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Israeli and American Jews Tell Congress, "Stay the Course in Syria, we MUST Protect Israel at ALL Costs!"

The Only Strategic Rationale for America’s Involvement in Syria Finally Revealed

However, it is legitimate to ask: what do American congressmen know about Syria to qualify them to determine American strategic interests in the country? It is very unlikely for American congressmen to know much about Syria; they are dictated the Israeli narrative and that is all they need to know.

Irrespective of who or what motivated the congressmen to seek information to develop a framework for American strategic interests in Syria and eventually send a letter signed by nearly four hundred congressmen- roughly seventy five percent of the total number of congressmen from both chambers and both parties- to the president about their findings and their recommendations, the congressmen called upon United States Institute of Peace (USIP) to establish a Syria Study Group (SSG) to provide them information about Syria to comprehend the situation and formulate recommendations to Trump.

The SSG was established in February 2019 and gave its interim report to Congress May 1, 2019; the report consists of detailed seven single-spaced typewritten pages.

Subsequent to the SSG submitting of its interim report to Congress on May 1, the four hundred congressmen Letter was sent to the president on May 20. It would be natural to assume that the Letter is a condensed reflection of what the interim report contained and recommended; that was not the case. The elaborate and detailed interim report dealt with a multitude of issues centered around American national security. Ironically, the Letter to the President focused on the sources of threats to Israeli security: terrorism, Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Iran, Turkey and Russia. Just a note regarding the difference in emphasis in the two documents. In the seven – page single spaced interim report Israel is mentioned nine times, it is mentioned twenty one times in the two page Letter.

The first paragraph of the Letter states “[…] we recommend several specific steps to advance our regional security priorities, including assisting our ally, Israel, in defending itself in the face of growing threats, including on its northern border.” The reference to northern border is Syria and Lebanon. As for Syria, it is suffice to note that Israel occupied the Syrian Golan for fifty two years and annexed it recently with Trump’s blessings. Syria has not fired a shot at Israel in decades while Israel has fired hundreds of shots at Syria just recently; there are no Syrian boots on the ground in Israel, while there are Israeli boots on the ground in Syria. So much for the threat to Israel emanating from Syria. As for the Lebanese scenario, it is similar to that of Syria, albeit on a smaller scale, with one addition: Hezbollah which Israel views it a source of imminent threat. However, it is suffice to note that it is Israel which has been the source of violent onslaughts against Hezbollah. The Letter, in the succeeding paragraphs, elaborates further on the acquisition by Syria and Hezbollah of large and more threatening sophisticated weapons to threaten the security of the regional, nuclear super power: Israel. Need one point out the ridicule?

In the third paragraph, the Letter asserts: “While our nation has encouraged more stable and inclusive political systems in the Middle East, the regime in Tehran has spread its influence and destabilized its neighbors for its own gain.” To say this is an outrageous distortion of the truth would be an understatement. There is not a sane Iraqi, Syrian, Lybian, Yemeni and most Muslim Arabs who would vouch to such a distortion. In fact, internationally, the US and Israel are viewed as sources of threat to international peace and security; both have boots on foreign grounds but no foreign boots on their grounds.

These congressmen had an opportunity to make a coherent recommendation on US policy in the Arab region in the interest of American National Interest, but instead chose to make recommendations to safeguard the wellbeing and security of a foreign state: Israel.
Who is the Syria Study Group?

A bunch of traitorous war mongers for Israel, the only nation they're loyal to, while professing to be Americans. Including Kim Kagan, who's drenched in so much blood, it's a wonder she can breathe. The murderous Kagan bunch has been advising the Pentagon on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. You see how well those turned out.
Syria Study Group

The Syria Study Group (SSG) was established by Congress with the purpose of examining and making recommendations on the military and diplomatic strategy of the United States with respect to the conflict in Syria. The SSG is a bi-partisan working group composed of 12 participants each appointed by a member of Congress for the duration of the study.
The SSG is part of the "United States Institute of Peace." I'm not shitting, one can't make up these kinda comedic lines. Waging endless wars for Israel is their idea of peace. George Orwell, take a bow!

If you want to hear from real experts on these never ending Wars for Wall Street and Israel, go to Arlington.

Here's what Jew Inc is aghast at happening, anudder nation taking over in Syria. Even though it's anudder Jew colony, Germany, they don't have the military might that Israel wants. Jew Inc should know, they've been draining that nation of free money and weapons for their Holocau$t ™ scheme for decades, which hasn't left Germany with enough shekels to sustain a huge military.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Trump: Pimp-in-Chief?

Pimping the Donald – What is Trump’s Relation to Trump Escorts?

It might come as a surprise to some that his name has adorned some rather shady businesses in recent years. From the so-called Trump University to various less than savory ventures connected to his casinos, Trump’s valuable name has created instant publicity to business ventures for years, with little or no apparent policing from Donald Trump to protect the value of that name.

One such venture was “Trump Escorts.” Trump Escorts was apparently a high end escort service whose website ( featured the Trump International logo. A WhoIs search reveals that the domain was first registered in 2007 by an outfit in Hong Kong called Covora Communications, a VOIP and digital communications contractor. The website no longer exists and is forwarded instead to the website of Mystique Companions International. Please visit with caution. This site is definitely not “Safe For Work” or around children.
Although the original website is no longer available, several archived versions – from 2013 through 2015 – can be found on Looking at any one of them, it is apparent that the former Trump Escorts website and the new Mystique Companions International website are virtually identical. From design to photos to content, little seems to have been changed from one website to the other.

Now, here’s an interesting bit of information. It was not until the end of October 2015 that the domain for the new site was registered. Although ownership of the new domain is now cloaked by use of a proxy service, the old domain forwards to the new domain and both are registered through GoDaddy. Coincidentally,, and are also all registered through GoDaddy.

Neither the former Trump Escorts site nor the current Mystique Companions International site indicates an address. However, review site Site Jabber indicates that the address of Trump Escorts was/is 180 Riverside Drive, Upper West Side New York, New York 10024, USA, which is also – again, coincidentally – the address of Trump Place in Manhattan.

Trump Escorts’s website describes the function of their company as follows:

“Your happiness and entertainment are a genuine priority, and we strive for excellence in all things. We are interested in inner beauty and grace as well as outer beauty and talent. Bringing positive energy to everyone we encounter is our deepest pleasure. Our ladies are all upscale and skilled, building great anticipation in their presence. We don’t cater for wild parties, but we do facilitate tasteful, exciting encounters between mature and high-minded adults.”

On the topic of payment they say:

“Our upmarket courtesan models’ fees are for their time. Please do not send lists of ‘services’ you expect to receive… We are not a red light establishment, we introduce you to beautiful dates. How your time together naturally unfolds, is between you and your captivating date.”

According to the Trump Escorts website, the “fees” range from $800 for an hour to $45,000 for an entire month. A month? Trump Escorts was sending out “models” for an entire month? One has to wonder what a “model” needs to do to be paid $45,000 for non-stop companionship with a wealthy man.
Sounds a bit far-fetched, but not when you look at a pic of a typical morning meeting session in the WH:
Here we see the basic difference between the two 2016 POTUS candidates, Hillary and Trump. PO Hillary and you'll get Arkancided. PO President Kushner and you'll also get Arkancided, but you'll get to romp with some teeny-boppers before taking that dirt nap.

H/T to aanirfan blog.

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What are the Three Most Popular Web Sites?

No surprise here, is there?

That's why we can count on these to give us Goyim only Kosher certified news!

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