Thursday, May 3, 2007


BAGHDAD, April 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. military in Iraq launched an artillery barrage in southern Baghdad on Sunday against suspected insurgent targets, with two dozen loud explosions shaking the southern outskirts of the capital.

U.S. military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Garver said the morning blasts, which were heard across the city, were caused by U.S. artillery but declined to say what the target was.

Tens of thousands of U.S. and Iraqi troops have been deployed in Baghdad as part of a 10-week-old security crackdown to combat sectarian militias and insurgents.

The Iraqi police said the artillery was being fired from the U.S. Forward Operating Base Falcon in southern Baghdad into the al-Buaitha neighbourhood of Dora, a volatile district that is a Sunni insurgent stronghold.

U.S. military commanders say insurgents, including Sunni Islamist group al Qaeda, have regrouped in Baghdad's outlying areas to launch attacks and build car-bombing networks that have caused mass casualties in recent weeks.

Artillery blasts have been heard in the evenings but they are rare in the daytime.

What in the hell is the rest of the world doing when the United States military repeatedly commits war crimes against the civilian populace of Iraq; sitting on it's collective thumbs? Time to pull those thumbs out of your sorry asses and use them to start raising hell.

How many women and children is the world ready to sacrifice to the US killing machine before someone has enough backbone to say STOP?

How many more war crimes are we willing to let the homicidal maniacs Bush and Cheney commit before we say STOP?

And where in the hell are the so-called "religious" gawd-fearing folks that call themselves Christian? Praying that the slaughter in Iraq escalates to the point that nuclear weapons are used, bringing about Armageddon and their so beloved "End Times" scenario?

The so-called "Christians" must be celebrating one of the Beatitudes, that says: "Blessed are those that lob artillery shells into Iraqi homes, for their's is the Kingdom of Mammon."

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