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The REAL Holocaust; Permanent traumatic stress disorder in Gaza

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Forget the Jew lies about the holoHOAX being transmitted to a person's genes, which would forever set in stone the phony holocaust reparations money racket to go on for infinity.

The real damage that has been done and is still being done is to those living in the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza. Especially the children, many of whom, over the last six years, have seen members of their family blown to bits, their house or hovel destroyed several times, and their schools attacked by the vicious Judaic lunatics that infest Palestine.

How would you like your kids to live here?
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After seeing their brothers and sisters turned into blobs of flesh by the Zio-Nazis of Israel...
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In a July Haaretz article commemorating the first anniversary of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, which killed more than 2,250 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in 51 days, journalist Khaled Diab quotes Palestinian psychologist Hasan Zeyada of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme: “Gaza has endured multiple losses – what we call multi-traumatic losses. People in other places usually endure a single loss: the loss of a home, or a family member, or a job. Many Gazans have lost them all.”

And while Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often the focus of discussions of the psychological repercussions of conflict, Diab summarises the observation by various experts that “talk of post- or pre-trauma is futile, since trauma is constant and ongoing”.

In addition to attending professionally to the victims of this Israeli-induced brand of eternal trauma, Dr. Zeyada is personally well acquainted with the phenomenon. Last August, the New York Times reported on his “challenging new patient: himself”. Six of the psychologist’s close family members, including his mother, had just been wiped out by an Israeli airstrike.

Operation Protective Edge came to an end on 26 August 2014. But the diagnosis of collective psychological suffering in the Palestinian coastal enclave is open-ended, and serves to compound the more tangible suffering that attends the regular Israeli release of large quantities of ordnance in the direction of human bodies.

Meanwhile, the concentrated mental and physical battering inflicted upon the population of the Gaza Strip can in itself be seen as a form of psychological warfare, designed to forcibly erode the Palestinian identity and the will of the Palestinians to exist as such.

Israel and its international fan club like to jabber on about ostensible Israeli efforts to avoid civilian casualties during military assaults, with much ado made about phone calls placed to Palestinian phones and leaflets dropped warning residents to flee targeted areas. But the problems with this line of defence are many.

For one thing, such warnings are often not forthcoming, as in the case of Dr. Zeyada’s own family. For another, Israel has never demonstrated much reluctance to fatally bomb civilians - including children - whom Israel itself has instructed to evacuate their homes.

Other issues include the fact that it’s simply not clear where people are supposed to go in such a diminutive and densely populated territory, most of whose residents aren’t allowed out in any direction. The Israeli tradition of bombing schools and hospitals helps ensure that no safe space remains in Gaza - a reality that lends itself to neither physical nor mental stability.

Indeed, Israel’s targeting of the very foundations of Palestinian society is fundamentally at odds with the stated aim of avoiding civilian casualties. And those civilians who manage to avoid physical annihilation find it even harder to avoid the psychological casualty list.

A 15 February UNICEF dispatch, titled “Six months after ceasefire, children of Gaza are trapped in trauma,” recounts the story of two young Palestinian girls whose father was killed when an Israeli artillery shell hit the United Nations-run school where the family had sought refuge. The girls were wounded by shrapnel, and their house was destroyed.

After Protective Edge had run its course, one of the girls refused for months to return to class. Her mother explains: “My children were injured in a school. They saw people injured with missing hands or legs, with wounded faces and eyes. They saw [their] father killed. They no longer see school as a safe place.”

The UNICEF article notes that a good many children in Gaza “need both psychosocial and educational support to resume their lives” but that at least 281 schools were damaged in last year’s operation. “Adding to the difficulty of the situation,” the article says, “teachers themselves suffer from distress.”

Forget the old question of who will guard the guards. Who will care for the caregivers of Gaza, like Dr. Zeyada, or the educators and other folks who might under radically different circumstances be seen as curators of healthy societies? In the end, no one in the territory is immune from Israel’s debilitating predations.

According to the New York Times piece on Dr. Zeyada’s conversion from trauma counsellor to trauma victim, he had confessed that “sometimes… he was troubled by the ethics of treating people who were likely to be traumatised again”. Regarding this troubling position, the psychologist is quoted as follows: “You are like a prison doctor treating a victim of torture, making the prisoner healthy to be interrogated and tortured again.”

