Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sun Jun 24, 6:06 AM ET

Israel cancelled the east Jerusalem residence permits of a record number of Palestinians in 2006, effectively expelling them from the city, the human rights groups B'Tselem said on Sunday.

A total of 1,363 Palestinians had their residence permits withdrawn last year compared with just 222 in 2005, the watchdog said, basing its figures on interior ministry statistics.

The figure exceeded even the 1997 total of 1,067, the previous highest since Israel occupied Arab east Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war and then unilaterally annexed it.

Palestinians in east Jerusalem have the status of permanent residents of Israel, the same status granted to foreigners who settle in the Jewish state.

"Israel treats Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem as immigrants, who live in their homes at the benificence of the authorities and not by right," B'Tselem said.

"Treating these Palestinians as foreigners who entered Israel is astonishing since it was Israel that entered east Jerusalem in 1967."


More news that will never see the light of day in the American MSM. The American MSM is controlled by Zionists whose disinformation campaign never lets Americans see both sides of the story in the Middle East, only the story line that typically has the "poor, beleaguered, Jews, who are bravely.... blah, blah, blah. NEVER will the American MSM cover a story about the TRUTH in Occupied Palestine. That TRUTH is that it's the Palestinians who are under daily siege by the Israeli War Machine. A War Machine that is mightily trying to grind both the indigenous Palestinians and what's left of their culture, into oblivion. This Jewish enacted Palestinian Holocaust is taking place on a daily basis in Gaza, where residents are being denied the basics of life, such as drinking water, food and monies owed to them from taxes collected by the Jews who have stole that money for their own sordid purposes. One of which is the buying of the deposed and disgraced Palestinian President, Abbas. Abbas is groveling in front of his puppet masters in Israel, begging for a few tiny morsels so he can continue on as the West Bank Lackey. Palestinians will never submit to having Abbas as any type of ruler, since he's declared himself a tyrant by disbanding the legitimately elected HAMAS government.

Getting Palestinians to fight over not only who's in charge, but over food and water is just another way the ZioNazi War Machine goes about it's daily ritual of butchering and slaughtering Palestinians. If that bloodbath doesn't proceed according to the ZioNazi plan, then Israel will--AGAIN--manufacture some phony excuse and start another War of Aggression against the Palestinians, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, in their never ending quest to steal more land and water resources for that depraved nation.

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