Saturday, July 21, 2018

Is Being a Degenerate Pedo Part of the Hollywood Jew DNA?

Like Michael Ian Black, whose real last name is Schwartz. He is a comedian, actor, writer, and director, making him part of that Hollywood crowd that is Ground Zero for pedos.
Jesus Christ, what kind of sick mind thinks, let alone writes about this perverted shit?

Then there's (now) former Hollywood Big Shot director James Gunn, of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" fame, who is part Juden.

Even though he tweets this very sick shit, he still has a Twitter account. But ask historical questions about WWII and you'll be banned in a second.
What is wrong with the make Jew psyche? Did some kind of traumatic incident happen at birth?
Lucky for these sick bastards, another sick bastard, the wanted War Criminal Bibi Nuttyahoo launches bombing attacks on the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza, to take the heat off his fellow perverted Tribe members.

Hmm, makes one wonder what happened when Bibi slept in the Shadow President Kushner's bed when Jared was a teenager?

UPDATE: Fuck, it never stops. Is pedophilia some kind of Jew religion? Only a Jew would defend a Jew pedo.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Some in Canada are Trying to Help Monika Schaefer Gain her Freedom from the German Gestapo

Monika Schaefer was charged with violating a German criminal law that does not exist in Canada and is contrary to international law.
Civil rights group says Canada should help Holocaust denier on trial in Germany

OTTAWA -- A civil liberties group is urging the Canadian government to end the "unjust and immoral" imprisonment of Monika Schaefer, a German-Canadian woman on trial in Germany for publishing videos denying the Holocaust.

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association says it's concerned about Canada's apparent unwillingness to come to the aid of Schaefer, who it describes as a Canadian "political prisoner" who was charged with a German criminal law that does not exist in Canada and is contrary to international law.

In a letter signed
by executive director Joseph Hickey, the association calls on Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to act immediately, starting with appointing a consular observer and direct contact for Schaefer.

"We ask you both to do everything you can to save Monika Schaefer from her ongoing unjust and immoral imprisonment in Germany," the letter says. "Every day that Canada refuses to act or acts ineffectively is a day that Ms. Schaefer spends in a foreign jail. Therefore, we express the required urgency."

The civil liberties association says Germany's law against Holocaust denial is contrary to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was ratified by Canada in 1976.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has interpreted the covenant to be incompatible with laws that penalize the expression of opinions about historical facts, it says.

The civil liberties group says in the letter that the 2016 video was made in Canada and published from Canada.
Naturally, Canadian Jews are hissing and shrieking that anudder Shoah is on its way if Monika is freed from her dungeon.

Here's Monika's crime, singing a song in Canada, which got her arrested over 6 months ago and confined to a German maximum security prison. Youtube has deemed this video to be hazardous to your mental health, so you have to jump thru hoops to view it. They've also removed the comments and the number of hits it has received, which probably means its in the millions:

Germany is so fucked up, they jail Grandmas for asking historical questions about WWII while letting illegal immigrants go free and not do time for violently assaulting and raping a young girl.
I've always admired Germans for being able to recover from the ravages of WWI and WWII, but now they are getting attacked from the inside, and that is a difficult battle to win.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Is There ONE, just ONE Honest MSM Outlet that Hasn't been Hit with a Shekel Storm?

All of this hissing, shrieking, spitting and lashing out at what Putin said about Hillary getting 400 million from a oligarch Jew wanted for tax evasion in Russia confirms that Hillary and the DNC were the ones who interfered with the 2016 election, along with help from friends in low places.

Seth Rich found that out, tried to warn us and got a bullet to the head for his efforts. Will the FBI ever investigate that hidden Clinton server? Not that it matters now, it probably accidentally caught fire in the Clinton's home back in January 2018, right before Trump's inauguration.
And what about all those emails that Hillary funneled to a foreign actor? When there is that much silence around treason, you can damn will bet it was Israel getting the Top Secret info for free.

Now the MSM is singing the blues, having been outed AGAIN for the lying, sniveling, back-stabbing POS traitors they are.
How many of these dual-citizens have been involved in traitorous activities to keep that 'special' relationship with Israel intact and the traitorous activities covered up?
If 'Lucky' Larry owns any more asbestos-laden skyscrapers, we could be in for another 9/11 type False Flag to get the sheeple's minds off the real danger; our rotten MSM and the even more rotten and corrupt DNC/Clinton Mob.

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