Monday, June 11, 2007


Israel's former parliament speaker has branded Israel as a 'Zionist ghetto', scoffing at the regime's self-definition as a Jewish state.

In an interview published in Ha'aretz daily on Friday, Avraham Burg said that this self-definition is the key to the regime's ruin.

"It [Israel] can't work anymore. It's explosive. It's dynamite." said Burg, parliamentary speaker from 1999 to 2003.

Burg has newly written a book, Defeating Hitler in which Ha'aretz says he describes Israel as a "Zionist ghetto" and compares Israeli behavior in the occupied Palestinian territories against Palestinians to that of Nazi Germany.

Also a former chairman of the semi-governmental Jewish Agency responsible for immigration to Israel, Burg took issue with the law of return, under which any Jew is able to come to live in the occupied lands.

"The law of return is the mirror image of Hitler. I don't want Hitler to define my identity," he said.§ionid=351020202

Is the TRUTH about the Zionazi's FINAL SOLUTION for exterminating the indigenous Palestinians finally coming to light inside that rogue nation? Will anyone listen, especially Israeli's or will the well-oiled Zionist propaganda machine once again swing into place, with the usual suspects crawling out from under their rocks, point a diseased finger at the world and start screeching, "Anti-Semite", "Anti-Semite?" Along with this terrorist tactic, they''ll have their world dominating MSM start running stories about how "the poor Jews were just defending themselves" when they shoot some more kids in the head. Israel has had over 60 years to show the world it can be a citizen of that world and has failed miserably. Who will rid the world of this Zionazi menace?

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