Monday, August 6, 2007

Israeli Soldiers beat up Palestinians and steal their money

Gaza – Ma'an – Invading Israeli soldiers steal the life-savings of Palestinians, physically assault women and loot homes, reveal eyewitnesses. In a new report, Ma'an investigates Israeli violations against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian citizens living in areas close to the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, especially the Sufa area, east of Rafah, and Al Fukhari, south of Khan Younis, areas surrounding Al Maghazi refugee camp and the Shajaiya area, east of Gaza City, informed Ma'an that Israeli soldiers have been looting Palestinian property and beating citizens including women.

Local citizen Abu Suleiman sent a letter to Ma'an which read, "The Israeli soldiers ordered me to open the front door to my home in Al Fukhari. They then beat my wife and stole her gold, before asking me where my money was kept."

Ma'an spoke to the head of the council of Al Fukhari, Oda Ammour, he said "this is not the first time Israeli soldiers have committed such acts, they behave in this way during every incursion." He added "the Israeli soldiers stole cameras, mobile phones and money from the houses they raided. They steal everything they can get their hands on."

Ammour said that the homeowners watch the Israeli soldiers as they thieve their belongings, but can do nothing to prevent them.

"The Israeli soldiers stole at least $3,000 US from eight homes and 7,000 NIS [~$1,600] from one citizen alone," said Ammour. "These acts are repeated during every incursion, in some cases they steal the entire life-savings of the citizen.


More terrorist acts from the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, the Zionist State of Israel. Beating up the elderly and stealing their money is just another day in the life of a typical ZOF (ZIONIST OCCUPATION FORCE) goon squad.

These brave men.. and women represent the best Israel has to offer the constantly under siege Palestinians. When the ZOF goon squads tire of looting, pillaging and plundering, they can always fall back on their favorite entertainment: Shooting Palestinian kids in the head.

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