Tuesday, May 22, 2007


21 May, 2007 - I am writing this piece a few hours after an American-supplied Israeli F-16 bomber launched laser-guided missiles at the home of a Palestinian lawmaker in downtown Gaza City. The missiles destroyed the home of Khalil al Hayya, a lawmaker, killing eight people, including his wife and six of his family members.

The bombing was not a collateral damage but a deliberate act of criminality designed to inflict "shock and awe" on a people thoroughly tormented by 40 years of occupation, savagery and systematic persecution.

The annihilation of al-Hayya's family is not an anomaly or an isolated incident. It represents the "normal order of things" in the context of the Zionist occupation of Palestine.


Just another day under the "ZIONAZI" illegal and immoral occupation of Palestine. The "ZIONAZI" thugs are bereft of any human traits, and only live and feed off the misery they inflict on others.

The "ZIONAZI'S" are some type of alien species, not unlike the monsters portrayed in the movie, "ALIEN." The monstrous aliens in that movie fed off humans and used human bodies to seed with their offspring. When the humans figured out the real reasons behind those monsters existence, they banded together to exterminate that parasite.

In the real world, humans from across the world need to recognize the alien parasite that has invaded and infected Palestine and took control of the US Congress. This alien parasite, the "ZIONAZI'S", need to be eliminated from the face of the earth before all of humanity succumbs to their unholy way of using humans as hosts for their demon offspring.

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