Saturday, July 28, 2007


Once an offshoot of the elite Golani Brigade, the unit was disbanded following Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon in 2000. Now the unit has been reformed and told to patrol residential areas in various West Bank towns with orders to clash with resistance groups planning to fire at Israeli settlements or military targets. Egoz sets up road blocks on major streets in the West Bank in an attempt to arrest suspects and secure the roads leading to Israeli settlements.

The Israeli army has also formed a unit, dubbed Kharouf, which shoots at any Palestinian acting suspiciously on main roads. Another unit, called Duchifat, combs areas prior to military assaults in the West Bank. The Israeli army still maintains several elite death squads, such as Sayeret Metkal, which is affiliated to the staff command and was led in the 1970s by Ehud Barak, current prime minister. In 1990, Barak said in a Russian-language bulletin handed out to Russian emigrants that he used to feel "immense joy" at the sight of his victims's heads being blown up. Former premiere Binyamin Netanyahu also served in the same unit, so did former Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon.

Take for example Force 13 of the Israeli navy commandos. This unit is supposed to operate only at sea, but it has participated in dozens of assassinations and abductions in the West Bank and Gaza. One of the best-known operations conducted by Force 13 was the killing of Dr Thabet Thabet, Fatah Tulkarm representative in mid 2002. Force 13 was formed and for a while led by Ami Ayalon, the former navy commander who challenged Barak recently for the leadership of the Labour Party. In his election campaign, Ayhalon boasted of having personally "killed more Arabs" than all the Jews killed by Hamas.


It doesn't take a genius to see how these Israeli "Hit Squads" can be used to foment strife in Occupied Palestine. Strife that results when some Palestinian is gleefully murdered, as in the words of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who stated that he would feel "immense joy" at the sight of his victim's head being blown up.

When Palestinians rise up to defend both their people and occupied land after one of these extrajudicial killings, that gives Israel the manufactured excuse it needs to murder more Palestinians.

Murders which are spun in the American MSM as Israel defending herself. Which is the BIG LIE. The BIG LIE that Israel uses to hide behind in its continued mass extermination of the indigenous Palestinians.

And this is how the BIG LIE works:

Israel first sends out one of its many "Hit Squads" into Occupied Palestine to murder some inhabitants.

When the Palestinians have the audacity to stand up and defend themselves against these murderers, that's the manufactured excuse Israel was seeking all along.

Then, the brave men and women of the IOF (ISRAELI OCCUPATION FORCE) can go into Occupied Palestine and start blasting away with their American supplied F-16's or their American financed tanks.

Or, if they love their job of murdering Palestinians as much as Prime Minister Barak, they can get up close and personal so they can watch in person their victim's head being blown up.

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