Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The French edition is what Montreal-based producer Ina Fichman calls the "international version," which was sold to Italy's RAI, Australia's SBS and elsewhere.

It depicts, among other historical facts, the expulsion of thousands of Palestinians by the Israeli army, a move the narrator delicately describes as "the first change to the demographics of the West Bank." It shows, through the eyes of a former Arab resident and an Israeli who photographed the event, that, where large villages stood, now are forests (many planted with Canadian charitable donations).

There is also a sequence, as related by the American-born Abdullah Schleifer, editor of Palestine News, as well as an Arab whose home was destroyed, about the overnight razing of a 700-year-old Palestinian neighbourhood in Jerusalem by the triumphant Israeli defence minister, General Moshe Dayan.

"When I saw this destruction, there was a part of me that felt tremendous dread, that a whole new problem was going to be created,'' says Schleifer. He says this in the PBS version as well, but the horrifying context is stripped away for American sensibilities.

"PBS is really not a liberal left-wing broadcaster," says Fichman. "It's subscription and sponsor-based, with members of the Jewish community among its supporters."


Whitewashing Israeli War Crimes is easy, as long as one controls the production and dissemination of information, like the Zionist dominated MSM.

Want to invade a sovereign nation to steal their land and water? Easy, as long as the Zionist dominated MSM is in Israel's corner.

Go ahead, invade Palestine and forcibly evict the indigenous Palestinians from their lands. Don't worry about public opinion, since your Zionist dominated MSM is at your beck and call.

And when forcibly removing the indigenous Palestinians isn't working fast enough to suit the ZOF--Zionist Occupation Force--no problem, just turn loose those "natural born killers" of the ZOF on the Palestinians and let the brave men and women do what they do best and enjoy: Shooting kids in the head and gunning down the unarmed elderly.

When a thuggish nation like Israel can not only frame the message, but also control who sees what portions of that message, then the mass murder and extermination of the Palestinians can proceed apace, without any outside viewers seeing the Palestinian Holocaust continuing at breakneck speed.

"Nothing to see here, folks. We're returning to our regular news broadcast with the latest updates on PARIS HILTON. OMG!!!!

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