Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Israel demands U.S. attack Iran

Attack Iran the Day Iraq War Ends, Demands Israel
by Stephen Farrell, Robert Thomson and Danielle Haas

ISRAEL’S Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has called on the international community to target Iran as soon as the imminent conflict with Iraq is complete.

He asserted that while Washington was inevitably focusing on Saddam Hussein — whom he called “insane” — the White House shared his concern that Iran was also seeking weapons of mass destruction, and developing missiles capable of striking Israel and even Europe.

Common Dreams

And yet another ME war of aggression, fought for Israel, so Israel can maintain ME hegemony, effectively turning the ME into one huge plantation, that Israel can use and abuse at it sees fit.

A war fought for Israel's imperial ambitions, but not fought by Israel, but by her favorite band of mercenaries, the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

Another war of aggression fought for Israel by the United States.

Another clash of cultures and religions, setting off the Christians against the Muslims.

Who will be the winner of this next war of aggression against Iran? Not Iran. No country wishes for a bombing campaign that targets 1,200 targets inside their country, with a massive air armada of over 10,000 sorties.
Sorties that could very well include nuclear bunker buster bombs.
No country that gets bombed back to the Stone Age wishes for that sort of treatment. Just look at the latest casualties of America's "Shock and Awe Democracy Tour", Iraq and Afghanistan.

Two countries that have been torn asunder, that are imploding from within, due to the massive amount of firepower that has been and continues to target Iraq and Afghanistan each day.

Two countries that will take decades to recover, if they ever do, from our Imperial adventures.

Neither will the U.S. be a winner in this next war of aggression. Our next act of aggression, this time against Iran, will forever seal our fate as the world's #1 terrorist nation, inhabited by idiots and led by a cabal of evil leaders.
We will become a pariah nation, imploding from within, due to the internal strife of committing more war crimes and crimes against humainty.
This next war will permanently bankrupt us financially..... and morally.

The only nation that will benefit from warring against Iran is Israel. While American and Iranian lives are being wasted, Israeli's will sit back, have a glass of wine and congratulate themselves for being clever enough to again set off a war between Christians and Muslims.

Move over Hitler and the WW II Nazi's, we have a new leader in atrocities and brutalities: The United States of America.


  1. "Attack Iran the Day Iraq War Ends, "

    I can't see how that can be Greg, because the war on Iraq won't end for a very long time.

    How are you btw? long time no speak.

  2. And if the war does end and the yanks do attack iran, the war in Iraq would restart. The iranian dogs would make sure of that with their drill militias and maliki the kalb (dog).

  3. Hey, girl, how the hell you doing? You've been gone for so long from your excellent blog that i was worried that something had happened to you.

    As long as the two homicidal maniacs, Bush and Cheney, remain in power, an attack against Iran is a distinct possibility.

    Even though that means all hell would break loose against the American Occupation Army in Iraq.

    But the two war mongers, Bush and Cheney, don't give damn about that reality, as long as they can fill their blackened souls with more deaths, more misery and destruction.

    i don't believe in Heaven, but i hope there is a Hell for the likes of Bush and Cheney.

  4. i have been good Greg, glad to see you have kept up your work. you always have something i am interested in even if it is bad news.


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