IV.2)

Shall I tell you of their plundering, their covetousness, their abandonment of the poor, their thefts, their cheating in trade? (I.VII.1)
St. John Chrysostom 349-407 AC

"Marching to Zion" doesn't have a 'Wikipedia' page, which most likely means it's not sanctioned by Zionists and their Jew Overlords. I know, should say "Jewish Overlords," but I'm not PC.

However, the whitewashing of the Talmud blasphemy of Jesus does have a Wikipedia page.

For over 1800 years, the Jews were scattered throughout all nations without a homeland. Then in 1948, the impossible happened. The State of Israel was founded, and the Jews once again possessed the promised land. Many Christians have proclaimed this to be a miracle and a blessing from God, but was this really the blessing of the Lord, or were darker forces at work? This film has the answer.

From the makers of After the Tribulation and New World Order Bible Versions, this groundbreaking documentary traces the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70 to the founding of the modern-day nation of Israel in 1948. Biblical evidence is examined as well as history, cutting-edge DNA science, mathematics, and testimony from pastors and rabbis to settle once and for all one of the most controversial questions of all time: Who are God's chosen people?

What the Talmud Really Says About Jesus

“What exactly is so scandalous? How about Jesus punished in Hell for eternity by being made to sit in a cauldron of boiling excrement? That image appears in early manuscripts of the Babylonian Talmud, as does a brief account of Jesus’ trial and execution—not by the Romans but by the Jewish high court, the Sanhedrin.”

Publisher’s Weekly story on new book called Jesus in the Talmud

Comment by David Duke — The following article appeared in
Publisher’s Weekly, a mainstream literary magazine and website. It concerns a new book, Jesus in the Talmud, that exposes the shocking truth about the position of Judaism toward Jesus Christ. It was written by none other than Dr. Peter Schaefer, head of Princeton University Judaic Studies Program and one of the world’s most famous academic authorities on Judaism.

Schaefer, who heads up Princeton’s Judaic studies program, has collected and analyzed all the passages in the Talmud that apparently refer to the founder of Christianity, texts that were previously censored from Talmud editions for centuries. In his book he argues—against other scholars—that the scandalous passages indeed refer not to some other figure of ancient times but to the famous Jesus of Nazareth.
You can go to the Publisher’s Weekly web site and look for the Dr. Peter Schaefer book, "Jesus in the Talmud," but you won't find any reference to the book, nor any links to Dr. Schaefer. Looks like someone doesn't like the truth getting out about their 'Synagogue of Satan.'

The Talmud is one of the Jew's holy books they use for guidance and inspiration, and this is some of what the Talmud says:
Insults Against Blessed Mary, Sanhedrin 106a . Says Jesus' mother was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters." Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b it is stated that in the "uncensored" text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, "Miriam the hairdresser," had sex with many men.

"Jesus was a bastard born of adultery." (Yebamoth 49b, p.324).

"Mary was a whore: Jesus (Balaam) was an evil man." (Sanhedrin 106a &b, p.725).

"Jesus was a magician and a fool. Mary was an adulteress". (Shabbath 104b, p.504).

When the POS presidential candidates babble on about Israel and Judaism, keep in mind what they're actually talking about.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Outed--Again--as a Zionist Front

A Syrian immigrant living in Coventry is running the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights website from his home & says there are people on the ground.

Who is behind Syrian Observatory for Human Rights? Nimrod Kamer investigates for RT

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been the prime source for MSM-aired news from the Syrian battlefield. But how much does one truly know about this UK-based organization and its director? Journalist and prankster Nimrod Kamer went to find out.

The organization has been one of the sources for the mainstream media to build their reports on Syria since the start of the civil war four years ago. The organization claims to have a wide network of contacts in the region who feed their information to the head office, where it is processed and later posted on the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

10.3.15 photo Syrian_zpsum3dwx2x.jpg

Since the start of the Moscow anti-ISIS campaign Russia has started featuring in its reports as well - and it was quickly picked up by major Western media outlets. One of the latest wires from the Observatory that "Russian warplanes [killed] 30 civilians in Homs including women and children” quickly made it into major news sources.

