Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Number of Iraqi civilians who died in July 2007: 1,652, according to figures compiled by the Iraqi Health, Defense, and Interior Ministries; 2,024, according to the tally of the Associated Press; 1,539 according to the Washington Post. All but the Post claim this as a "spike" in casualties. All such figures are, for a variety of reasons, surely significant undercounts.

Approximate number of American civilians who would have died in July if a similar level of killings were underway in the United States: 18,000, according to Middle East scholar Juan Cole.

Estimated number of Iraqi deaths from the invasion of 2003 through June 2007, if the Lancet study's median figure of 655,000 deaths was accurate and similar death rates held true for the year since it was published: Just over one million, according to Just Foreign Policy. (The Lancet study has been the single, on-the-ground, scientific report on Iraqi casualties in these years.)

Number of Iraqi civilians killed in July in mass-casualty bomb attacks: 378, a sharp rise over June, according to the Washington Post. The five-month U.S. surge has caused "no appreciable change" in vehicle-bomb attacks, according to figures collected by reporters from the McClatchy Newspapers.

Number of unidentified bodies, assumedly murdered by death squads, found on the streets of Baghdad in June 2007: 453, a rise of 41% over January 2007, the month before surge operations began, according to unofficial Iraqi Health Ministry statistics taken from morgue counts.

Number of Iraqi civilians killed or wounded in "escalation of force" incidents at American checkpoints or near American patrols and convoys in the past year: 429, according to U.S. military statistics obtained by the McClatchy Newspapers. These statistics, which "spiked" during the recent escalation months, don't include civilian deaths during raids on homes or in the midst of battle (and are considered incomplete in any case, since an unknown number of escalation-of-force deaths go unreported by U.S. units).


The American dictator, or as some delusional people call him, President Bush, likes to wear his faith on his sleeve, never missing a chance to show he's some type of devout Christian with an allegiance to some sort of god.

But exactly which god is Bush worshipping? Odin, the Scandinavian god of war? Or Mars, the Roman god of war. Or maybe Beelzebub, the demonic one?

That Bush worships at the Altar of Death and Destruction is evident by this deluded man's never ending fantasies and dreams about war, more war and war for war's sake... Unless you're a stockholder in Halliburton, one of the WOT largest beneficiaries in the never ending wars the Bush/Cheney Junta have inflicted on the world. And more wars to come.

Cheney does hold stock in Halliburton and has profited handsomely. He's also paid a yearly "deferred" pension plan by Halliburton, which amounts to several hundred thousand dollars per year.

All in all, a nice, lucrative racket for these two War Mongers. They both use the WOT to scare the hell out of people so they can maintain their ever tightening grip on America.

While Cheney is laughing all the way to the bank, Bush kneels in front of his god of war, death and destruction, praying for more of the same.

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