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Eyal Weizman interview: Israel's oppressive architecture of occupation
Tuesday 21 August 2007

Dissident architect Eyal Weizman explains the mechanics of Israel’s occupation of Palestine to Anindya Bhattacharyya

The occupied West Bank, 1999. A group of Israeli settlers complain that their mobile phone reception cuts out on a bend in a road from Jerusalem to their settlements.

The mobile phone company Orange agrees to put up an antenna on a hill overlooking the bend.

The hill happens to be owned by Palestinian farmers, but since mobile phone reception is a “security issue”, the mast construction can go ahead without the farmers’ permission.

Other companies agree to supply electricity and water to the construction site on the hill.

In May 2001 an Israeli security guard moves on to the site and connects his cabin to the water and electricity mains. Then his wife and children move in with him.

In March 2002 five more families join him to create the settler outpost of Migron. The Israeli ministry for construction and housing builds a nursery, while donations from abroad build a synagogue.

By mid-2006 Migron is a fully fledged illegal settlement comprising 60 trailers on a hilltop around the antenna, overlooking the Palestinian lands below.

This blow-by-blow account of just one example of the ongoing Israeli colonisation of Palestine appears in the opening pages of a fascinating new book by Eyal Weizman, the dissident Israeli architect.

One particularly chilling section of the book discusses Israeli military techniques for sending assassination squads into the dense urban sprawl of Palestinian settlements.

Rather than use the alleyways and paths of the settlement – and risk ambush – the Israeli soldiers simply blast their way in a straight line through to their target. They cut holes in the walls of residential buildings and literally march straight through people’s living rooms.

To train the occupation troops the Israelis have built a fake Palestinian settlement in the Negev desert – whose buildings are ready equipped with holes cuts into their walls. The US has now started building similar fake villages to train its troops for the occupation of Iraq.


Blasting holes thru Palestinian families houses is just one of a number of favored tactics used by the terrorist group, the Zionist Occupation Force (ZOF).

Tactics like these will ensure no peace for both Israel and Occupied Palestine.

The Goon Squad tactics of the ZOF are never mentioned in the American MSM. Nope, can't have something like these truths interrupting the steady stream of Zionist propaganda that is beamed non-stop into American homes.

Propaganda that is designed to keep Americans stupefied to the misery, suffering and death that is inflicted upon the indigenous Palestinians on a daily basis by the ZOF.

ZOF Goon Squad tactics that get rewarded by complacent Americans and a bought and paid for U.S. Congress into funding even more ZOF atrocities.

Until Israel quits the occupation of Palestine and calls off its well trained attack dogs in the ZOF, there will be no peace in the ME.

Only war and more war, all paid for with U.S. tax dollars.

All in all, a good deal... if you're a member of the deranged Israeli Likud party, or one of the number of defense contractors that gladly supply the ZOF with the latest weapons of mass destruction. Or one of the crazed neocons.

But for the constantly under siege Palestinians? Nothing to look forward to except getting their front door battered down in a 3 a.m. middle of the night visit by the trained assassins of the ZOF.

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