“To the degree people choose to believe social media, they can be my guest. But quite contrary to what [US Secretary of State John Kerry] has said, it is a notoriously unreliable tool upon which to base judgments,” former CIA officer, Ray McGovern told RT.

The two-bedroom Coventry home of Syrian immigrant Rami Abdel Rahman has been the organization’s base and the source of information for major mainstream media on anything Syria-related from the past four years, including the death toll.

Nobody quite knows who Abdel Rahman has on the ground in Syria, but information just keeps flowing on and on, usually in a dramatic fashion and with little detail.
Rami Abdel Rahman, the Zionist scum behind the SOHR has profiles on 'LinkedIn, 'Facebook,' and Wikipedia. The last two are notorious Zionist and Jew hangouts for dispensing lies, propaganda and psyops.

Not only the USA, but much of the world is suffering from a parasitic infestation that can't be cured with Zyklon-B or any other lethal gas a pest fighting outfit might use.

We have tried truth and patience and neither seem to work, it only gives the parasite more fuel.

It might be time for very severe counter-measures.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Rush Limbaugh Shows How Deeply Americans Hate Muslims

This is for Rush Limbaugh's 15 million fans!
10.2.15 photo Rush_zpsjv3bco7g.jpg

The transcript below is from a Rush Limbaugh show, the September 29 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:. When Limbaugh says, "And Obama has turned NASA over to Muslim outreach," not sure what in the hell he's talking about.
Maybe it's the money cut from NASA's budget that has been used to prop up those bankrupt 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks? Or maybe it's the money cut from NASA to support the MENA 'Wars for Israel?'
Limbaugh Doubles Down On NASA Climate Change Conspiracy, Adds Muslim Outreach Complaint

And I predicted yesterday that it would not be very long before we would see evidence that my reaction and take on all this is accurate. And lo and behold, right here, in my formerly-nicotine stained fingers, from Yahoo! News, did NASA time its Mars announcement to coincide with The Martian, a movie starring Matt Damon?

NASA wants to go to Mars. And Obama has turned NASA over to Muslim outreach, in case you've forgotten. NASA wants the money to go to Mars. It makes total sense in the world that they would time, NASA, the release of, "Look what we found! We found flowing water on Mars! On my god. there could be life! On my god, we gotta go we gotta go!" And here comes the movie. They throw in climate change relationships just for a little dot the I, cross the T, and magic happens.

Snerdly is telling me that some of you may not know that when I mentioned NASA was converted to Muslim outreach by Obama that you might be turning the radio up or scratching your heads. No, he did. One of the first things he did when assuming office in 2009 was to convert NASA's budget and the use of that money into Muslim outreach.

NASA's been converted to Muslim outreach. They want to go back to Mars. Hell, that's fine. I mean, I'm not opposed to going to Mars. I'm big on exploring. The problem -- everything that Obama touches has been corrupted and by corrupted, I mean converted to liberalism. Everything that exists here exists for the purpose of advancing the Obama agenda.
So much hate from one man who tries to show himself as some kind of super patriot, but when the government needed him for a tour of duty, Rush dodged the draft, claiming to have a pilondial cyst on his ass. Those cysts are usually caused by 'trauma' to that part of the buttocks?

Make what you will of that comment.

Rush gets around 50 million a year from Clear Channel/iHeart Media to promote hatred and bigotry. Didn't know that hate paid so well. Clear Channel has a well-worn track record of promoting DJ's with a racist views, who spew their hatred on the air for big money.

Clear Channel has changed its name to "iHeartMedia," to promote a kinder, gentler image of hate.

iHeart Media also uses paid actors
to call in to their hate-filled radio shows and stoke the fires even more.

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