It’s not merely because the Gaza Strip has been categorised as “the world’s largest open-air prison” that Dr. Zeyada’s metaphor hits home. It’s also because being Palestinian in Gaza - existing, more or less, in a permanent state of traumatic stress - often amounts to psychological torture.
While your kid is over in Libya or Iraq or Yemen or Syria, getting shot at fighting wars for Israel, Israeli kids are back home, enjoying the good life at college, which your taxes pay for.
In Israel, which receives at least $3.8 billion in aid from the U.S. annually, and this total is ever-increasing, the average cost of tuition to earn a bachelor’s degree is $2,537.00 in U.S. dollars. In the U.S., the average tuition for a bachelor’s degree is $29,408.00. So the 3.8 billion, U.S.- taxpayer dollars that go to Israel every year could provide free tuition for millions of U.S. citizens.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Israel Threatening the World with Nuclear Weapons

In some ways, Israel is like a spoiled rotten 6 yo brat, who makes a loud and violent display of pettiness anytime the brat doesn't get his way. Except in the case of Israel, this brat has several hundred nuclear weapons and has shown time and again in Gaza that it has no problem with killing children, babies and pregnant women.

This is the kind of pic that sexually arouses most Israelis
Gaza_2014_Operation_PE photo Gaza_2014_1_zps9aecac29.png

Israelis have shown themselves to be devoid of empathy, compassion and all vestiges of humanity, especially when they make psychotic statements like this:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

Quote from Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, yet the MSM never speaks of Israeli threats to nuke the planet if Israel is having a hissy fit.

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Now Israel is engaging in another tantrum, having a fit over the Iranian nuclear agreement, even making not so discreet threats against the West:
Jewish leader warns west will ‘pay heavy price for appeasing Iran’

A Jewish community leader in the UK has warned that western governments will ‘pay a heavy price for appeasing Iran’ a month after six world powers signed a historic nuclear agreement with Tehran.

Board of Deputies of British Jews President Jonathan Arkush also urged the UK government to “keep up the pressure on Iran” over its support for terrorist groups and human rights abuses following the re-opening of the British Embassy in Tehran on Sunday.

His comments were echoed by former secretary of state for communities and local government Eric Pickles, who warned that Iran must stop threatening Israel.
This comment left at the story says it all:

Dearest Israel, as far as "utterly cruel" regimes go, I do not see Iran bombing babies.

Who will take on this 'mad dog' and do what us usually done to rabid dogs before Israel attacks another US city, like they did on 9/11:

Israel letting Americans know whose in charge
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AIPAC And The Treaty; An Illustration Of The Demise of Democracy

As Gaza Lies in Ruins, The NY Times Blames the Victims

Taxpayer dollars in the United States and Israel are subsidizing Jewish terrorism against Arabs

"The Holocaust Hoax Exposed" by Victor Thorn

Will the Virginia shootings turn out to be another Zionist False Flag to keep Americans seething with hatred for all things Muslim? FOX N*** has already got the psyops going with hints of the shooter being 'bearded.'
The shooter or shooters have escaped, so they could designate any number of 'coke-snorting, alcohol imbibing, strip bar attending' devout Muslims to take the fall.

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Happy Jew Year!"

'Happy JEW Year,' if you're a Tribe member, the new year for that bunch of ethnic gangsters starts September 15.

Which is also the time for a 'Shemitah,' another Jew invention that happens every seven years and is supposed to involve a debt 'Jubilee,' meaning all debts are forgiven, but that hasn't happened in ages, not since the Jew was the one holding the debt and not owing.

This seven year cycle also ties in nicely with stock market crashes, and the upcoming 'Shemitah' is a 'Super' one:

The last Shemitah years were 2008, when the FED engineered the last economic crisis that looted tens of trillions of dollars of wealth from Americans and 2001, when Israel masterminded the 9/11 False Flag attack against the USA and was able to place gets ahead of time, shorting the market to make money off GOY misery.

September is also the anniversary of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 attack against the USA, which is destroying the USA by waging endless wars for the Jew, so they can have this fantasy, an Eretz Israel, come true.

7.18.13 photo eretzisraelmaplg_zpsaa9c20c7.jpg

The Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag
has so far cost--in USD--Americans around FIVE TRILLION, with more to come and that doesn't begin to measure the cost of the dead and dying--and destroyed cities and infrastructure--in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza and Libya, all wars for the Jew and Wall Street, the only two entities that benefit from this slaughter.

But wait, there's more!

That fulfilling that wet dream for Jews will destroy the USA and many Muslim nations matters not to the Jew, we don't count, we're only GOYIM, which is Yiddish for 'chattel,' or a type of livestock.

September is also when another Jew holiday Yom Kippur is celebrated. The Jew usually celebrates their 'holy' days by bombing the hell out of some nation or setting off a false flag or getting one of their lackey nations, like the USA or England, to invade some Muslim country, so that's something else to look forward to!
Or maybe Betty Nuttyahoo and his cabal of psychos will take out their sexual frustrations on Gaza, since no once will raise a hand against the butchery or stop the slaughter.

September is also when the military drill, Jade Helm 15 is supposed to wind up, but many think its just an excuse to have martial law units in place when the stock market implodes from more Jew treachery. By the end of the week, we should know whether or not the stock market collapse will be so complete, that our economy completely tanks, leading to anarchy and martial law.

"So Happy Jew Year, and never forget who brought us this misery."

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