Friday, August 31, 2007

Israel unwilling to honor any promises

Israel did not keep one promise, says Fayyad

"Not everything reported in the media actually takes place,' Palestinian prime minister says, detailing series of violations by Jewish state. According to Fayyad, 'There is a big difference between the talks on cooperation and ease of restrictions and what happens in practice'
Roee Nahmias

Israel did not carry out even one move it committed to, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad charged on Wednesday, a day after the meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Jerusalem.

In an interview with the Jordanian newspaper al-Dustour, Fayyad was asked what he thought about Israel's ongoing activity in the West Bank and assassinations in the Gaza Strip.

"Israel did not carry out even one move it committed to in terms of the removal of checkpoints, the humiliation of our people at those checkpoints, not to mention the raids, assassinations and settlements."


As the saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words." The actions of Israel speaks volumes. Actions such as the Israeli quarantine of the Gaza Strip. A quarantine that is denying sufficient amounts of food, medicine, fuel and water to the under siege Palestinians.
A crime against humanity being committed by Israel in its ongoing mass genocide of the indigenous Palestinians.

Other crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinians like the deliberate shooting in the head of Palestinian children. The trained assassins of the ZIONIST OCCUPATION FORCE(ZOF) get their jollies by shooting Palestinian kids in the head.
A crime which is aided and abetted by the USA in the forms of money, weapons and political backing to help the ZOF and their masters, the Zionists, coverup their crimes against the indigenous Palestinians.

Another crime against humanity perpetuated by the Zionists against the Palestinians is the theft of Palestinian land and water.
The ZIONIST'S send in the ZOF to use any means necessary, including on the spot summary executions, to kick the Palestinians off their land.

The ZOF maintains a military presence on the stolen land, again using lethal force to prevent the indigenous Palestinians from living or working on their land.

Then, the thieving Zionist's claim that since the land is vacant, it can be claimed for Eretz Israel. And presto, chango, the state sponsored theft of Palestinian land is complete.

Murder of civilians. Theft of land and water resources. Deliberately shooting Palestinian children in the head. All backed, supported and financed by the state of Israel.

State sponsored murder.

State sponsored theft.

State sponsored terror.

State sponsored crimes against humanity, sponsored by the world's #1 sponsor of Terror..... Israel.

And given a hearty "thumbs-up" by their accomplices in these crimes against humanity by the sick and twisted denizens of the USA.

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