Saturday, July 21, 2007


Israel's war on intellectual life among untold stories of summer conflict
Bombed-out publishing houses, research institutes vow to rebound
By Mirella Hodeib Friday, July 20, 2007

BEIRUT: Piles of books, religious tomes, academic studies and years of effort were among the collateral damage caused by the war in Lebanon last summer. During 34 days of bombardment, Israel targeted more than 20 publishing houses and research institutes in the southern suburbs of Beirut - including warehouses for Dar al-Saqi, the popular London- and Beirut-based publisher of novels and literary nonfiction, and Dar al-Fikr Lubnani, a purveyor of educational guides and children's books.

"Since Lebanon produces 60 to 75 percent of Arab books, it certainly is an appealing target for Israel," notes Issam Khalifeh, a professor who teaches history at the Lebanese University (LU). Israel seems to do whatever it can to prevent the Arabs from getting educated and enlightened, he adds, citing as evidence the numerous cultural establishments that have been hit by Israeli war machines over the years.

"Israel has bombed the archives of An-Nahar newspaper," he says, "the library of the Ecoles des Lettres School and the laboratories of LU's Faculty of Sciences."

In the past 12 months since the latest war with Israel began, much attention has been paid to the destruction of power stations, telecoms towers, industrial warehouses, small factories, dairy farms and vegetable trucks - all non-strategic targets whose wreckage seemed part and parcel of a campaign to cripple the Lebanese economy more so than weaken Hizbullah positions. But little attention has been given to Israel's targeting of Lebanese intellectual and scholarly life.


“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future." A chilling look into the future from George Orwell's "1984."

It's more than curious that Orwell wrote this epic in 1948, the same year the ZIONAZI regime took over what was once Palestine.

Since then, the ZIONAZI's have definitely controlled the present in the Occupied Territories, relying as usual, on massive force. Force that is used indiscriminately against the indigenous Palestinians on a daily basis.

Force used against the Palestinians and Lebanese to continue the ZIONAZI's quest to put all of the Middle East under their boot. The boot that is stamped TYRANNY.

In last Summer's illegal and immoral Israeli invasion of Lebanon, massive amounts of air power was used against Lebanon. Of course, the ZIONAZI's claimed they were only hitting military targets. "Military" targets like: dairy farms and vegetable trucks; ambulances; libraries and publishing houses.

Deliberately bombing libraries and publishing houses--a war crime, but hey, who's keeping track?--is part of Israel's plan to erase any and all things Arabic/Muslim in the Middle East.
By erasing the past, they'll be able to dictate the future. And in the ZIONAZI's depraved minds, that future is one that only has Jews as the sole occupiers of the Middle East.

The ZIONAZI's future looks green. A green that will have been nurtured with the blood of millions of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

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